Harada Talks Hadoken And Tekken Hybrid

The US PlayStation blog posted an interview with Katsuhiro Harada. The Tekken director was asked about the upcoming Namco Bandai titles, including Tekken X Street Fighter and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. When it comes to SF characters’ fireballs in the crossover, he said: “When we bring fireballs into Tekken X Street Fighter, there are two different ways we could go. It could be used as something similar to keep your opponent in the place you want, or it could be some kind of a special move or powered-up version of their techniques. We’ve not decided on what route we want to take with this yet”. Check the source for more details.

SOURCE: blog.us.playstation.com

9 Responses to Harada Talks Hadoken And Tekken Hybrid

  1. ICEYOU says:

    Fireballs? Really? I’ll just sidestep that crap, like devil Jin’s lazer.

  2. Tekkenlover says:

    Like i said since it’s tekken version it would be better to treat projectile attacks as unblockable that takes some time to preform, exactly like projectile attack for devil kazuya , devil jin ,alisa,jinpachi and so on. Everything should be fine then, but if projectile is going be used the same way that is used in street fighter version then it would give huge advantage to capcom characters which is unfair, cuz it takes little time between firing projectiles.

    • ICEYOU says:

      Like I said before, I’ll just sidestep those attacks. You do realise how easy it is to avoid projectiles in Tekken right?

      • Tekkenlover says:

        yeah thats why i am saying make the projectile attack unblockable, rather make it the same way as it is in street fighter

  3. AAA says:

    I just can’t see them pulling this off. They’ll be making movelists for about 20 characters. It’s gonna take years to balance that bitch.

    • Schematic says:

      Really? Tekken already has a shit load of characters and has the best balance of any fighting game in history. I don’t think they will have trouble balancing this game. And fireballs can just be unblockables…. we already have them and as long as your prepared for them you can punish them or step them.

      • AAA says:

        They’ll be making movelists for about 20 characters. It’s gonna take years to balance that bitch.

  4. ICEYOU says:


    Capcom’s going to have more involvement with this project than Namco did or has with SFXT.

  5. farhan says:

    they should give fireballs to all the tekken characters to make things equal

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