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  • Allows the use of PS2 controllers for PS3 & PS2 games on the PLAYSTATION 3 console
  • Compatible with official Sony controllers as well as third party controllers and arcade sticks
  • PS button available on the converter itself
  • 4 LEDs indicate player 1 ~ player 7
  • Supports analog mode
  • Plug and play through USB

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  • To Be Added Later

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8 Responses to inPin PLAY CONVERTER

  1. […] to laugh for providing us with the best converter since sliced bread!  The inPin PLAY CONVERTER hails out of the Korean market and is already taking praise as one of the best PS2 to PS3 USB […]

  2. IDoPalTalk says:

    This is sweet! I got like 3 PS2 controllers. I wonder when is this going to come out for the US. and the cost?

  3. tknt7 says:

    sera que da para dos controloes

  4. TrafindCom says:

    i feel this item is good. you can display the how many controller ? some cable. only is PS2 COVEREST THE PC USB.

  5. Does this adapter work for PCs?

  6. Useful site, where did you come up with the info in this piece? Im pleased I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.

  7. Noodle O~ says:

    Have anyone encountered the problem w/ this converter on the first gen PS3 that may cause the disconnect of the ps3 ds3 pad in Tekken? This happened a few nights ago on two pads (fully working) at the party I held.

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