nSports Interview With Ji3Moon Ace!

Our friends at nSports.pl have put together an awesome interview with one of South Korea’s most dominant TEKKEN 6 players, Ji3Moon Ace! You might remember the long time Mishima player from the big Japanese 5 vs 5 Gunsou cup tournament where he helped S. Korea claim the victory… For all the juicy interview details make sure you click the link below!

31 Responses to nSports Interview With Ji3Moon Ace!

  1. Di says:

    Thanks again! :)

  2. TokisPL says:

    Nice one, Di! Thx MarkMan for putting it here, polish Tekken scene appreciates that! Tekken fans, unite! :D

  3. VenoM362 says:

    60 to 70 people on the weekend!, damn we’re lucky to get 10 good players at my local arcade to play DR. NIN whooping ass in the arcade….FOR REAL! LOL! Maddogjin and Knee are my favorite Korean players, Hwoarang and Bryan are two of my originals from TK3!

  4. Di says:


    You’re lucky to have any Arcades ;) Unfortuntely there are hardly any in Poland. We used to have ONE T6 Arcade but it broke down and hasn’t been yet repaired.

  5. VenoM362 says:

    @ Di

    At least you got a chance to play T6,I think the one nearest to me is 4 states away. Just 4 more months and we all can enjoy T6:BR…4 more months :( DAMNIT!!!

  6. Di says:

    To be honest, when BR came out I stopped interesting ARC version of T6 and in fact I yet haven’t played it so I’m still playing DR.

  7. cow pi says:

    so nin punched qudans and was taken to custody?

  8. Zooop says:

    The link isn’t working…

  9. Di says:

    Our admin was working on some technical things (we’ve got 2 new sponsors since today so he had to change the layour a little bit, add their logos etc.) but it’s just been up again so the link is working already.

  10. tgseraph says:

    hahaha. I couldn’t help but laugh at Ji3Moon Ace’s comments about NIN. God, that’s some funny drama. I can’t wait for this game AND to see the Tekken Crash 2 tourneys. I wish we had that for the US.

  11. Velurian (TLT)PL says:

    Great job Di, I’d like to see fight Nin Vs Qudans in real life….I’m wondering whith of this two has mor dangerus setups and juggler in real:P

  12. artin says:

    mean thats messed up, his comment about EWGF was very troubling to me cuz this move is the centeral move of mishimas and now they made it very hard for players to juggle after it, thats complete bs what did namco was thinking i have seen many regular or porofessional players missed the juggle i agree that the juggle damage was too much in T6 and they did the right thing to reduce the damage but why made at some cases impossible to jugglle, thats very stupid of namco

    • Inserity says:

      I believe he was saying ws+2 is hard to juggle off of it, because they changed the juggle animation. EWGF still has the same juggle ability.

  13. Tenshimitsu says:

    Great interview :)

    Waiting for more Koreans or Japanese, and GOSH IF YOU ONLY MANAGE TO INTERVIEW OTOKONOKO!!!!!111one


  14. Val says:

    WS+2 still has an above average juggle that is not very hard to pull off so no worries. EWGF still has the same weakness, it can be ducked. 1,1,2 does not wall splat anymore. Heel sweeps dont juggle on normal hit but the damage is decent. Overall DJ is still pretty much upper tier, only the juggle potential was toned down.

  15. Ric says:

    Has Maddog Jin won any tourneys yet?

  16. Law says:

    Seems like he was complaining about ws+2 from behind or from an awkward side angle or something. Devil Jin used to be able to jump over you on tech roll low punch you in da back and then ws+2 you into a decent damage combo. Now if he hits you in the back with ws+2, he seems to only get maybe on hit guaranteed plus wake up.

  17. Zooop says:

    Is there a mirror for this article? Now the entire site seems to be down.

  18. tekkenlover says:

    no .no.no dude looke at people playing teeken 6 br on youtube even on korean channel where have many professional players i have seen MANY TIMES that when they launched an opponent in to an air they couldnt preform juggles no matter how fast they were as i said before they did the right thing to reduce the damage but namco completely messed up the juggle system just look at number of how many people miss juggles

  19. Zhan says:

    Just tell him and all other korean/japanese top players- dont go to europe.. or america :P

    everyone come to Sydney Australia.. America can send Mr Naps down here hahaha

    • gdfhg says:

      you cocky little aussie punk ass!

      what makes you think you or the aussie heads are equal to the top jap/koreans?

      Right so you’re going to separate out Naps from the rest of the americans because he beat maddogjin? How do you think Naps was able to beat maddogjin in the first place you idiot?

      I know one things for sure: if the top koreans and japs were to travel to aussie land they will mother fucking rape aussie for free…lol

  20. Val says:


    What do you mean people miss juggles? I’ve played t6 since 3 months ago and BR came just a month ago, BR is definitely changed to balance the game but the combos are still easy to pull off. Some characters’ juggle starters are nerfed like Jin’s u/f+4 and DJ’s ws+2 but combos can still be performed off of them.


    You are talking about DJ’s tech trap, if what you are saying is true then I’m glad they did fix that because tech traps are shouldn’t really be that much damaging. Just think about it, one wrong techroll and you eat a very nasty juggle? :p

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