Berlin Tekken Clash IV Results

Neither of the last year’s Berlin Tekken Clash made it to the finals this time. Bode, the legandary Julia player faced Killerdoll from Finland. The Armor King player’s performance was a big suprise for most of the players and live stream viewers. Killerdoll became BTC IV champion. Check out the rest of the entry for results and live stream archive.


1. Killerdoll (Armor King) – Finland
2. Bode (Julia) – Italy
3. Frizen (Steve/Lars) – Poland
4. Nevan (Anna/Nina) – Poland
5./6. Philo (Bryan) – Finland, Sephiblack (Miguel) – Germany
7./8. sabredabre (Nina) – Germany, Adnanish (Bruce/Asuka) – Denmark


2 Responses to Berlin Tekken Clash IV Results

  1. […] announced we have interviewed Killerdoll, the winner of Berlin Tekken Clash IV. Click the link below to jump to the article. Hope you’ll enjoy […]

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