Hori Real Arcade Pro EX-SE (360)


  • Seimitsu LS32 arcade stick
  • Seimitsu PS14-G snap in buttons
  • Seimitsu PS14-D snap in buttons (Start & Back)
  • Xbox Live Communicator Port
  • Quick disconnects on wiring for buttons
  • USB wired for PC and Xbox 360 compatibility
  • Guide button for Xbox navigation
  • Button layout:

B   X  Y  LB

Additional Pictures:

Where to Buy:


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10 Responses to Hori Real Arcade Pro EX-SE (360)

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  2. animaitor says:

    I’ll get mine on February the 5th, at 9pm ^_^ (bought it directly from Hori). By the way, it is already sold out in AkihabaraShop!! The only thing missing is the turbo mode for the buttons but I never use that anyway. The Seimitsu parts make this arcade truly unique!!

  3. ash says:

    if you happen to see this, how the hell do you order direct from HORI, every time i go to their site, it just directs me to generic stores which don’t usually even carry Hori at the moment.

  4. animaitor says:

    Well, the process of buying from Hori is easier if you live in Japan as I do ;D The reason why it directs you to a generic store… that, I don’t know. Maybe because they are out of stock?

  5. Aldrin P. says:

    dya think this will work with t6br? I’m slowly falling into the clutches of the 360 -_-

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  7. why says:

    why does this stick have a switch to change between analog right, left and d-pad does this not mean we woundt be able to play games that use analog insted of d-pad

    and it doesnt have turbo eighter while the ps3 model has it all

  8. why says:

    ups i ment why it does not have the switch between analog and d-pad

  9. Steiner says:

    There’s a little mom and pops store near me where they can get any of this stuff.


  10. Azalee Vause says:

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