Tekken 6 IAAPA Report!

Our good friends at High-Score Online joined us for a fun filled adventure with Tekken 6 earlier this week. Check out all the newest information on the US Tekken 6 arcade release at High-Score Online! There you’ll see pictures of the US Tekken 6 arcade cabinet, new videos, and new information about the game! More updates are expected throughout the week!

SOURCE – High-Score Online – PREVIEW: TEKKEN 6

17 Responses to Tekken 6 IAAPA Report!

  1. MYK says:

    Big FAVOR that i would like to ask if possible

    Cuz now instead of the PS2 controller ports it says that it comes with a USB port instead like the ps3…

    but im just curious if PS3 converters will work? Lets say like the pelican, will that work?
    With possibly no way to adjust the side your on cuz no more ps screen with the “Reassign controller” option. Just wondering if converters works, more or less pelicans and elecoms.

  2. MarkMan says:

    I’m sorry to say, no controller ports. I hope that changes. But yea, you can only use the default control panel stick/buttons when playing. You’re up late Mike!

  3. Insane says:

    So it will only support HD. What about the PS3 version? What if you don’t have a HDTV at home?

  4. yiggs says:

    I’m sure they would water down or add some new options for the ps3 version :P

    Hell, not everyone has an HDtv at home.

    Hmmm….. theoretically, if it’s all done by USB, you could ask the arcade owners if you can have a look. You just have to see what kinda controls it using and you could probably make your own.

  5. MarkMan says:

    The arcade will only support HD.

    Obviously the PS3 version will support SD/HD signals. That shouldn’t even have been asked. Besides the PS3 version is a long ways from now. This report is strictly for the arcade version.

  6. Eddierang says:

    From the Pics it looks like the US cabinet is the exact same cabinet as the Japanese Cabinet. So I’m guessing the US will get an actual vs. like cab this time around?

  7. MYK says:

    haha yeah always up late reading Sdtekken :)

    well yeah i think you might’ve missed what i meant. In the link and 3rd paragraph last couple sentences its says. They’ll have USB controller ports (instead of the ps2 controller ports), just wondering if ps3 converters would work? :). Cuz mannn imma be sooo broke than i already am if i have to buy like a special ps3 stick.. oh man…

    ok thanks thats about it
    Can’t wait to hear more updates for the US version

  8. Christopher says:

    I’m so gay for Tekken. I wish Tekken would let me sit on it’s cock and I can bounce up and down on it!

    Yay for Tekken!

    Someone please email me back at CT112278@yahoo.com because I LOVE to watch Tekken yaoi!

  9. Syxx says:

    That is pretty dumb about the no controller ports thing. It really needs to be changed.

  10. Tekmasgirl says:

    Tekken 6 arcades look really cool. Also do anyone know who is the
    final boss on Tekken 6?

  11. INFORCER says:

    so will Namco arcades get this.. I havent seen a namco arcade yet without the new tekken

  12. najmyster says:

    yes yes yes it`s finally coming out in the arcades but man it`s $10,000 and it`s rare in arcades that just makes it to where u might as well just wait for the consle realsese

  13. Janrix11 says:

    UGH! $10,000…….oh well its worth it..
    Im very excited about this game.. specially to Hwoarang hohoho!! YEAH!!

  14. Kasht says:

    I wonder if Puerto Rico will get the T6 arcade before most locations in the US. Perhaps WCMaxi can give me a heads up on when its coming to PR.

    I remember that for Tekken 5, Puerto Rico was one of the first places to get the game, having it since early December 2004, and having about 5 of them all over the island!

    TekkenPR is very excited about this release!!! Hurry up Namco!!! :D

  15. Janrix11 says:

    There are still Four Question marks on the Character selection screen…obviously the other two is the random selection…and the other two…hmm… Ogre can have a good come back?…or…Kunimitsu?..too old for a woman to fight i guess unless she took some cold sleep….Gon?..well can be pretty stupid…DR. B? that would be weird….anyway.. lol btw Mr. Markman is it ok if you can give me info about Hwoarang on Tekken 6? or that would be illegal? :-) i just wanna know more about him on T6 thanks thanks tanks.

  16. Martina M. says:

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