SDTEKKEN Will Interview Killerdoll!

Get ready for the next interview! After a long break we are back, interviewing Killerdoll, winner of Berlin Tekken Clash IV. If you have any questions you would like to ask this skilled Armor King player from Finland, post them down below.

25 Responses to SDTEKKEN Will Interview Killerdoll!

  1. aris says:

    What are your top 3 favorite bands? Congrats on your win, you have inspired me to play AK again. Perkele!!!

  2. Pori Jazz, yay or nay?

  3. AAK says:

    1. Armor King’s top 10 moves?

    2. Armor King on the tier list?

    3. Finland Tekken community? How big? Strengths and Weaknesses of Finland community?

    4. Which is the biggest game overall in the Finnish fighting game community? SF4? Marvel? KOF?

    5. Who does he feel are Europe’s best Tekken players?

    6. Is he going to EVO?

    +Tell him how awesome he is for using such a badass character ;)

    Thanks for getting the interview!

  4. Lolgaara says:

    Who are your faverite Marvel Heroes? And why/how did you start active tekken 6 training? What other Games you play? Do you think Miguel is manly character?

  5. Furb says:

    Have you been to korea? ;D. Seriously. I know you were ;D.

  6. Fraeon says:

    Do you think Armor King was Plan B after Harada noticed that Lampshade Man was already taken?

  7. biklas says:

    you play any other chars?

  8. Entomo says:

    I know you are a huge Armor King fan. Why him and how strong do you think he is overall? Mad respect for the victory at BTC!

  9. Andy-O says:

    How long have you been playing Tekken?

    Who are the most inspirational players to you? Any other heroes than JDCR obviously?

    Top 5 or top 10 european players youve played against?

    Which country in europe do you think has the strongest Tekken scene in general? How do you think europe could stand against US? Or Korea and Japan?

    How do you feel about being one of the few sponsored Tekken players in the world?

    Do you drink coffee?

  10. What is your credit card number and PIN?

  11. NOTMechacide says:

    What do you feel makes AK a stronger character than King (if you actually believe he is)? Why don’t you use Bryan? You know he’s the best character in T6, right? Do you agree that Tofma is gay and should go back to his crappy animu fighters?

  12. Muggshotter says:

    * How on god’s green earth are you able to play with a pad like that?

    * Having that said (or more like asked), what do you think about Arcade sticks?

    * Five rules of thumb for Armor King users?

  13. Alognum says:

    Are there any Tekken characters you don’t like to play with at all?

    Most annoying character to play against?

    If there were no Armor King which character would you play?

    What do you think of older Tekken games? Better or worse than Tekken 6?

  14. Pablo says:

    Are ur reflexes really that good or do just know Julia very well

  15. Forest says:

    As an Armor King player, how do you feel about the Mishimas in Tekken 6 BR? If the Mishimas are much better in Tekken Tag 2, would you use a Mishima as your Tag partner, or would you use King and Armor King?

  16. Nama says:

    Why do you play Armor King? Is it because he’s your favourite character or that you just like his fighting style? Or both? Also, what do you think of Steve? Do you play him at all?

    I’m also from Finland by the way. Onnittelut peliturnauksen voitosta! :D

  17. 1. Hi how are you? I’m Martin R. Cruz. So have U ever played any other fighting games besides Tekken? If yes, what are they?

    2. Have you ever been to Slovakia where The movie Hostel was filmed & other European countries/the rest of the world? If so what do U think of Slovakia?

    3. What types of music R U into & Why? For me, mine is mostly Heavy Metal related & it will be forever. Also I like hip hop, Techno, Trance, Hardcore Punk, Electronica, Metalcore, Screamo, etc. YYYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! A screamed vocal example.

    4. What future crossovers would you want Mortal Kombat to have? I’d say MK vs. Street Fighter in Kinect (motion control style)style & make sure it hits arcades worldwide first.

    5. hey Killerdoll Whos the hottest Tekken babe ?? Nina, Anna, Michelle Chang, Ling Xiaoyu, Julia Chang, Christie Monteiro, Asuka or any of the Tekken girls ???

    6. Which two Tekken women would you sleep with in a threeway & why is that? For me, it’s Nina & Christie FO SHO!

  18. Be sure to follow me on twitter: just type djsoulcalibur. Thanks.

  19. BP says:

    How many tattoos do you have + that Aris’ band question? \,,/

    Grats k-doll!

  20. Kujo says:

    which Tekken is your fav and when did you start playing Tekken competively?

  21. JJAalto says:

    Why do you prefer fighting games over others?

    And why Tekken in particular?

  22. BP says:

    Got another one: K-doll, you played King exclusively about a year ago, what did you make switch chars (aside from the fact that Aking is so badass hehehe) and what are your thoughts on King/Aking, seing as how everybody thinks King is better tier-wise?

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