Tekken 6BR Multi Characters Combo Video #2 By KYSG 538 & Review!

KYSG’s master 538 has just released a second part to his multiple characters combo video, with a lot of surprises! Click above to view the video and click below for the review.

Tekken 6BR Multi Characters Combo video #2 review:


1. The large selection of the combos are inspired by fellow KYSG member Deep Theater’s W! combo on the right shoulders of Marduk and Jack-6. 538 shows his take on this and shows some fantastic material!

2. 1:54 was an awesome Lars combo! There’s so much W! damage, the next Lars combo on Kuma was also fantastic.

3. 2:26 to 2:51 was an amazing batch of Zafina combos! My favourite out of these would be the second combo with W! tarantula Stance 1+2 B! f+2,3>4 70% hit!

3. The next combo was a great Jin combo with b,f+2,1 spam, the next Jin combo was also good.

4. The next batch of combos with Christie were superb, I can’t say I fully understand the character but I defiantly liked the W! u/f+1+2 B! 1+2, u/f+3+4 though!

5. The last section of the video are 538’s combos from this years Tekken Zaibatsu Community Project, they’re still good to watch.

6. I really love 538’s intros for his videos, They’re very retro with even the smallest details such as the picture of Marduk & Jack-6 can demonstrate what the combo video will be featuring (in this case Marduk and Jack-6 for the unique W! combos at the beginning).


1. The only cons I can think of would be the lack of music and the video size with the big black borders, apart from that this video is great!

2 Responses to Tekken 6BR Multi Characters Combo Video #2 By KYSG 538 & Review!

  1. Damn….This websites Fucking Dead…WTH happend ??

    Markman, if you want this site to take off, you gotta start posting about more games, like KOF, and Soul Calibur.

    im on SRK now more than i am here, just cause they cover a lot of fighting games.

    anyways bro laters. no hate just a tip.

  2. Tekkenlover says:

    they are probably working on evo stuff trying to report about this upcoming event. i am sure sdtekken going report some stuff about the things that will take place on evo

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