Fall Season Of Arcade Sticks!

Putting the great arcade stick drought in the past, we must look forward to what the rest of 2009 will bring us!  Available for the first time in North America, the Hori Real Arcade PRO EX SE and the Real Arcade PRO 3 SA will be among the hottest arcade sticks available for the rest of the year.  The tried and true Real Arcade PRO line of sticks bring arcade realism with both Seimitsu and Sanwa arcade parts!  Click below for some details on where you can secure one of these hot sticks!

Hori Real Arcade PRO EX SE (Special Edition) – Seimitsu (Xbox 360)


  • Seimitsu LS32 arcade stick
  • Seimitsu PS14-G snap in buttons
  • Seimitsu PS14-D snap in buttons (Start & Back)
  • Xbox Live Communicator Port
  • Quick disconnects on wiring for buttons
  • USB wired for PC and Xbox 360 compatibility
  • Guide button for Xbox navigation
  • Button layout:

B   X  Y  LB

Where to Buy:

Hori Real Arcade PRO 3 SA (Special Addition) – Sanwa (PS3)


  • Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y-SK-W arcade stick
  • 8 Sanwa OBSF-30-W snap in buttons
  • Turbo button with three settings; Slow, Normal, Fast
  • Stick lever can be set as digital, left analog, or right analog
  • Quick disconnects on wiring for buttons
  • USB wired for PC and PS3 compatibility
  • PS/Home Button XMB(Cross Media Bar) navigation
  • Button layout:

[] /\ R1 L1
X O R2 L2

Where to Buy:


22 thoughts on “Fall Season Of Arcade Sticks!

  1. markman i have one question i am sure you know this cuz you have played with lars. this is important to me please answer this. there this vedio which i am sure you have already seen it where gautama is playing against 200won youtube.com/watch?v=asIs24stwdc where lars uses low punch at 6:44 followed by sliding double kick at 6:45…. is this a juggle what i mean is that, is sliding double kick a guarantee hit after you use low punch against your opponent with lars?

    1. That would be a question best suited for TZ forums, but I can answer it.

      d+1+2 (the low move that KD), ff3+4 is not guaranteed. The opp can get up and block the low. If they block it, it’s launchable so be careful when using it.

      Here’s the link to the Lars Specific Forums: http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=189

      On topic, the HRAP3:SA looks so nice with the silver plate and white buttons. Sure you can easily swap out buttons for whatever you want on an original HRAP3, but the white “metal” plate makes a difference.

      And there is a HRAP3:SE, but it has a Semitsu stick. There’s no combo with a JLF AND Semitsu buttons.

  2. To anyone who is on the fence about getting an arcade stick, I would recommend thinking about pre-ordering one of these. As a side note, I finally swapped out my HRAP3’s Hori buttons for actual Sanwa buttons last week, it was worth it.

    Hori, where’s the PS3 Seimitsu tho?

    1. why are fans are Arcades Sticks
      because when a new console comes out we dont have to adjust to standard controller when all you can do is
      buy an arcadestick:)

    2. Don’t get me wrong, I love controllers too. But what is there to say about them? They’re good, they work. There’s nothing interesting/new about them. lol.

  3. Farhan, arcade sticks are used for precision. Without it the characters’ move lists are limited. In short terms, try Bryan’s main launcher on a controller. It’s
    close to impossible.

    1. I’d still stick to the plain sony controllers because I’m used to them and I’m not much of an arcar anywayde playeYeah I guess you guys are right. on controllers it’s almost impossible to perform King’s chain throws at will.

      1. Yeah I guess you guys are right. on controllers it’s almost impossible to perform King’s chain throws. On arcades you could probably do them at will.

        I’d still stick to the plain sony controllers though because I’m used to them and I’m not much of an arcade playerr anyway

    1. I answered it for you. He’d probably say the same thing, or would know if he doesn’t play Lars.

      d1+2 (low punch), ff3+4 (sliding kick) is not guaranteed. Opp can block it.

  4. Should I get this (for the authentic arcade feel) instead of the wireless stick bundle for Tekken 6?

    Does the wireless stick in the bundle really lag?

  5. Arcade sticks are still best for fighting games tho.. at least for me. When i play console tekken i just practice, for me controllers are still good for platform games.

  6. I’ve been pad player for a long time. Once I started playing T6 in the arcades, I was forced to switch to stick. Now I won’t go back. You have so much more freedom in movement and buttons presses compared to a PS pad.

    If you can somehow try a good quality stick out, it’ll feel weird at first but I guarantee you’ll like it better.

    I can still play pad of course, but I prefer stick now.

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