Tekken 6 Feng Wei Combo Video By Ogre Killer & Review

Ogre Killer from Team A.C.E. has released a new vid, the character this time is Feng Wei! click above to view the video and click below for the review!

Tekken 6 Feng Wei Combo Video – One Badass Monk Review:


1. The first combo was great to start off the video, with u+2, 4 connection into jabs, then with f+4~b W! into BT 2,2 B!, good stuff.

2. Following up until 0:31 was a good batch of non W! combos.

3. 0:31 had f+3+4,2 into d/f+3, f+3,4 ETC. Pretty cool!

4. The next combo had W! 4, 2~1>1 for a 100% ground hit, I’ve never seen this before personally.

5. The combo at 0:55 was a great 9 hit combo.

6. 1:08 was completely awesome, generic BT moves in combo are so cool!

7. The next combo was also great, Feng has a great d/f+1 to dash with in combos.

8. 1:21 was ultimately the best combo in the video, a JF parry of a parry and B! u/b+2 W!, so awesome.

9. The next combo had B! f+4,3 FB! into combo, I didn’t expect that to work with the combo momentum up to 8 hits.

10. The last 2 combos on Ling were the next in line for the best combos, f+3+4,1, into f,f+2 in the first combo and B! d/f+1, f,f+4,3, b+1+2 in the last was great.

11. The music was good, it definitely fits Feng’s style perfectly.

12. The fact that Ogre Killer only uses regular sized characters and below for combo dummies also gives him an edge, very cool!


1. The length of the combo video was only 2 mins which was a shame, as this can be seen a lot now that Tekken 6 has been out for a long time (my Zafina vid was even below 2 mins)

2. the f+3+4,2, d/f+3, f+3,4, d+4,1+2 W! was already done by Orochimaru some time ago, but it’s still cool.

3. Despite using small opponents in his work only, he could benefit from using some bigger opponents in terms of eye candy, but using big characters isn’t his style.

4. Some of the non W! combos were too short in my opinion, but that could be due to Feng as a character, as most of his long combo filler consist of dash jabs and d/f+1.

2 Responses to Tekken 6 Feng Wei Combo Video By Ogre Killer & Review

  1. X_Ogre_Killer says:

    Thanks for the review. A few things.

    I watched all of Orochimaru’s videos and I must have missed where he did the combo I did using f+3+4,2. Could you point it out to me?

    The non wall combos are not short. They are the maximum which Feng can get on normal opponents, which would be launcher +7 or 8 more hits depending on how you want to end it.

    The combo at 0:55 is not inspired by anyone. Jabs or 1,2, to dash b+1+2 has been around since Tekken 5.

    • tmd02 says:

      Hey man, no problem! Orochimaru did this in a small vid he did called “Just for Fun 2”, I only remmebered looking at sith’s review on TZ.

      Yeah that was what I meant with Feng, I was talking about the character himself as he’s mainly up to 9 hit non W! combos.

      And ok sweet, I’ll edit that bit out :)

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