Inspired By Another Story…

Ever hear of Baki the Grappler? If so you just earned yourself some points on SD TEKKEN’s ‘cool’ persons list! Did you know Feng Wei is in it? Well… kinda… Baki the Grappler is an action packed manga and anime series by Keisuke Itagaki and has continued to fascinate readers over the years with it’s wonderful approach to martial arts and hardcore fighting action. Thankfully The Wild Fang Project is handling the English release for the manga! For more information on this hot series, click the link below!

As a Tekken website we can surely appreciate fighting action, I mean after all, Namco blatantly got their ideas for the character of Feng Wei from one of Baki’s badasses, Retsu Kaioh. Everyone knows that Feng Wei practices Chinese martial arts with a basis of Kenpo moves. What a coincidence that Retsu Kaioh also comes from the same background! In the anime and manga you’ll also notice that a lot of Feng Wei’s fighting moves seem to be borrowed from Retsu’s style. While not exactly the same, they are similar enough to make the distinction of where our favorite Tekken monk gone bad as come from.

Aside from the obvious physical similarities, both Retsu Kaioh and Feng Wei share similar backgrounds and fighting moves …

Our friends at The Wild Fang Project have been doing fan scanlations (scanned translations) for some time now and the best is yet to come! If you have not yet experienced the world of Baki the Grappler be sure to see what all the fuss is about!

From the second season of the Grappler Baki animated series, Retsu Kaioh b+1s the stuffing out of Orochi Katsumi …

The Wild Fang Project, headed by Ichido Reichan, has just released a bunch of new Baki manga! As big fans of the series, we really want to share this great manga with everyone. So while you’re at home waiting for Thanksgiving dinner or avoiding the crazy sales over the weekend, sit back relax and read some good stuff! Those interested should definitely check out the anime then continue on with the manga series. One of our favorite story arcs is the prisoner arc which you can find here. The Wild Fang Project group has just released the Chinese Tournament Saga arc which revolves around volume 19-27 of the series. You can find the manga here.

Obviously the story does not revolve around Fen… err Retsu Kaioh, but a young man named Baki Hanma…

From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia…

Baki the Grappler or Grappler Baki (グラップラー刃牙) is a manga and anime series by Keisuke Itagaki. It was originally serialized in the Weekly Shonen Champion from 1991 and 1999, lasting 42 collected volumes. It was followed by two sequel series, New Grappler Baki (バキ Baki) (serialized from 1999 to 2005) and Baki: Son of Ogre (範馬刃牙 Hanma Baki) (which began in 2005 and currently in serialization).

The 24 episode anime aired in Japan between January 8, 2001 and June 25, 2001. A second 24 episode series called Grappler Baki Maximum Tournament was released on 22 July 2001. The story revolves around Baki Hanma and his quest to proclaim himself as the strongest grappler in the world, thus taking the title from his father. Baki also fights to gain the trust of his overly psychotic mother, which gives Baki a minor Oedipus complex. The OVA was released by Manga Entertainment in Australia and the UK.

Those of you interested in the anime can purchase the DVD box set cheap at Amazon! 24 episodes that cover the start of the Baki series to the underground tournament arc. If interested you can purchase it here.

Before we go enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner, we’d like to share with you the real star of the series, Yujiro Hanma, Baki’s father… Also known as the most bad-assed guy on the face of the planet! The relationship between Baki and his father is very similar to that of Kazuya and Heihachi. Check this video out!

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40 Responses to Inspired By Another Story…

  1. YujiroNo1Fan says:

    If ur interested in watchin da anime get tha torrent here.


  2. Kkk says:

    How many frames is his b+1?

  3. RoyalFlush says:

    b+1 = 10-frames

  4. 2 Minutes Left To My Credit says:

    He looks funny.

  5. frmad says:

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  6. MYK says:

    His b1 is 8 frames actually

  7. Malakai says:

    Aww, come on. Aren´t most of tekken´s characters copied or portaying some popular movie or anime characters? :D

    And i think its stupid to say “both even have same moves” if both characters are supposed to portray kenpo martial arts. Its like saying Hwoarang is a rip-off of the current taekwon-do olympic-champion?

  8. Iceman52 says:

    Baki The Grappler sucks… well the anime sucks at least.

  9. MarkMan says:

    The anime is ‘okay’, but what really shines is the manga series…

    @ Malakai, the article didn’t state that Namco ‘copied’, especially in that negative aspect. We stated that it was ‘inspired’ as in, got the idea for the character. Nothin’ wrong with that. :)

  10. chessmen says:

    actually kazuyas red hair custum item is a homage to hanma

  11. TekkenLord_Lee says:

    lol o dammit u guys beat me 2 it. i wuz watchin it the otha day, and i wuz like hold on…datz fang wei lol

  12. Sir Martz says:

    Thanks for this recommendation. It kicks ass!

  13. Space Cobra says:

    Very cool to see Grappler Baki and Wild fang Project mentioned on this site. Anyone interested in fighting should watch this show and read the available comics.

  14. J says:

    lol wtf? Why are they so huge? I hate when animes do that to the characters…so unnecessary..

  15. Christopher says:

    fuck I’d love that in me right now…. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! feng wei damit.

  16. Christopher says:


  17. Christopher says:

    I LOVE TO TAKE IT UP THE ASSHOLE…………………………………………. THE END.2007

    EMAIL ME @

  18. butchlee85 says:

    tekken is known for stealing’ others ideas CHRISTOPHER!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO YES WE ARE SURE THAT YOU ARE right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. butchlee85 says:

    chris!!!!!! you wrote some gay shit why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Christopher says:

    well ,mark man, you could not handle’ the truth thats all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. MarkMan says:

    Obviously Christopher has something wrong in his head. If ‘could not handle’ the truth’ we obviously would not have posted this article. Weird guy. I mean just read his comments and what he said…

  22. JZ says:

    Wow, the runners of this website are real losers. Baki the Grappler, like most manga and anime, is a piece of shit. The whole thing is incredibly stupid, illogical, obsessive, unrealistic, and corny. If you like it, chances are you have a sucky reality.

  23. MarkMan says:

    ^^ Come on dude, are you fuckin serious? You bring up the term unrealistic when describing an anime/manga? What the hell is wrong with you? What do you expect?

    What does one’s preference and personal likes have to do with ‘reality’… It seems to me that you’re bitter that this was even mentioned… Do me a favor and stop reading/visiting if it gets your panties in a bunch that much.

  24. JZ says:

    Lol, I’m bitter? Look who’s talking. If you’re that offended, then your standpoint on the whole thing must be pretty insecure. Baki the Grappler is idiotic. Get This: In one scene, Baki comes to the fight already beaten up because he’s doing some “mind training that’s so effective that it’s causing physical damage”. That, my friend, is just unintelligent. And it’s, in a way, obsessive in that it tries to give logic to something completely illogical.
    I’m okay with unrealisim, like Dragonball or something- but this kind of obsessive shit really is not okay. It can be very unhealthy to read. I mean, so many kids get really into this shit(bad manga in general) because they’re reality sucks, and they want to escape from it. Which isn’t always bad, but when the author’s own anxiety affects the reader with their bullshit, then it can have really negative effects. Naruto, for example, is chock full of it- Masashi Kishimoto blatantly has OCD. Aside from that, why the fuck would you want to read something so stupid anyway?

  25. MarkMan says:

    Logic has nothing to do with fiction guy… You’re making something out of nothing…

    And besides, you’re the one that came here insulting people…

    “Wow, the runners of this website are real losers.”

    Case in point…

    Like I said, don’t read/visit here if it bothers you that much, we can obviously see how fun your ‘reality’ is now that you stalk Tekken sites with these type of comments. I won’t hesitate to get rid of any more disruptive comments in the future, so have a good day, I know mine will be….

  26. JZ says:

    I just want to tell you that your first sentence doesn’t make any sense. Logic has a big part in fiction, as well as unrealism. Obsessiveness should not.

    Oh, yeah. My bad. I didn’t mean to say that(the insult). I was kind of in a bad mood last night.
    And, no lol, I don’t run around to different Tekken sites and try to start arguments. I love Tekken- and I just happened to see this article thing after going on your website.

  27. Nyawu says:

    Baki part 1 and 2 was MANLY. Nothing else needs to be said.

  28. Xiao-Fury says:

    Hoo-hooo…! This site always have great news. xD

  29. MarkMan says:

    Updated the links in this post… The Chinese Tournament Saga is now up for DL(manga)… Check out the link here:

  30. Xiao-Fury says:

    Anything with Feng in it is awesome…well i seen baki before and i liked it, too…by the way. =P

  31. Hydra632 says:

    We’re on a bit of a hiatus for awhile, so expect some new releases possibly in March. Been a rough year on the editors and translators. Hope everyone who is a fan of Baki enjoyed the releases, the next arcs are getting ridiculously awesome, with the current Arc in Japan having finally introduced a new character capable of destroying Yujiro.

  32. Hydra632 says:

    Also doing a collaboration with Manga-Sketchbook to bring out the remaining volumes of Shamo as well.

  33. FENG WEI says:


    I wanted to correct just what you said about Feng Wei…….^^….

    Everyone knows that Feng Wei practices Chinese martial arts with a basis of Kenpo moves.

    It s not a chinese kempo…..Namco gives this name only because they want to put more dramatic or mysterious origin in the Feng Wei boxing…

    In the anime and manga you’ll also notice that a lot of Feng Wei’s fighting moves seem to be borrowed from Retsu’s style. While not exactly the same, they are similar enough to make the distinction of where our favorite Tekken monk gone bad as come from.

    —- about the fighting moves…..^^….
    You said….al lots of moves seem to be…..^^…
    But it s really completly different……..!!!!

    The Feng Wei STYLE……..comes from the Southern Boxing….( or Nan chuan )….
    But right now….Because Namco doesn t care about STYLE of Fighting….
    They started to be mixed a lots of moves or basic moves from kung fu…..but thoses moves comes from differents style…..north and south….!!!!
    You will see in the next Namco games..( tekken)….that Feng Wei s moves…will be incoherent….
    You have also this kind of probleme with LAU From Virtua Fighter 5……!!!

    Namco doesn t really know what there are doing………in term of fighting moves and fighting design….or game design…!!!!!….

    For the Style about Reitsu…….It s only based on the imagination of the autor…..
    Not based on a existing boxing….^^….
    As you said there is no doubt that Reitsu was on the base layer of Feng wei….but only for the character design…not for the MOVES….^^….


  34. I am a Fan of those two.
    I hope there’s gonna be a
    Fighting Game based on Baki the Grappler.

  35. Bob says:

    Ogre in Tekken 3 has the same moves as Yujiro Hanma.

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