4 New SFxTK Characters Gameplay

The latest Street Fighter X Tekken trailer presents 4 new characters. Apart from recently announced Steve, the following three characters are joining the cast: Yoshimitsu (T3 version), Poison and Dhalsim.


6 thoughts on “4 New SFxTK Characters Gameplay

  1. T3 Yoshimitsu (favourite version) !!! Wasn’t expecting that.

    I wasn’t planning on getting this as i’m not a SF fan but everytime I see new footage i’m being more and more drawn to this.

    Also enjoyed the Marduk+King vs Poison+Hugo trailer as well

  2. Cool that they put in the Tekken 3 design of Yoshimitsu, VeNoM362’s favorite look for Yoshimitsu aswell.

    Now what’s all this talk about Poison having a dick?

    Don’t know much about the character except she (or it…I guess) is the manager of Hugo or something.

    I’m just saying…

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