Hori Real Arcade PRO 3 SA (PS3) NEW


  • Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y-SK-W arcade stick
  • 8 Sanwa OBSF-30-W snap in buttons
  • Turbo button with three settings; Slow, Normal, Fast
  • Stick lever can be set as digital, left analog, or right analog
  • Quick disconnects on wiring for buttons
  • USB wired for PC and PS3 compatibility
  • PS/Home Button XMB(Cross Media Bar) navigation
  • Button layout:

[] /\ R1 L1
X O R2 L2

Additional Pictures:

Coming Soon!

Where to Buy:

  • Hori Store – Coming December 18th, 2008.
  • Play-Asia – Preorders Open Soon!

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23 Responses to Hori Real Arcade PRO 3 SA (PS3) NEW

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  2. Wow! That really looks a lot better than the HRAP3 – And I’m sure it’s better quality as well.

  3. Renikon says:

    Is there any significant difference between this and the regular HRAP3 besides the color scheme? Not sure if its worth the extra money.

  4. detto says:

    Yeah I’d like to know the same!
    Are there any differences to the HRAP3 (not SA) ?

  5. Karisma says:

    The difference is the SA have Sanwa buttons and Stick were as the HRAP only has a Sanwa Stick.

  6. MarkMan says:

    HRAP3 SA also has the same mounting plate as the HRAP 1 Ver. A and HRAP2.

  7. mkw says:

    I’d really like to buy one for ps3 and pc(mame), but they’re all gone. Especially in Europe. Could you please recommend hori 3 similar stick? Would do SF4 TE (I heard there will be more of them) the same job for vf4, sf4, tekken, sc4? Thanks

  8. TG says:

    you’re not likely to pick one of these up new, but if you stay up on ebay or buy/sell/trade part of a few of the well known forums you might come across a used one in good cond. You can get the HRAP 2 SA and a pelican adapter new on ebay, and from what I know there’s not much difference between that and the 3 (other than the 3 working natively on ps3 obviously, and there’s no detectable lag on the pelican). They all use quick disconnects etc though, so IMO any of them are fine because you can put whatever you want in them.

  9. […] bring us!  Available for the first time in North America, the Hori Real Arcade PRO EX SE and the Real Arcade PRO 3 SA will be among the hottest arcade sticks available for the rest of the year.  The tried and true […]

  10. Jimmy says:

    What’s so special about the mounting plate being different than the regular HRAP 3?…Just being able to interchange to a Seimitsu stick? Thx!

  11. Jay says:

    Also the HRAP 3’s Hori buttons are easily swapped with sanwa buttons. The leads were made to pop out with a screwdriver. The faceplate can’t be the only modification. What else justifies the price jump?

  12. Gunsmith says:

    If you look at Hori’s official site (JP), the HRAP SA for PS2 and PS3 actually cost the same! I’m going hunting and will pick up any SA I see…

  13. Jay says:

    I guess the ease of customization is nice and all, but if you really don’t plan on swapping out components more than once, the extra steps on the HRAP 3 aren’t really that bad as far as mods normally go. a couple screws and some hard to get to bolts and nuts, in the long run if you want a good fight stick now, and you live in the US, I’d go with the HRAP 3.0 and swap out the Hori buttons and if you’re so inclined change out the square gate for a octagonal gate. It’s a very nice stick and I don’t really see much point in waiting til October for the SA, and even less of a point of importing it for an extra 150 bucks.

  14. CPS says:

    Just wait for an HRAP Pro V…

  15. Jay says:

    CPS that’s easy to say now, but back in July some of us couldn’t wait.

  16. GNN says:

    Is it backwards compatible with PS2 games running on a PS3? (60 gig console)

  17. matt says:

    Got this badboy today and holy crap it rocks on PS3 and MAME, if you can GET THIS STICK YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!

  18. AlphaCananogram says:

    i have this stick now,,,
    It’s so SHINY! :D

  19. sn0wb00ts says:

    Love mine, switched with a black matte bat style topper . So sweet the buttons are great, anyone with a hrap3 should consider one of these, or at least switching those buttons.

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