Tekken 6 Bosses Revealed!

Tekken 6 is now officially out at some arcades in Japan! Thanks to the wonderful Tekken fans in the land of the rising sun, we now have confirmation on the mid boss and final boss of Tekken 6! First off is the mid boss, Jin Kazama who enters the fight in ‘rage’ mode… The final boss is a totally new character, Azazel. For more pics, videos, and info, click the link below!

Azazel is the final boss in Tekken 6. The name ‘Azazel’ may be derived from ‘azaz’ and ‘el’ meaning ‘strong one of God.’ It is thought that Azazel may have been derived from the Canaanite god, ‘Asiz, who caused the sun to burn strongly. It has also been theorized that he has been influenced by the Egyptian god, Seth. But the most important thing is… THAT GUY IS HUGE! Wow! Look in the picture below as he literally towers over poor Zafina…(Special thanks to kurichan for the picture!)

Also here are some videos from tenmaru913 !

Also one of our good friends in Japan has about 30 vids up of Tekken 6 in action!  Check it out here:

More information and updates on Tekken 6 as it comes!


60 thoughts on “Tekken 6 Bosses Revealed!

  1. Man this Azazel guys is more devastating than Jinpachi Mishima, and seems like a huge ancient egyptian warrior and he truely seems invincinble , offcourse there will be a way to beat this guy

  2. Julia earth loving ass will destroy this O.D. tall as hell boss. I’m at work so i can’t see the vids yet.. can’t wait to go home.

  3. Damn!!who is tat old guy dead man!!Some of tokyo player say t6 its not realy good this time,, but i hope its not another t4!gogogo!!

  4. Figures. XD Leave it to the Tekkens to have a big ol’ boss. And if you ask me… Azazel looks like he may be the freakiest designed Tekken character of all. And Liquid Robot, you gotta realize Tekken from day 1 has dabbled a little into the supernatural…



    i told everyone on gamefaqs and here that jin would be a boss, he is!

    not only does this make him super cool now, be this means he can’t win the tournament!!!

    oh yeah, the big guy….****ing AWESOME!

  6. Umm…forget this Azazel mess. Is Tekken 6 going to have a character creation feature like Soul Calibur 3? This way we can make our own fighters, give them whatever fighting style we want and to hell with the “unbeatable-monster-demi-god-mishima-relative” du jour.

  7. size doesnt matta im gna kick dis eye all da way 2 egypt n back
    2 b fair he seems kinda crap as he jus a big ugly blob with little moves jinpachi was a good boss ah well we ju ghna hav 2 wait n see

    it may b a reincarnatio of ogre

    god i hpe he has sme of ogre’s moves coz he woz a great character lolz

  8. well thats sucks if namco doesnt allow us to play as azazel yes he might have some cheap moves but that doesnt come even close to eddy

  9. I dunno when Namco’s gonna just dump the story and bring them ALL back, from Ogre to Michelle to Unknown. That , bringing back Tagging and introducing a Character Creation feature would ROCK. Anyone else agree..?

  10. The hell with you Gill purists. Get me some spears and red manly cape, because i will gladly try to dine in hell to claim this foul beast’s head.

    I mean, come on, Bob VS Azazel. Think about it.

  11. If you can’t beat them, join them… I hope that Azazel needs a sidekick because I don’t wanna fight him. I mean c’mon, first Heihachi with his electricity, then the devil himself, then an ogre who then mutates into a true ogre, then heihachi again.. well okay that one wasn’t too bad, then a possessed old guy who looks like he’s definately on roids, now this guy?

  12. Holy crap! that guy is HUGE! I can’t wait to kick his ass with my lovely lili!!!
    Anyway, who was the thing that DRAGUNOV trying to revive? OGRE? Hmmmm….

  13. Okay. Hwoarang and lee got some work to do. And this azazel do is so damn huge. Hwoarang will kick his ass. And the the person who is gonna win the tournement is eitheir zafina or Kazuya. And is Jin on teams with azazel, because if he is not then he maybe win the tournement

  14. According to Christian beliefs, Azazel is a powerful demon that commands a vast army of demons for Satan (The Devil).

    If this is that demon, then damn, they pulled it off real well.

    Tekken 6 is gonna rocky! Yoshimitsu pwns!!!

  15. Ok Its alright dat dey got dis new guy but come on dis king and armor king thing is confusing. Y is jin bad and t6 doesnt need a fat hillbilly named bob in the game even though they made some minor problems dis game is gonna be alright

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