TTT2 Evolution 2011 Exhibition Match

In case you missed it, watch the Exhibition 5v5 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 match which took place last weekend during Evolution. The list of players who attended include Gandido, MYK, Aris, Kane and more!


6 thoughts on “TTT2 Evolution 2011 Exhibition Match

  1. great matches by great players

    @friedrice i dont think it’s 4 players, it’s 2 chars per player. the tag team mate might be bored and not know when a tag comes up or something lol

  2. The Direct feed HD version.

    RyRy vs. Gandido

    QDogg vs. Gandido

    Suiken vs. Gandido

    Kane vs. Gandido

    Kane vs. Fab

    Kane vs. Rip

    Kane vs. Aris

    Kane vs. MYK

    Ryan Hart vs. MYK

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