Tekken 6 Double Combo Exhibition By TMM & Mini Review

TMM has yet again made an amazing Mishima video with others too, plus some bonus combos Against Azazel! Click above to view the video and click below for the mini review.

Tekken 6 Double Combo Exhibition Mini Review:


1. TMM has always had a great selection of music for his videos, and he proves it again with this installment!

2. The amount of Mishima juice in this video is extraordinary, all great combos! I especially loved the Heihachi combos!

3. The combos on Azazel were a great treat, the last combo was fantastic with Kaz B! b+3,1, CD+3!

4. One thing I’ve┬ánoticed is that with each video the intro gets updated to match the character used or the background in which the video was developed, great job!


1. There was a lot of combos done on Miguel, who is quite the deceptive big in Tekken (his leg span for a combo dummy is nearly as big as Marduk’s in my opinion).

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