Tekken 6 “Electric Lords” Team Combo Vid By Diety Devil & More Vids!

Team Electric Lords with Diety Devil, Golden Eggs, Killing Hawk and Diggs-86 have released a new Mishima act with a lot fo surprises! Also, here are a few other combo vids including Orochimaru’s awesome Dragunov act and more (Sorry I didn’t get a chance to review any of these)! Click above to view Electric Lords and click below for more combo vids!

Tekken 6 Dragunov Combo video – “The Joker Within'” by Orochimaru:

All I can say that Dragunov NEEDS more awesome combo vids by big names such as Orochimaru, he did a fantastic job with this and the concept of the Joker from Batman, great!

Tekken 6 Anna Combo Video by Krazysyko/UnknownGamer11:

Just like Dragunov, Anna doesn’t have many combo vids to her name. Krazysyko did a marvelous job with Anna with a lot of technical skill!

One Response to Tekken 6 “Electric Lords” Team Combo Vid By Diety Devil & More Vids!

  1. abner says:

    mad skills. i just wish they’d lay off the orchestral music and the intros (can be left at the end of vid).

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