UPDATE 11/30/07

Special thanks to yiggs for pointing this link out to us! From a user on nico video, someone has uploaded a direct feed of the Tekken 6 arcade intro! Check it out!

More and more Tekken 6 videos have been surfacing on the net! Check out the following YouTube pages for all the latest vids!

In other Tekken 6 related news… Namco has patched Tekken 6 through the online connectivity on the arcade board. Double “bound” juggles are no longer possible with the aid of a wall stun. Good job Namco! More updates as they come!

UPDATE 11/29/07

Well… That was fast! Some Japanese players came up with a short combo video showing off King’s new bound juggle possibilities! Special thanks to mukumuku for uploading the video.

…more updates about Tekken 6 as we get them!

UPDATE 11/28/07

Tekken 6 mania is taking over Japan! Expect some new Arcadia scans early next week! Today’s update is an interesting ‘early’ tier list from a few of the players at the Game Fight boards on 2ch. Here’s what they had to say about Tekken 6 right now:

SSS デビル仁 (ここは確定)
SS リー
S 平八、ゲル
A ペク、スティーブ、ポール、カズヤ、
B レイブン、フェン、レオ、レイ、アンナ、ロウ、ザフィーナ、ジュリア、ブライアン
C エディ・クリスティ、ニーナ、飛鳥、ブルース、マードック、ジャック6、仁
D リリ、ファラン、ボブ、アマキン、シャオユウ、ロジャーjr、吉光、厳竜、ワン

SSS – Devil Jin
SS – Lee
S – Hei, Miguel
A – Baek, Steve, Paul, Kazuya
B – Raven, Feng, Lei, Leo, Anna, Law, Zafina, Julia, Bryan
C – Eddy, Christie, Nina, Asuka, Bruce, Marduk, Jack-6, Jin
D – Lili, Hwoarang, Bob, Armor King, Xiaoyu, Roger Jr., Yoshimitsu, Ganryu, Wang

Also one of our good pal Stridajin put up about 30 MORE vids up of first week Tekken 6 in action! Check it out here:

More information and updates on Tekken 6 as it comes!

UPDATE 11/26/07

Tekken 6 is now officially out at some arcades in Japan! Thanks to the wonderful Tekken fans in the land of the rising sun, we now have confirmation on the mid boss and final boss of Tekken 6! First off is the mid boss, Jin Kazama who enters the fight in ‘rage’ mode… The final boss is a totally new character, Azazel. For more pics, videos, and info, click the link below!


Also one of our good friends in Japan has about 30 vids up of Tekken 6 in action! Check it out here:

More information and updates on Tekken 6 as it comes!

UPDATE 11/21/07

Tekken 6’s Japanese arcade release has now been pushed into early 2008. There is location testing going on right now in Japan as we speak! This seems to be good news for competitive players everywhere as a lot of the Japanese players are getting a chance to experience/exploit things that may make the game unbalanced. More updates as they come! Thanks to WCMaxi for the info!

UPDATE 11/20/07

Our friends at High-Score Online have uploaded a new Tekken 6 match video from last week’s IAAPA attractions expo in Orlando Florida! Check it out! Some Bob vs Bruce action!

SOURCE – High-Score Online – First Batch Of Tekken 6 Vids!

UPDATE 11/15/07

Our good friends at High-Score Online joined us for a fun filled adventure with Tekken 6 earlier this week. Check out all the newest information on the US Tekken 6 arcade release at High-Score Online! There you’ll see pictures of the US Tekken 6 arcade cabinet, new videos, and new information about the game! More updates are expected throughout the week!

SOURCE – High-Score Online – PREVIEW: TEKKEN 6

UPDATE 11/14/07

We’ve had the chance to scan Arcadia’s Tougeki Damashi Vol. 7, check out 14 new pages of Tekken 6 coverage! And if you missed it last week, the 20 page Tekken 6 blowout from Arcadia’s Dec. 2007 issue! Enjoy!

Tougeki Damashi – Vol. 7 – Tekken 6 Feature

Arcadia Magazine – Dec. 2007 – Tekken 6 Feature

More updates later this week! We promise!

UPDATE 11/09/07

The deluxe version of Tekken 6 will launch on November 26th in Japanese arcades!

Special thanks again to noodalls for doing all the translations again! This time we have text for Leo, Zafina, Paul, Yoshimitsu, and Kazuya! In addition to new Tekken Net info for the Japanese arcades! Also check out the newest Tekken 6 video update from the Hong Kong Tekken scene! Links are below!

TONS of NEW Tekken 6 videos here:

Here are the rest of our updates!

Tekken 6 Feature Article – Arcadia Magazine, Dec. 2007

  • Zafina
  • Author – Tarechichi Ganryu(Kenbou)
  • Source – SD TEKKEN(scans)
  • Translation – noodalls


  • 2,2,1+2
  • f+2,3,4
  • b+4,4
  • f,f+2
  • Enter Tarantula stance – d+1+2
  • While in Tarantula stance – 4,3
  • Enter Scare Crow stance – 3+4
  • While in Scare Crow stance – 3,3,4
  • Enter Mantis stance – d+3+4
  • While in Mantis stance – 2,1,4

Kenbou’s Text
For the first time, Zafina has appeared in the tekken series with the fighting style I don’t read profiles. Of the new characters, she may well be the most tricky to pick up, but if you can learn the properties of her three stances, scarecrow, tarantula and mantis, you can take advantage of your opponent

About the three stances

Tarantula stance

  • Tarantula means poisonous spider. Its special feature is that it is even lower in stance than Mantis. Even opponent’s d+1 will whiff, making a lot of the opponent’s move ineffectual.
  • Recommended move – Mode tarantula d+1+2 is a low move that will grab the opponent’s legs.

Scarecrow stance

  • Compared with the other two stances, this stances allows you to evade ettacks horizontally, with an ability to move backwards to evade attacks.
  • Recommended move – Scarecrow 4 is a mid move that launches the opponent skyward.

Mantis stance

  • She is low to the ground in this stance, so she can avoid high and some mid moves. This is the stance that is probably the easiest to use.
  • Mantis 2,1,4 is a powerful 3 hit attack.

If you’re in trouble, go to tarantula.

If we were to allocate the three stances, Tarantula would be defensive, Scarecrow would be trapping and Mantis would be offensive. Each of the modes has launchers and mid and low moves, so you don’t have to worry that you might be missing something if you don’t use a certain stance.
Just by doing moves, you are confusing your opponent, so she is a considerably specialised character.

Important Moves/Notes

  • d/f+2 is a combo starter.
  • f,f+4 is a mid move with good reach that is unpunishable on block, so it can be relied upon.
  • FC d/f+3 is a leg sweep that knocks down opponents, and you can get followup attacks afterwards.
  • d/f+4,1 is a mid mid string. It looks like it can be used in air combos.

Tekken 6 Feature Article – Arcadia Magazine, Dec. 2007

  • Leo
  • Author – Yuu
  • Source – SD TEKKEN(scans)
  • Translation – noodalls

“The young Baji Warrior…”


  • b+1,2,1+2
  • b+2,1+2
  • d/b+3,1
  • f,f+4,3,4
  • f+1+2
  • f+4
  • 3+4 1,2
  • d+1+2
  • d+1+2 2
  • Near opponent f,f+1+2

Yuu’s Text
Compared with other characters, one thing is certain, this is the beautiful youngster Leo. The beautiful form of the character and chinese Kenpo is a good match. His plentiful originaly motions are extremely cool, and his ability to do moves from anywhere is very appealing. He certain has play value.

What kind of a character is Leo?

He can attack from step. Leo possesses a special step d,df,F which allows him to get in close to his opponent and apply pressure. Further, he has a half step d,DF from which you can hold DF to enter crouch state, or go for WS moves.

With the various moves you can access from step, you can go for big moves for big return, or your choice of smaller moves. He can easily apply mid and low mixups.
He also has an incredible number of Long range fast execute strings from standing. You can use these to attack in another way, or to punish whiffs. He may well be the all-rounder.

Important Moves/Notes

  • d+2 knocks down on normal hit.
  • d/f+3 hits 180 degrees. The reach is long, and it can be done with one command,so for a beginner being troubled by an opponent’s side walk this could be just the thing.
  • WS+2 launches the opponent right up. Mix it up with lows.
  • FC d/f+3 looks like an unreadable low. This may be his main low attacking option.
  • Leo’s unique Ki charge!!
  • After certain moves, by inputting a special command Leo can do a special Kiai charge. Will this be one aspect of Leo’s stylized fighting?
  • At the end of combos, connect f,f+2 then enter 1+2.
  • This will have Leo enter a special motion and briefly charge up.
  • Okizeme pressure will increase exponentially. This can let you turn the tide of battle in an instant.
  • Like d/f+1+2,1+2~d,df,F you can add inputs like this during many moves. This is a very rare move for Tekken. Could it become an important element in combos?
  • Other than f,f+2, d+4,2 also lets you go into charge. It is a quick low, mid move, so it should have a role in air combos.

Tekken 6 Feature Article – Arcadia Magazine, Dec. 2007

  • Yoshimitsu
  • Author – Takeyama
  • Source – SD TEKKEN(scans)
  • Translation – noodalls

“The evolution of the manji clan, finally we get to the double sword style..”

Takeyama’s Text

Changes of importance

His staples at mid range, d/f+2 and the unblockable FC d/f+1 have a good properties as ever. The d/f+2 puts pressure on the opponent, and when they freeze up you can take them down with an unblockable low – Yoshimitsu&s basicas are still present.However, in this version, the biggest change is that he can now fight with his sword put away.

Sword out and sword in

The sword master Yoshi, in this game can press 2+3 to sheath his swords. In this mode, attacks that use his swords will be less effective, but certain moves will have better properties.

Also, with his swords sheathed, you can do the flash (1+4) to draw his sowrd. This is convenient, so remember it.

Drawn sword

In this stance, his FC d/f+1 will be UB, just as it has always been. This is powerful in tracking opponent’s tech rolls.

Sheathed sword

In this stance, his FC d/f+1 is crouch blockable, and you can be punished.

Lots of new moves

u/f+2 jumps slightly then attacks the opponent’s feet with a low attack. There are surprisingly few sword attacks that attack low.

d/b+4 is a new move that attacks low. For yoshimitsu, who has few fast, low moves, it is a blessing.

Important Moves/Notes

  • Kamikakushi U+1+2~3+4
  • FC d/f+4
  • 1+2
  • 1+2~1+2
  • WS+2,1,3
  • Some move has changed to d+1+2. Some other move has changed to ws+1,1,1,1. Something something has changed so you can choose the direction you move in with b+3 and b+4.

Tekken 6 Feature Article – Arcadia Magazine, Dec. 2007

  • Paul Phoenix
  • Author – KEN
  • Source – SD TEKKEN(scans)
  • Translation – noodalls

“The hot-blooded grandpa talks with his fists…”

KEN’s Text
At some point he became the joke character in the game’s story, but his toughness and manliness are back in T6.

His deathfist and d+4,2,1+2 are strong, and with the rage system these mid low mixups are going to be very powerful.
If there’s a gap, his style is to dash forward and mix up. If you guess right, he is a recommended character for beginners. This time, go for number one in the universe.

Important Moves/Notes

  • b+1+2 -A high move with reach and power. Because the old move is now b,b+1+2, when you miss a throw escape maybe you won’t be left in a vulnerable state for so long now.
  • If you do deathfist at close range and it’s blocked, it now knocks back. It makes it hard to punish, and easier to put a mixup on the opponent each time you get close.
  • b,b+1+2 can be cancelled with b, it has lots of ability to dazzle the opponent when done up close, so it can add to the mixup of the new moves.

Tekken 6 Feature Article – Arcadia Magazine, Dec. 2007

  • Kazuya Mishima
  • Author – Yamada
  • Source – SD TEKKEN(scans)
  • Translation – noodalls

“Mishima style fighting karate, maxed out here…”

Yamada’s Text
When you say Kazuya you think of EWGF. Hitting this has a big effect on winning the match. At first, just the “Doriyah!” and electic blue are enough to get anyone excited. When you can use this move as easily as a jab, your enjoyment of Tekken multiplies. When you also add easy mixups like d/f+2 and d/b+4, His basic game play is simple, after that is up to you.

Important Moves/Notes

  • d/b+2 – The motion has changed. This is a mid move that will hit downed opponents. You can also mixup with d+3+4 on downed oppoennts, so his okizeme options have increased.
  • New move b+1+2. He draws his body back in a big way, then attacks with a mid move. On counter hit, you can go for an air combo, use it if you read an opponent’s string.
  • CH d/f+2 into EWGF launch exists. With the new bound system, could this be a one hit kill?


Article – Tekken Net Arcadia December 2007
Author – Hameko and Tare
Scans – SDTekken
Translation – Noodalls

Tekken Wind forest fire mountain [Furin kazan) (temporary)

This new battle system, where you fight as one team together called Tekken WFFM (temporary). You’ll get more for fighting as a team so do it!

In the previous game, there were ranking systems for teams, but it felt as though you weren’t really competing as a team. With the new WFFM, there are new elements to really make you feel as if you are fighting as a member of that team. In order to win, you need to bond together with your team, so this should act as a driving force to deepen the relationship within your team, and so improve the fun you can have with Tekken.
Firstly, in this version you have a team level. By achieving certain goals you can increase that team level, and for increasing your team level you can get various bonuses for the team members. Then, if you reach a certain level you will automatically be entered into the WFFM system. A number of team will be matches up and the battle starts. While it is run, if you meet certain requirements you will get team points, and when it is over the points that the players got will be totalled, with the team with the most points being titled champion. If you win you get fihgting money and team emblems and other specials for your team. This isn’t going to be something available right from day 1, but it would be a good idea to get your team together soon.

Less points to more points
Win a match
Win consecutive matches
Play a same-rank match
Demote your opponent
Clear a trial

Trial matches
This is a new system where you will get directions such as “Do 5 throw escapes in this match!” While playing you will get trial matches at a certain rate, and if you can clear those challenges during the match you will get team points

Team command
Once each day, you can choose for your team to either attack, stengthen or go for a counter attack. If your attack succeeds, you will decrease the other team’s points.

Tekken-net upgrade information
Due for release this Winter, this is an announcement about the upgrade of the current Tekken-net data. Other than items, data will be transferred to the new system, so at the appropriate time check out the Tekken-net mobile phone site.

Transferred data
Player name
Fight money (maximum of 200,000)

Non-transferrable data
Some mobile phone functionality
Current card or card rank and achievements, and item data.
– Fight results, rank, player points, customisations, earned items, colours, speical names, team information, battle history, arcade history, friend list.
Half spaces? in current player name

A present for your efforts up until now
Depending on your T5DR card’s rank and fighting data, you will receive a special name present in T6!

Ranking names
Shihan or above –> ex-shihan
Champion or above –> ex-champion
Legend or above –> ex-legend
Tekken lord or above –> Ex-tekken lord

Fight point names
>10,000 fight points –> ex-everyday person
>100,000 fight points –> ex-known person
>200,000 fight points –> ex-tetsujin
>300,000 fight points –> ex-supremo

Card registry names
>10 cards registered –> ex-special dragon
>20 cards registered –> ex-10,000 dragon
34 cards registerd –. ex all-dragon

* no, some of these titles don’t go into English very well.

Mention of the TTB3 keitai game

Thanks again noodalls!

UPDATE 11/08/07

Special thanks to the Hong Kong Tekken community for putting up videos of their Tekken 6 location testing! The following videos can be found on feichunwong’s YouTube page. Here they are!

These are the best Tekken 6 match vids yet! Thank you again everyone who made this possible!
Even more information from the scans have been translated! Special thanks to noodalls for taking the time to translate information on Jack-6 and Craig Marduk!

Tekken 6 Feature Article – Arcadia Magazine, Dec. 2007

  • Jack-6
  • Author – Tarechichi Ganryu(Kenbou)
  • Source – SD TEKKEN(scans)
  • Translation – noodalls


  • Sledge Hammer – f,f+1
  • Patriot Knuckle – u+1+2
  • Knee Wedge Axle – b+4,4

“Charge, charge … boom!”

Kenbou’s Text
Jack6 has many charge moves, where you hold down the button for longer to alter the properties of the move.

His b+2 and d/b+2 when you hold down the button, the reach will extend. These are valuable moves that in one move demonstrate the benefits of being a robot.

His f,f+2 which was spectacular before is now even more spectacular as a hold move. It now will also knock them back even if they guard it, showing its destructive power.

Important Moves/Notes

  • f+1,2,1 – Jack-6 finally has a combo string. It goes mid high mid, and the third hit can be charged. On maximum charge, it becomes unblockable.
  • Banzai attack. With f,f+2, if you hold down the button for the longest possible time the opponent will be launched super high, off the screen.
  • With the change of his f+2 to a command move, you now do his combos with standard 2. His f,f+1 causes bound status, so use this in as well.

Tekken 6 Feature Article – Arcadia Magazine, Dec. 2007

  • Craig Marduk
  • Author – Mister
  • Source – SD TEKKEN(scans)
  • Translation – noodalls

“Exactly as he appears, the God of Destruction with his wonderful moves.”

Mister’s Text
Connect his tackle and throws.

Of course he has more strong single attacks, as well as strengthened strings. Improve your repetoire to increase the pressure.

When you say marduk you think of the tackle, (VTS 1+2), and in this game again it looks like it will become very important. use it when your opponent freezes up, or to put pressure on their tech roll. If the opponent tries to interrupt your tackle with moves, punish their whiffs with d/f+1 etc. Or you can use his f,f+1+2 to start combos when your opponent whiffs moves.

Important Moves/Notes

  • d/f+4,2 – he does a right knee, and then swings for a massive double handed hammer to slam his opponents. If you use it in air combos, it will bind your opponent.
  • d/b+3,1,1 is a three hit string starting with a low hit. It is useful on bound status opponents, or for picking them up close to the ground.
  • After you slam them with d/f+4,2 or in okizeme, b+1,2 and d/b+3,1,1 make for useful options.

Thanks again noodalls! More updates as they come!

UPDATE 11/07/07

Even more information from the scans have been translated! Special thanks to noodalls for taking the time to translate information on Miguel and important new game play system changes!!

Tekken 6 Feature Article – Arcadia Magazine, Dec. 2007

  • Miguel
  • Author – Hameko
  • Source – SD TEKKEN(scans)
  • Translation – noodalls


  • Up Stroke – 1,2,3
  • Tapping – d+2
  • Block Bust – d+1+2
  • Cyclone Slap – f,f+3,2
  • Loud Upper Combo – f,f+2,1
  • Brushing – df+3,2
  • Double Chop into Savage Stance – d/f+1,1~F
  • Choke Down Savage Stance – b+1,2
  • Backing – FC df+2
  • Exciter – near opponent d/f+1+2

Show them the real killer fighting style in the ring.

Hameko’s Text
With a dull stance and a wild dundyism, this wild wolf cub Miguel is getting popular. With what could barely be called fighting moves, his leave it to power style is his fighting style, and you’ll be satisfied that no matter what move it will be full of power. He has lots of easy to use moves ,and strong options from stance, so he’s recommended to everyone from beginner to expert.

Miguel has only powerful easy to use moves. As a staple, he has his mid mid d/f+3,2 or his mid, high, mid d/f+3,1,1 which appears useful. In terms of moves with special properties, b+1+2 looks interesting. Its reach is extremely short, but it is fast and on counter gives a crumple, so it can be used well in aware.

  • He also has plenty of detailed combinations. Of them, his d/f+3,2 has reach, recovery and power all well tuned.
  • d/f+2,1 has a fast first hit, the second hit launches for a combo, so it looks like when you’ve sidewalked your opponents move you can use this to counter.
  • FC d/f+4 lets you knock down your opponent with a low hit. It does have some recovery, but on hit you can follow up with f,f+2,1

Miguel doesn’t have a special step, and what you could call a stance doesn’t have that many special properties. Use his staples mid, and then a u/f+4 etc. to juggle, and a quick low to knock them down and you basically have yourself a movelist, so among all the characters he is one of the easier to use. Further, his air combos are simple for how powerful they are, and with just doing the inputs asap you can get most combos off. He seems like the obvious choice for someone starting at Tekken 6.

He also has a number of moves that have elaborate animations, but if the opponent guards them he gets + frames. 1,2,1+2 is one of those moves.

His savage stance widens his attacking options.

If you hold F during certain moves, he does a special stance hanging/extending his left arm, called the savage stance. From here he has a d/f+2 which launches and is mid, and d/b+4 which slams them down and is low, making for a simple mixup. Also, he has 4 which is strong against side movement, and b+2 a mid hook which will go through opponents punch moves while continuing to attack, so he does have some special properties to his moves, which we’ll see improve his power with a little research.

  • He hangs his left arm down in savage stance, which is special
  • If you hold 1+2 down for the longest possible time, he will launch them skywards.
  • d/b+4 will do a low kick. It is more powerful than it appears at first glance.
  • b+2 will sabaki/parry opponent’s punches during the initial frames. This can be a useful tool if the transition into stance is blocked.


Low Parries

Author – Yuu

All characters get combos off low parries!

In this game, when you low parry the opponent is put into an airborne state. Up until this game there were certain characters who could get a launch off a low parry and some that couldn’t, but now characters can use a quick hitting mid attack to start off an air combo.
Even high moves, such as Kaz’s EWGF which have a big hitbox (I feel dirty using this term) can use this to hit their opponent.
You can also link into a bound combo, for more damage! Go for it when you know what’s coming.

  • The damage scaling is the same as for air combos. if the first hit is big damage the overall damage will definitely be greater. Make sure you don’t miss your chance for a combo.
  • As the return for a low parry has increased, the importance of jump status moves will in turn increase, so you’ll want to take the best option.

Bound System

Author – Yuu

Spikes and bound combos!!

Among the spikes that all characters possess (a spike being a move that slams them onto the ground when they are in the air) a number will cause a bound effect. If you incorporate these into air juggles, you can increase the damage that you do.

After you put your opponent into a bound state, other than high hitting moves like jabs, you can pick them up for a further combo. However, the hitback effect remains (where as you do more hits they tend to push your opponent further away) so if you di a lot of hits prior to the bound move, the first move after the bound will tend to push them back a long way. At this point either a series of quick hits or a strong single move look best for bound combos.

However, if you have bounded your opponent once, you cannot do it again in the subsequent air combo.

As cool as it looks, bound combos are going to be an integral part in T6, so look forward for when it hits.

  • You get quite a lot of advantage when you perform a bound move. Moves with a CD will reach easily. No doubt about it, learning this is going to be addictive.
  • As shown, you can also land moves like King’s low air throws.

Stage Changes

Moves that can cause a bound effect can also cause a stage floor destruction. In this event you go through to the lower stage, and the opponent who was hit with the bound effect move will be knocked down and take a little damage. You will be separated, but the character who did the bound move has the advantage, so they can go for okizeme.

UPDATE 11/06/07

Even more information from the scans have been translated! Special thanks to noodalls for taking the time to translate information on Dragunov!!

Tekken 6 Feature Article – Arcadia Magazine, Dec. 2007

  • Dragunov
  • Author – Tarechichi Ganryu (Kenbou)
  • Source – SD TEKKEN(scans)
  • Translation – noodalls

Stronger, the God of death returns.

Tare’s Text
Many of his move properties have changed, and he’s been tuned up in a big way. Firstly, we’ll cover his special moves that have changed, then the other changes are up to you to discover.

Firstly, incorporating his 3,1,2. Of his new moves, the one with the most effectiveness is 3,1,2. It is a mid high mid string, and its main role is to combo after a bound status. 1,3,2 in a combo will cause a bound status, so after a combo starter like d/f+2 or QCF+2 you can continue with the Russian hook combination (didn’t seem like the same move as the one just mentioned) then forward dash into 3,1,2. It is a little tricky until you get used to it, but it will be your staple combo, so you’ll just have to practice.

Important Moves/Notes

  • QCF+1 – Along with 3,1,2 this is his other major new move. It is a high out of his QCF dash and on hit crumples the opponent so that a combo can connect.
  • Dragunov’s d/f+1+2 in time with an opponent’s low move is a powerful throw that is unbreakable.
  • A new win pose was added. He goes up to his opponent’s eye like the living dead.
  • Dragunov’s f,f,f+2 now blows them back. They are in a down state and cannot tech roll, so you can get follow up attacks from here.

More information as it comes in!

UPDATE 11/05/07 #3

Even more information from the scans have been translated! Special thanks to noodalls for taking the time to translate information on new character Bob!!

Tekken 6 Feature Article – Arcadia Magazine, Dec. 2007

  • Bob
  • Author – Takeyama
  • Source – SD TEKKEN(scans)
  • Translation – noodalls

Aiming for the fighting body, Bob goes out today.


  • Fast Break – 1,2,1+2
  • Circle Wafer – f+2,3
  • Chakku Cutter – f,f+2
  • Spiral Loki – CD+2
  • Crackerjack – u/f+1+2,1+2
  • Gradney Bites – d+1,2
  • Combination Mince – d+2,1,2,2
  • Tornado Mixer – d+4,3,4
  • Cross Butcher – WS+1,2
  • Flying Cask – near opponent f,f+1+2

Takeyama’s Text
Even among the range of characters lined up in Tekken, one character exudes uniqueness, Bob. The undeniable impact of his moves, definitely won’t let players down. With just a little time left until Tekken 6 hits, will Bob fever envelop all?

That pressure, Unstoppable.

In himself just going for that “perfect body”, Bob has achieved dynamic movements out-of-sync with his heavy body. Use his reach and heavy single hits to pile on the pressure.
One you particularly want to pay attention to is his CD. From here he can do a powerful low, so from here he can get a powerful game going. You can also get a strong mixup from his forward roll f+3+4, so incorporate this as well.

Important Moves/Notes

  • His opponents will feel that Bob has plenty of moves with very low to the ground motions. Be careful of his super effective actions.
  • Try attacking from his special steps
    From the CD…
    The CD lets Bob get right up close to his opponent in an instant, while maintaing a low profile. You can press b to stand guard, and you can do f,f motions. And from here, being able to pressure with mixups makes for a very strong option.
  • CD+4 is a very strong low option from CD. Mix it up with mids.
    CD+1 is a high move that knocks opponents down. Use it as one of the options.
  • From the special movement …
    From the f+3+4 forward roll, 4 gives you a low attack, and 1 and 2 give you various other attacks. Incorporate.
  • A big serving of tricky moves. Fly – u+1+2 lets Bob jump into the air and execute a short range punch. Not being able to fly is just like Bob.
  • Dance – Dancing up to the sky, Bob’s Spiral Loki CD+2 launches them very high.
  • Kick – It’s a pity, but amongst Bob’s kick moves, he has a lot which have very short range (LOL). Keep trying Bob!
  • Shoot – His crackerjack (u/f+1+2,1+2) jumps him into the air and he hits with his body. so blow them away with your belly.
  • Bob footnotes – His WS+1,2 – the second hit slams them down, so use it in air combos for bound effect. The first hit juggles from crouch, so use it as punishment after crouch blocking. b,f=1 works like Feng’s b,f+1, where is take a big movement back then attacks once. Use it at disadvantage where your opponent will attack to go for the initiative.

More information as it comes in!

UPDATE 11/05/07 #2

Some of the information from the scans have been translated! Special thanks to noodalls for taking the time to translate information on Eddy Gordo & Christie Monteiro!

Tekken 6 Feature Article – Arcadia Magazine, Dec. 2007

  • Christie Monteiro & Eddy Gordo
  • Author – Hameko
  • Source – SD TEKKEN(scans)
  • Translation – noodalls

Moves Shown (names are in katakana)

  • Meia Ru-ra Ji Konbasso – d/b+3+4,4,3
  • Au- ji bikko – d+4,3

Hameko’s Text
There is no limit to taking advantage of the attacks from special stances.
Eddy and Christie, in addition to having a plethora of combinations involving low and mid hits, have their Relax stance (d+3+4) which can even avoid some mid hits, and their Handstand stance (f+1+2) whcih has many mid hits available, so they have many options to string together attacks. In particular, from RLX they have the low hit RLX 4~3 and the mid hit RLX 3~4 which are both combo starters, providing a powerful mixup option. Their moves and stances have special motions, so they are strong in that they are difficult to adapt to.

Important Moves/Notes

  • HSP 3+4 – You can now do HSP 3+4 from HSP, which is a strong unavoidable throw. This was something that was missing in the previous game, an omission which has been filled with this move.
  • Christie’s easy to use d+4 is now changed to a kick with a motion that goes just above the ground.
  • Furthermore, from here if you press 3 you can shift into a mid kick.
  • From RLX if you press u or d, you now end up back in RLX after rolling. However, if you get hit during the roll you will be considered standing, so you cannot use it without care.

More information as it comes in!

UPDATE 11/05/07

We’re back! We got the Tekken 6 feature scanned. Check it out here!

Arcadia Magazine – Dec. 2007 – Tekken 6 Feature

UPDATE 11/03/07

Hi guys, MarkMan here… I’ll be out of town for the weekend. Just wanted to let the readers know that the newest issue of Arcadia Magazine (Dec. 2007) is PACKED with Tekken 6 information. Usually Arcadia would do 2-4 pages of T6 coverage but this month the issue is packed with TWENTY pages of Tekken 6 info! I’ll get started on scans/translations when I get back home on Sunday! Also be on the look out for Tekken 6 player impressions part 2! Have a good weekend everyone! Join our forums!

UPDATE 11/02/07

Tekken-Official has updated their site with 17 new screens and new characters added to the roster! Asuka Kazama, Feng Wei, Lei Wulong, Christie Monteiro, Eddy Gordo, and Raven have been added under the character section of the site. Check out the latest screens and updates below!


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