by Mark Julio aka MarkMan

*Please note that this converter was tested with a PS2 Dual Shock 2 controller, a Namco Arcade Stick (PS1) and Hori Real Arcade Pro Edition (PS2).

The inPin PLAY CONVERTER was first mentioned by laugh as the best PS2 to PS3 converter in the Korean market.  Top Korean Tekken players use the inPin PLAY CONVERTER while using their PS1/PS2 arcade sticks for PS3 play.  When top Korean player Soyongdory used this converter at an international Tekken competition and ended up decimating the competition, it was obvious that this product was doing something right.

The big question everyone wants to know is… how does this converter stack up against the Pelican USB PS2 to PS3 Adapter (the current king of converters) and how does it stack up against the REAL PS2/PS3 Converter?  After tons of testing and gameplay experience with the converter we will say with the utmost confidence that the inPin PLAY CONVERTER works just as good as the Pelican and even exceeds the Pelican in some aspects.  If anyone has the chance to pick a pair of these up, don’t hesitate as good converters are hard to find nowadays.  With the REAL PS2/PS3 Converter still out of production and the Pelican converter long gone, this is the best choice out there that is somewhat easily available for purchase.  We put the converter through the same rigorous testing that we’ve used in the past when reviewing the REAL PS2/PS3 Converter and putting it against the Pelican PS2 to PS3 Adapter.

In my testing using a Namco Arcade Stick (PS1) and Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, I tested various combos that required strict timing and quick multi-directional inputs such as instant shining wizard combos (FC d/f+2, f+3, 1, 1, 1, iSW and u/f+4, f+2,2, 1, 1, iSW to be specific) and Julia’s launch, d/f+3, f,f+1, d,d/f+1~3, f,f+1, d,d/f+1,2 combo. I was able to do all of them perfectly, just as I am able to do on the Pelican and the REAL PS2/PS3 Converter. At this point I was convinced that it was a good converter, but I didn’t want to rule out any other hindrances so I continued to test.

In further testing, we tested Bryan’s 1+3+4 taunt into f,b+2 launch. Anyone with laggy converters know that taunt to jet upper launch is almost impossible to pull off. With the inPin PLAY CONVERTER we were able to pull it off at a high success rate (assuming we inputted it correctly). Also tested was CH d/f+2 with Kazuya into EWGF launch and we were able to pull this off at a very high success rate as well. At this point I was 100% convinced that it was as good as the Pelican converter, if not better. So we moved forward to phase 2 of the testing, Virtua Fighter 5.

We did various multi input testing with Virtua Fighter 5. Using a Hori Real Arcade Pro Edition(PS2) we tested Akira’s K+G (release G after 1 frame) knee and were able to pull it off 90% of the time without error. Testing side by side with the Pelican converter provided similar results. Next, using the auto fire feature, we set the sequence of P+K+G on auto fire. After switching the auto fire off I would measure the inputs difference between both the inPin and Pelican converters.

NOTE: The above screen capture does not reflect the actual frame numbers that were calculated through our testing, it is just an example to show how we got our numbers.

We tested three different times for the last eight inputs of P+K+G in two seperate phases, here are the results for each sequence.

Pelican PS2 to PS3 USB Adapter
#1 2-1-2-1-1-1-1-3 = 1.375 Frames 1-2-1-1-1-2-1-2 = 1.375 Frames
#2 1-1-2-3-1-1-1-1 = 1.375 Frames 1-1-2-2-1-1-1-1 = 1.25 Frames
#3 2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1 = 1.50 Frames 1-1-1-1-3-2-1-1 = 1.375 Frame

After the first phase of 3 reps for each converter I had a good feeling that the results would be different if I continued the testing.  For the sake of consistency I decided to record another phase to see just how different it would be.

Pelican PS2 to PS3 USB Adapter
#4 1-1-1-1-2-1-1-1 = 1.125 Frames 2-1-2-1-1-1-1-1 = 1.25 Frames
#5 1-2-1-2-1-1-1-1 = 1.25 Frames 2-1-1-1-2-1-2-1 = 1.375 Frames
#6 1-1-2-1-2-1-1-1 = 1.25 Frames 2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 = 1.125 Frames

AWESOME RESULTS inPin @ 1.3125 vs Pelican @ 1.2916 !  The difference is almost indistinguishable.  I’m sure if I did the testing more the results between both would be equivalent to a coin flip.

As you can see they are VERY similar and almost identical on average. The last 8 inputs are averaged and give us the average amount frames between successful inputs over the test period. Both converters ranged on average between the low 1s with 1.125 frames being the low and 1.50 frames being the high (probably a really unlucky draw for the inPin). Now all these numbers may be a bit overwhelming and may sound confusing to you. Just know that through this testing it shows that the inPin converter is as consistent as the Pelican ones when it comes to inputs.

During my last review I prematurely gave the REAL PS2/PS3 converter the crown and dubbed it the best converter, that was my mistake as I did not fully test it with all types of controllers.  This time I made sure I tested it with control pads as well.  It works flawlessly with the Dual Shock 2 and there are no dropped inputs.  The USB cord on the inPin has a good amount of length, longer than both the REAL and Pelican ones.  It also has an LED indicator light and the very useful PS/Home button.  I also tested vibration with PS3 games and it does in fact support it, unlike the Pelican and the sketchy REAL PS2/PS3 converter.  It works great with the PC and I’ve tested it thoroughly with GGPO and FBA.  No dropped inputs and it was just as consistent as other lag free converters when used on the PC.  You may need certain drivers in order to get it to work (I didn’t), you can find those drivers here.

The final word… After playing back and forth with both inPin and Pelican for a few hours straight, I have to say I felt more comfortable with playing the inPin converter.  I can’t say for sure that it is straight up better than the Pelican as other people I were playing with could not feel a difference, so it might just be a mental thing.  Regardless the converter delivers.

With the Pelicans no longer being made, and the REAL Converter in limbo, this is the ONLY choice out there if you’re serious about your fighting games on PS3. For 18,000 won ($16.10 as of exchange rates from 09/05/08), it is a great deal, especially considering the ridiculous prices that the Pelican converter is going for STILL. Don’t hesitate to purchase this converter for your fighting game needs.  Where to purchase the inPin?  Good question.  I would suggest checking the SRK Forums Controller/Converter Thread.

Special thanks to laugh and the SRK community for their assistance in this review!

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16 Responses to inPin PLAY CONVERTER REVIEW

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  2. Jake says:

    seems like a good converter…

    quick question.. can I play Guitar Hero 2 on my PS3 with the old GH1/2 Guitar?

    The game works perfectly on my PS3… but the GH3 guitar does not light up during the game though :/

    any idea if the converter will work on BC Games like guitar hero?

  3. jose says:

    i just got a converter to use with my HRAP2. here is the link to where i got it…

    it works with my hrap2 so far. It would be great if u can get your hands on one and write a review.

  4. Kisou says:

    Has anyone tested this on the HRAP1?

  5. rcjoycon says:

    Can you tell me
    how you get the value, 1.125 1.25 frame?

  6. This is very up-to-date info. I think I’ll share it on Delicious.

  7. Ronny says:

    I have a Hori Tekken 5 Joystick and i just modded into a Playstation 1 Dual Shock A (Early Version) Pad Hacking, so the question is: Does it works for me?
    What if i go back and use the default PCB of my Hori Tekken 5?

  8. Benny says:

    It works on there.

    The default PCB will definitely work with this adapter.

  9. FoxSpirit says:

    Just a note: pushing start+select on your stick will work as a substitute for the home button with this converter.
    So yeah, you can’t cancel out of the character select screen using this :-P

  10. TheTHCGamer says:

    Does anyone know where i can purchase the inPin PLAY CONVERTER? i have two i found on ebay but now im having a hard time finding them. thanks ahead of time.

  11. Knoworange says:

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    But seriously, amazing post and thank you so much !!
    I look forward to your next post !

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  15. g4 says:

    A friend of mine has a different converter that for some reason does not work with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (???) but works fine for other games. Has anyone tested this inPin for compatibility with TTT2?

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