REAL PS2/PS3 Converter Review

by Mark Julio aka MarkMan

*Please note that this converter was tested with a Namco Arcade Stick(PS1) and Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 (PS2).

UPDATE – 07/18/08 – We heard some complaints about the REAL Converter not performing well with standard PS2 Dual Shock 2 controllers, so we decided to test it ourselves.  Our original article was based on our experience with digital only PCB arcade sticks, so this was our first time testing it with an actual analog based signal.  Upon extensive testing there are very obvious signs of signal drops when inputting dpad motions and sliding motions.  Our apology to everyone as we should have tested this in advance.  As of now, the Pelican is STILL the king of PS2 to PS3 converters (if you care about PS2 Dual Shock 2 controllers that is).

When first hearing about the REAL PS2/PS3 Converter from Jaxel on SRK’s Tech Talk forums it was mentioned that this new converter worked just as well as the Pelican USB PS2 to PS3 Adapter. To get straight to the point… After extensive testing with the converter we can happily say that Jaxel was right, this converter is every bit as good as the Pelican AND then some. That being said, don’t hesitate to purchase a REAL PS2/PS3 Converter if you don’t want to pay the insane prices the Pelican is now going for on the aftermarket.

In my testing using a Namco Arcade Stick (PS1) and Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, I tested various combos that required strict timing and quick multi-directional inputs such as instant shining wizard combos (FC d/f+2, f+3, 1, 1, 1, iSW and u/f+4, f+2,2, 1, 1, iSW to be specific) and Julia’s launch, d/f+3, f,f+1, d,d/f+1~3, f,f+1, d,d/f+1,2 combo. I was able to do all of them perfectly, just as I am able to do on the Pelican. At this point I was convinced that it was a good converter, but I didn’t want to rule out any other hindrances so I continued to test.

In further testing, we tested Bryan’s 1+3+4 taunt into f,b+2 launch. Anyone with laggy converters know that taunt to jet upper launch is almost impossible to pull off. With the REAL converter we were able to pull it off at a high success rate (assuming we inputted it correctly). Also tested was CH d/f+2 with Kazuya into EWGF launch and we were able to pull this off at a very high success rate as well. At this point I was 100% convinced that it was as good as the Pelican converter, if not better. So we moved forward to phase 2 of the testing, Virtua Fighter 5.

We did various multi input testing with Virtua Fighter 5. Using a Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 (PS2) we tested Akira’s K+G (release G after 1 frame) knee and were able to pull it off 90% of the time without error. Testing side by side with the Pelican converter provided similar results. Next, using the auto fire feature, we set the sequence of P+K+G on auto fire. After switching the auto fire off I would measure the inputs difference between both the REAL and Pelican converters.

NOTE: The above screen capture does not reflect the actual frame numbers that were calculated through our testing, it is just an example to show how we got our numbers.

We tested three different times for the last eight inputs of P+K+G, here are the results for each sequence.

PHASE REAL PS2/PS3 Converter
Pelican PS2 to PS3 USB Adapter
#1 1-3-1-1-2-1-1-1 = 1.375 Frames 1-2-1-1-1-1-2-1 = 1.25 Frames
#2 1-1-2-1-2-1-1-1 = 1.25 Frames 3-1-1-1-1-1-2-1 = 1.375 Frames
#3 2-1-1-2-1-1-2-1 = 1.375 Frames 2-1-1-1-2-1-2-1 = 1.375 Frames

As you can see they are VERY similar and almost identical on average. The last 8 inputs are averaged and give us the average amount frames between successful inputs over the test period. Both converters ranged on average between the low 1s with 1.25 frames being the low and 1.375 frames being the high. Now all these numbers may be a bit overwhelming and may sound confusing to you. Just know that through this testing it shows that the REAL converter is as consistent as the Pelican ones when it comes to inputs.

Ultimately, I have to pass the converter crown for fighting games to the REAL PS2/PS3 converter as it does everything the Pelican one does and more. Length wise they are about the same, and they also both have LED indicator lights as well as the much needed PS/Home button. One advantage the REAL converter has is that it supports vibration feature wheras the Pelican does not.

With the Pelicans no longer being made, this is the ONLY choice out there if you’re serious about your fighting games on PS3. For $11.99 (through mycarryingcase) it is a great deal, especially considering the ridiculous prices that the Pelican converter is going for STILL. Don’t hesitate to purchase this converter for your fighting game needs and don’t forget to sell your Pelicans.

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23 Responses to REAL PS2/PS3 Converter Review

  1. MarkMan says:

    I’ll update this review throughout the week.

  2. Nyawu says:

    Just ordered one. Thanks for the review! I had been looking for a pelican-quality adapter for 2p for ages.

  3. Yo… this is Jaxel… there is one thing people need to know about before purchasing this converter. These converters use “sub-standard” USB plugs; while the Pelican converter uses good USB plugs, that slides and “locks” right into USB ports in the PS3; the USB plugs on the REAL converter dont. They slide into the USB ports, but they dont “lock”; because of this, they are very easy to accidentally pull out of the PS3.

  4. MarkMan says:

    I too noticed this. Thanks again Jaxel for introducing this converter to the fg community! *salute*

  5. Anonymous says:

    Do these work for the PC? Any lag?

  6. Doogie says:

    What controller driver are you guys using for the PC? Thanks in advance.

  7. MarkMan says:

    For anyone else that purchased this converter, what are your thoughts after testing?

  8. Nyawu says:

    Tried it out with a Namco stick and Hrap2 on SC3, TTT, and T4.
    Havn’t noticed any input drops even after repeated sidestep/backdash cancels. Like your review indicates, it’s pretty much the same as the pelican (which also works fine).

    Shipping from Amazon took like almost 2 1/2 weeks though (to SoCal), FYI to anybody who wants to order from there.

  9. Aggrastat says:

    as of 8/1/08 this is no longer available from amazon merchant: mycarryingcase. Other seller selling it for 134.44 USD ridiculous! Just buy an HRAP3.

  10. My name is John and I am My Carryingcase site owner. I am so sorry for any inconvenience about the REAL PS2/PS3 adapter. The production of the REAL adapter is currently on hold due to the Olympics game in China and it may not resume until the game is over. At current moment, I am still waiting for the manufacturer confirms if they are going to accept our orders after the Olympics. I will post more news on the blog here. Also, I want to thank you MarkMan and Jaxel for introducing our product. Thank You.

  11. MarkMan says:

    Hello John. Thank you for posting here. I look forward to hearing more from you!

  12. D-Proto says:

    i want to buy this one but it’s out of stock in amazon and carrying case.. looks like i’ll have to wait

  13. Devil_Licious says:


    1st i wanna mention that this is a wonderfull site :D
    But i got kinda stuck on converters :s

    Did someone mentioned the saulabi psp 3000 stick?
    i got 1 and i wanna play dr online but i used 2 converters .. but didnt had any effect.

    Hopefully u guys know the answer

    Thx !

  14. We’ve got a bad news. We received news from the manufacturer they already discontinue the real adapter. Right now, I only have some left at our warehouse but I am not planning to sell it anymore. In fact, I think it will be the best to give back to the shoryuken forum.

    And Markman, I found a similar adapter but I don’t have a PS3 to test it. Do you mind to test it for us? If so, please let me know and I will ship the sample for you.


  15. MarkMan says:

    Hello Mycarryingcase,

    Sad news to hear about the REAL PS2/PS3 converter.

    Please email me at . I’d be more than happy to test/review it. We can discuss details via email.

  16. After reading through this article, I feel that I really need more info. Could you share some more resources ?

  17. Dark says:

    greeting I have a ps2 to ps3 adapter an a X-arcade Joystick SOlo
    How can i Play on the right side in tekken sf or MK ????
    please help me out ..

  18. Jim says:

    has any1 tried using the PS2’s EdgeFX controller on the PS3 with the converters? does it work? will it work? plz help… thnx

  19. combomaster says:

    hello markman or anyone else,ihave a arcade pro stick from Massystems and i need a converter to play it on ps3 .please help

  20. ZMN says:

    I have a custom Byrdo joystick and am in desperate need for a low lag adapter. I am using the “titanium” adapter right now. Does anyone have a stash of these or know of an alternative? T6 is approaching and i’m freaking out. Maybe a bluetooth mod for my joystick is the way to go? Halp! ty

  21. Magus says:

    Perhaps you should confirm whether this converter indeed fails to work with PS3 firmware 3.50 and mention this fact so nobody goes crazy trying to make it work or something. :P

  22. natabora says:

    Good day. Glad to see you at your beautiful board!
    I am newbie here! Let me introduce myself.
    I am plump lady Amanda from Germany.
    I like this fantastic board! ;)

  23. […] when I test them. MarkMan from seems to know much more than I do and has already reviewed the Real Adapters. You can get the Real Adapter here on here. keep checking because as soon as they get […]

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