SDTEKKEN Interviews Killerdoll!

As announced we have interviewed Killerdoll, the winner of Berlin Tekken Clash IV. Click the link below to jump to the article. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Di: Can you share some details about yourself? What’s your background as a Tekken players? What had been your biggest successes before winning BTC IV? Are you playing other games competitively?

Killerdoll: Well… i kinda dont have a background, i have played tekken only like a year and a half, but if i think my background would be in online tekken. I remember playing some Tekken games when i was a kid, and about year and a half ago i was buying some shit to my girlfriend at the store, and i noticed Tekken 6 br, and i was like why the fuck not, then came online, then i met some finnish dudes, and they told me about these websites and my soul was gone, after that i have been training allmost everyday for something.

My biggest succes before BTC IV would be Solid Pirates Tekken 6 tournament, where i beated Philo on winners finals and then in grand finals, that was really good tournament i think.

I dont play games like just for fun usually, sometimes yeah, but after 1 hour of some other game i will be playing Tekken in practise mode training ak or some execution stuff or playing casuals, so no i dont play any other games competitively.

Di: Berlin Tekken Clash IV – what were your expectations? From what I’ve heard you had joined a gaming team right before the tournament took place. Is it true?

Killerdoll: Well my expectation was that there is really good players coming,like allmost best from europe i think. But i watched all players matches so many hours, and came to conclusion that i can win this thing and that if i will fly for the first time to different country i have to win this :). Before the tournament i had joined a gaming team called eXelon gaming with Philo, so our Tekken team is now 3 players because eXelon gaming first sponsored Entomo.

Di: Let’s talk about Tekken 6 itself now. Do you like the game?

Killerdoll: I love the game! I dont see anything bad in the game, even though some guys ( many guys ) cry for stuff like hopkicks and stuff like crushes, well my opinion is pretty hard… If you wait for a fucking hopkick dont do a fucking low, you can allways punish hopkick pretty good( some shitty characters cant), either you get knd or good damage and plus frames, you can float hopkick, you can even sidestep hopkick and get a free launcher, i get really pissed when some guys cry for stuff like sweeps that crush your high hitbox mids, you should have been in practise and tested that shit out, and not to cry in tournament that you didnt know it! Or if you eat a hopkick from your offence situation that was your own fault! But yeah game is the best game i have played.

Di: When and why did you start playing Armor King? Are you using other

Killerdoll: First thing that was on my way on getting better player was that i could not find main character, a first half year i mained allmost 20 characters, and was fucking frustrated because no one was so epic and chool and badass that i wanted, but then came Armor King… I have been playing AK for a year now i think, and i still find some new stuff with him every day, offcourse i am in practise in every corner trying different solutions and stuff like that, but it has helped me very much to know my characters every solution even though it has taked me some time. I play AK, Dragunov, King and Miguel, getting ready for Marduk or Jinpachi for ak:s partner in ttt2 i think :D

Di: What are – in your opinion – AK’s top 10 moves?

Killerdoll: Not in any order… 1 : ISW, if you can do it so it will look like gs, it is fucking epic move.
2: GS, if you can do it so it will look like isw, it is fucking monster move.
3: Darkupper, fuck it has safe ranges!!!
4: Df1, it is ak:s best midpoke
5: Df2, Just kills opponents movement, so ak gets to mixup his throws, move itself is -12 but has saferange
6: F2, Same as df2, but is only -11
7: D4, one of the best low pokes in game imo
8: D3, awesome low
9: Db3, even though its launch punishable, it is one of the best solutions to get back opponents lifelead
10: Wawedash mixup, i think this is the best tool ak has

Di: Are you looking forward to Tekken Tag Tournament 2?

Killerdoll: Im relly looking forward to it! AK gets FREAKING STUNNER!!!!! Only thing im worried about is that i think i will play Jinpachi with AK, and i dont think Jinpachi will be in next Tekken game after TTT2.

Now it’s time for the questions from the readers!

Aris: What are your top 3 favorite bands? Congrats on your win, you have inspired me to play AK again. Perkele!!!

Killerdoll: PANTERA!!!! Band is more like a lifestyle to me than just some band, actually i have Pantera text tattoo on my stomach and Dimebag tattooed in the middle of my chest, THE TREND IS DEAD! Second and third are propably Lamb of god and Slayer, those bands are the bands that i listen at home all day long moshing my head off, and when i saw both of them live i kinda really moshed my head so bad that i could not get out of bed for a couple of days. Im a metalhead to the day i die i think VITTU SAATANA PERKELE!

AAK: Armor King on the tier list?

Killerdoll: This maybe a shock for many people, but i think ak is in top 5… Even if he wasnt i would still be playing him.

AAK: Finland Tekken community? How big? Strengths and Weaknesses of Finland community?

Killerdoll: Well… It aint that big, which i think is the weakness, we have allmost 20 true tekken players and many randoms that just like to mash buttons. But Finlands Tekkens strenghts is that we have a couple of players that i think can do really good around the world, and finnish Tekken scene is really growing up like a monster, big thanks goes to ptp (Porin Taistelu Pelaajat) (Poris Fighting Gamers) for this.

AAK: Which is the biggest game overall in the Finnish fighting game community? SF4? Marvel? KOF?

Killerdoll: Tekken and SF i think

AAK: Who does he feel are Europe’s best Tekken players?

Killerdoll: I think Boris, Malekith, DevilKazuya and Philo for what i have seen they can do.

AAK: Is he going to EVO?

Killerdoll: Not this year, even though i would love to go, but so many tournaments in finland at this time and really busy period at our tattoo studio, but i think i will be there next year if ttt2 has come out to consoles.

Lolgaara: Who are your faverite Marvel Heroes? And why/how did you start active tekken 6 training? What other Games you play? Do you think Miguel is manly character?

Killerdoll: Deadpool is my favourite marvel hero, that dude is the most awesome dude ever in this planet or all the other planets. I started to train tekken cause i dont like losing that much to anyone :) You and couple more finnish dudes beated my ass off online, and i wanted to know what i did wrong, then i found about frames and stuff and my soul was gone. I dont play any other games than tekken, but i have to admit i bought MVC3 because it had deadpool in it, but omg what a shitty game that was… Miguel is awesome character, but very very boring to play with i think :)

Andy-O: Who are the most inspirational players to you? Any other heroes than JDCR obviously?

Killerdoll: Jdcr, Knee, Nin and Aris! Aris is like the most awesome dude in tekken scene ever! I remember one time watching one stream, where Aris was speaking some shit and there were some cake, maybe cupcakes,but anyway there where some shit going on that they may have weed in it, and Aris eated that, and told the guy that he will be back in 30 minutes – 1 hour and tell if that shit works. Aris came back and said something like “i dont think this shit works…But anyway you wanna talk about my girlfriends abortion” I laughed so hard that i truly thought i would shit myself. Need to see that dude in real life!

Andy-O: Do you drink coffee?

Killerdoll: Dont you know who i am?!? IM THE MOCCAMASTER MAN BITCH!!!!

Andy-O: Which country in europe do you think has the strongest Tekken scene in general? How do you think europe could stand against US? Or Korea and Japan?

Killerdoll: Well i dont know about strongest tekken scene in europe, but Sweden has dragonslair, which i really awesome place to meet tekken players, so maybe Sweden or Germany because Germany has those big tournaments like Tekken Clash and Damagermany. This maybe a shock for some people, but i dont think that every Korean player is like Nin,Knee,Jdcr and those like “celebrity” players, even though they have huge amount of players and lot of very skilled players, some europeans i think can do really good against some Koreans, like Boris did really good against Hankuma, but i think these arent the days that europe can beat every Korean player and even have tight matches, but some european players truly have skills to rise to the level where Koreans are. Against US and Japan i think some europeans would do really good.

Andy-O: How do you feel about being one of the few sponsored Tekken players in the world?

Killerdoll: Its like winning in a lottery, every country should follow Finland in this one i think!

Kujo: Which Tekken is your fav and when did you start playing Tekken competively?

Killerdoll: Im not the guy to answer this one, but i will :) I havent played any other Tekkens, like played played. I have tried Tekken DR with Philo and Tofma and i thought it was pretty cool, but i prefer BR maybe because that is where i have started. I have been playing Tekken one and a half years, and maybe really competively half a year.

Bp: How many tattoos do you have

Killerdoll: I work at a Tattoo studio, so i have really many, i think maybe over 20 big ones, but when i got into tattoos, i saved some money by taking really shitty pieces on my skin and now having a laser treatment for some of them at our studio to get some awesome ink covering those ugly fuckers. If anyone of you want to get tattoos, you should really safe some money and go to really good artist to make your ink, so you dont have to carry any pieces of shit for the rest of your life, good work aint cheap, cheap work aint good works in tattoo business pretty good.

Forest: As an Armor King player, how do you feel about the Mishimas in Tekken 6 BR? If the Mishimas are much better in Tekken Tag 2, would you use a Mishima as your Tag partner, or would you use King and Armor King?

Killerdoll: Mishimas are awesome, but kinda not that good in BR, if you take Devil Jin out of them, because Devil Jin is really good character in Br imo. In Br i use Mishimas for some execution training and stuff like that. In ttt2 i think i will use Jinpachi, fuck that dude is so awesome killer looking badass! But to be honest i think i will play character with AK that can have special tag in from gs and some 1+2 throw that i can mixup from wawedash, or if AK has his multithrow and someone can tagin from the first mixup it will be him then. AK is my main and in ttt2 the partner i will pick up will be only to make AK better, if it is some Mishima then it is some Mishima, but bob and ganryu are out of the guestion!

Alognum: Are there any Tekken characters you don’t like to play with at all?

Killerdoll: Bob,Ganryu and female characters are the ones i dont like to play with, i hate to admit but i want to play badass characters, that has so much power in theirs moves that it will hurt the player playing against you!

Alognum: Most annoying character to play against?

Killerodoll: I dont hate playing like against some characters, but some matchups are fucking hard, but winning those matches make you feel like you have won a stanley cup or something like that. For AK the worst matchup is Eddy and Christie, you cant throw them like at all, which makes playing AK a liiiittle wierd.

JJAalto: Why do you prefer fighting games over others?And why Tekken in particular?

Killerdoll: Well I don’t play games like any other than Tekken so… But fighting games are like really skill games, if you lose in tournament it is just because you lost, no exuces are valid, if you dont know the character it is you own fault that you didnt train him, if you eat hopkick i dont think it was because the other player was bad, i think you were bad to let you be in that position. Nad why Tekken??? Well it is just the BEST GAME IN WORLD!!!!!!

tereseal9: Why do you play Armor King? Is he your favorite character or do you simply like his fighting style?

Killerdoll: Armor King is my favourite character from every game i have played, and yes i love his fighting style, ripping people to pieces, the most awesome thing that can happen is if i get the whole multithorw through and AK just pounds opponent to the back off the head 3 times! I play AK because he is just that awesome character, it was only a bonus that i found him very good character in the game

Big thanks for this interview, hope to see ya guys in the future tournaments and events!

7 Responses to SDTEKKEN Interviews Killerdoll!

  1. deebo says:

    Armor King FTW

    love to play this guy, so I can learn from his Armor King

  2. aris says:

    Jdcr, Knee, Nin and……….Aris. lol what a list. BTW I’m on my third abortion.

  3. Bleh says:

    AK against the capo’s – i thought it was a simple d2?

  4. Killerdoll says:

    Against capos no one have that kinda reaction to do d2 everytime if they come to your face and then do the mixup, i have been interrupted so many times because of 1 frame too late or something like that, i prefer hopkick, usually that move beats the mixup pretty good, because it hits them if they do anything.

  5. SbyRazor says:

    @killerdoll how about AK’s ff n 2 and b+1?

  6. Killerdoll says:

    ff n 2 is launch punishable and Philo can see it allmost everytime on reaction and launch me for that so it aint that good :D

    b+1 is only good off its frames since it is i12 but it whiffs like too decades and opponent can go take a shit and whiff launch punish you from that so… And it doesent track at all. But as a 12 frame punisher b+1,2 is really good

  7. Forest says:

    Great answer thanks!

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