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We are available for running events & tournaments for various competitive games and sports for a nominal fee or compensation. We are a professional group that has ran events all over the US for the past 10 years.

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74 Responses to Contact

  1. Ozz Chirinos says:

    Hi, I’m new to the area, and I’m interested in joining your community. I was an active T5 player in Tacoma, WA, and now I want to make a name for myself down here in SoCAL. Could we setup a match so that I could meet some people down here ? I no longer have a card, and most of my playing nowadays is spent with my Ps2 and Tekken 5. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


  2. yo dude its a lil hard to find people out here they are a lil stuck up i been out here since 2002 i was in the marines yeah i know a couple of good people who play pretty well where bout do you stay in Sd ….i’m in vista about 10mins away from pendelton the base my email is my number is 7606221940 my phones off so email me

  3. Ace R. says:

    Yo Jermell. How could you judge us when we’ve never heard of you? I just spoke with MarkMan and he doesnt recall ever meeting a Jermell.

    Anyways Chirinos.. Welcome to San Diego. If you have time tonight theres a tourney going down at Plaza Bonita Tilt. Its always a good turnout and majority of the people who enter are SDT members. If you make it out dont hesitate to introduce yourself. Also check out our thread on Tekken Zaibatsu in the North American Match finder forum. It’s
    the best place to find out when sessions are being held, tournies etc.


  4. Ace R. says:

    Oh yea my bad. The directions to Tilt can be found in the Arcades link up top


  5. the people out here are stuck up not sdt thats totally different i’ve been out here 5 years now oh okay but do you guys know any people in the vista area i aint really good at the arcades do you guys do get togthers or stuff like that or do you only play in the arcades

  6. plus its been so long since i have plyed in the arcades man i heard that you could use your controllers now i dont know if thats true holla

  7. Ace R. says:

    Oh may bad Jermell. I read your first comment the wrong way.

    The only person who I know of that is near you is Cyndane but we havent spoken to him in a while. If you’re really looking for comp you’re going to have to drive down south. Check our thread on Tekken Zaibatsu to see when sessions are going down. The main arcade everyone goes to is Plaza Bonita Tilt. And yes you can plug your controller into the arcade cabinet.

  8. Ozz Chirinos says:

    Sorry it took so long for me to respond to this, I’ve been working alot. Anyways, if anyone is interested in setting something up, here’s my email address. .. I would also like to know when the next tournament is, also .. does your community require me to have a battle card ??

  9. mikejmu says:


    We would like to do an interview with you about your blog for . We’d like to give you the opportunity to
    give us some insight on the “person behind the blog.”

    It would just take a few minutes of your time. The interview form can
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    Best regards,

    Mike Thomas

  10. robert santellanes jr says:

    i love tekken and i would like to get better but no one want to play me . and i would like to know any new move or anything for tekken 5
    thank you

  11. blacks says:

    I wound just like to report base on what i have seen so far in tekken 6. i am impressed with everyoen except Kazuya. I see him as the same in tekken 5. Tekken 6 have no new outstanding moves to at least make kazuya users use him differently. Give us some new strings not extensions to old one, the extensions are good but please give us some new moves so when poeple see kazuya in tekken 6 they can be interested in him. so far i am disapointed in Kazuya in tekken 6. Please someone pass on the message to namco. Give kazuya some more moves.

  12. bage says:

    I agree with the last post, Kazuya looks pretty much the same with a few new moves which he can rearly use during a match. He needs something new. Markman please inform namco to give kazuya some appealing moves which can be useful. In tekken six tounaments it would be nice to see some fanals with Kazuya, jin and also raven. these characters were lost intekken 5 tournament finals.

  13. Marc says:

    They screwed up Law again! NO!

  14. Marc says:

    In Tekken 3, standing 3,4 hit on normal hit for a damaging combo.

  15. Chauncey says:

    I am a long time tekken fan and I’m always looking for good competition, so I just wanted to know how I can get involved in your tournaments and events. thank you for any info you can provide. Be sure to look for me when T5DR goes online I’m King of The Sticks

  16. Oni-Wolf says:

    Man, I wish there could be something similar in my country, Malta. You of SD are so fortunate, making tournaments, competitions, etc…….. That `s why I `m looking forward for T6 online gaming, so that I could measure myself with international standards!!! Can`t wait.

  17. Safi says:

    hallo i’m Safi from palestine . iwont know why tekken 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 not on pc its only on ps1,ps2 and ps3 ???


  18. mony says:

    i have to say some thing about tekken6 that the game is very good but i have to say about that the water stage in forest put some effect in water like u see in tomb raider aniversy or also put fire effect in the players hands that look very cool
    or make paul hairs like in tekken4

  19. Malcx100 says:

    Can u put tekken 6 beta or demo on the ps3 i think that every one whats to play tekken 6 before it comes out

  20. Malcx100 says:

    i am a tekken fan i been playing since tekken 1 came out i want to play tekken 6 now or at least the demo can u make tekken 6 a downloadable demo on the ps3

  21. abdul says:

    when is tekken 6 comming to sweden?

  22. Dear SD Tekkken People

    can you put more Tekken 6 character combos, and when is Tekken 6 coming out?


  23. Dear, SD Tekkern people

    My Name is London Allen Thortvedt, can you put more Tekken 6 combos and when is Tekken 6 coming out


  24. Yen_Kazama says:

    hi man, u have the best tekken page at the moment, so thanks 4 it, i want to show u this youtube video made by latin people, i’ma a latin player, but i’m not in the video for not be ready at the time, but is a grat video, please help us to show it in ur page.

    it’s name is tekkenchile project, see u soon, i hope we can play online sometime, i’m playing tekken since 1996.

    and if u need some animated gifs in 2 or 3D or logos in flash just ask. bye.

  25. Your_Mom says:

    YoOo! You guys are awesome bringing the latest updates on Tekken.

    I was wondering if you guys could find out and confirm which system Tekken 6 is coming out because I just recently saw this site that interviewed two developers of Tekken 6 unsured about being a PS3 exclusive..

    check it out:

  26. TlEoKrKdE!N says:


  27. hi ..jon foo…are you member me?…i am stuntman in ong bak1,2,Tomyumkung thai movie.with tony jaa..
    but now.i want to go do some work with you…

  28. Mustafa says:

    Hi ! im just asking ofr when Tekken 6 or Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion
    comes to norway , please send the answear to my emai :
    thanks : )

  29. knight says:

    is that true that tekken 6 BR will be release on psp?



  32. I’am hosting tournaments in the New York City Area. Is it possible that we can post events on this website? Please respond as soon as convenient.

    Thank you
    Video game Alliance

  33. Ayumi Namae says:

    Tekken 6 BR will come out on PS3 & Xbox september 2009 – Hope PS3 and Xbox can both play online and fight online. Please talk or discuss this idea on forums or in youtube, so namco bandai will see and make this idea.

  34. UndeadEwok says:

    hey markman i need your opinion

    i bought a hori FS3 just to see if i like playing with an arcade stick

    i want to know more about arcades sticks and pref… i looked into modding

    and i come a crossed sanwa and setsuimi(sp) buttons and sticks

    what the pro and cons

    what the the pros use

    or is it just pure prefrence

    hit me back bro


  35. MarkMan says:

    It is pure preference. I suggest registering and reading on SRK forums:

    There are tons of resourceful posts that pertain to arcade stick parts and modding them.

    Very helpful.

  36. VR says:

    Hi guys – is it possible to exchange links in Blogroll? is our [CZ] website. You are already there.

  37. undeadewok says:

    i screwed myself on the contest, i should of read all the rules. i told my buddies about the contest… and we all signed up on our work comp…..shhhiiiiiiittttt

    oh well!

  38. UndeadEwok says:

    hey markman

    dont want to be a pest… i know your super busy bro…

    just want to know if there are any chances of you posting the specs for the MadCatz STTE stick in the near future. making christmas-ish decisions haha.

  39. Nathan says:

    Hey i was playing t6 with 2hi the other day and i asked him about possibly joining sdt. He told me to talk to some guy named Markman?

  40. Ace R. says:

    Nathan… that “some guy named MarkMan” is the leader of SDT. The Big Boss. Joining SDT takes a lot more than just asking someone. We’re a close group of friends that do more than just play Tekken. But maybe if you beat Horace (2hi) 20 straight you’ll raise a few eyebrows lol.

  41. NAKM says:

    Hello. I’m new here. Grew up in SD as most of you felluz I’m assuming, haha. But now living in San Jacinto in Riverside County. Also a Tekken addict but don’t attend tourneys due to me not knowing any around. Only one I’ve been to was EVO2K8 and that was it. So I was hoping this site could give newcomers like me the 411 on local tourneys and such. Do you felluz post upcoming tourneys on notice boards or anything of the sort? Thanks a bunch!

    • enigmablack says:

      Theres tekken plays in the area psn can help you find them faster just have a mic so you can communicate faster than by text I stay in the SD and Apply valley areas so your close man…diggs-86 and galen sdt are in SD

  42. silver_devil says:

    Hi Markman-

    I saw your message on Tekkencentral, and everyone is wondering who you are! Unfortunately, nobody knows any English in Tekkencentral, but they fairly understood your message to mdj, so I’ll tell him about it :) cheers~

  43. enigmablak says:

    I work overseas and its hard to find veeeeeeery good competition online when your rank is down with tekken dr. I usually paly against Diggs-B-Waite. If anyone could request me or contact and leave a message on my ps3 profile when I return from Iraq Ill gladly hit you back. Ive played Cyndane, and Galen SDT a few times hes good. If anyone has recongnized me online i’m the green and black devil Jin player. I was once a master now dropped to 6dan (other peoples bad connects). If any are interested in helping me out a lil hit up my playstation profile enigmablak and drop a request.

  44. Mymjgojx says:

    d2BndP comment4 ,

  45. TekkenFanatic says:

    Hi, will Tekken 6 have an Arcade History Mode just like Tekken 5, and will it feature the arcade version of Tekken Tag Tournament?

  46. Kitty Abraham says:

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  47. LADYJin says:

    Greatest place :D

    markman pls help..i really want this picturesss plss where did you got it? T_T

  48. help!! says:


    im seeing a lot of negative reviews on tekken 6. WTF is this? this game was supposed to be revolutionary and suddenly it just got bashed? oh my god. this is just bad. so my question is…

    why the hate on tekken 6?!

    please reply markman!

  49. GOd says:

    yoshimitsu looks awesome! take a look at the cover for the blu- ay tekken movie

  50. jerrold says:

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  51. Hyruko says:


  52. Hyruko says:

    Sorry for the caps. It’s my font

  53. DietyDevil says:

    Hi i am dietydevil and its pleasure to see this site. i would be glad to join it. will be waiting for ur reply. THnx

  54. AngelicDemoN619 says:

    much love to true tekken fans!! get at me on XBOX LIVE!! GAMER TAG IS AngelicDemoN619 !! ONLINE TEKKEN IS GREAT!!!!

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  56. Anton Herard says:

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  57. masood king says:

    HI ! i am Massod King From Pakistan .i am extra Professional IN Tekken All part’s.It more than my Passion.I want to Join Tekken crash tournament.My rank is 8 right now .so watch out i am so tough INSHALLAH. tell me how to join .that my cell Number :+923005800736 .My email address is ….

  58. I am here for a complain. I tried contacting Tekken Team in charge of fixing patches for tekken 6. I and a number of tekken fans are unhappy with the offline ranking stuff. One must play online only to get ranked above 1st Dan. That is not right. Online Ranking is cool, and offline ranking is cool too! We want both and we do not see why we pay our monies and be subjected to rankings online only….We need a fix up for this!!! Can someone email me how to Reach tekken Team Japan and USA?
    Anyone to pass the message?


  59. harry says:

    To Markman

    Can you make another universal Nico account as the one you made before is not working anymore.


  60. says:

    pls tekken 7

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  63. Aamir Abbasi says:

    Hy plz upload some combos and frame data of Roger jr.i m waiting 4 ur reply.and all player of tekken 6 come on…!

  64. Blue Phoenix says:

    Hey Crew! Wip3ou7 and I are doing an Oakly 3D review of TEKKEN in 3D here in FL next week. We are also releasing an Art of the Strike – Tekken Remix for the ICMAC kung fu tournament. Just thought you guys might think thats bad ass!

  65. oniwolf says:

    hey guys… i`ve constructed a Lei strategy guide… where can i publish it please?

  66. david simpson says:

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    david simpson

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  68. Peter Rowe says:

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