Good Game, Peace Out!

Our friends over at SHORYUKEN.COM have been working on a special project, the likes of which we have never experienced before! GGPO is an all new approach to online fighting games. Let’s face it, fighting games online have never been that fun… Until now! After participating in the public alpha release of GGPO we are very pleased with the results! This is a revolutionary step forward for fighting games online, no longer are the competitive gamers hindered by lag or latency issues… For once we can play and showcase our true skills! After tasting great online play for a fighting game, I can only hope that Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection ONLINE plays anywhere close to good as GGPO! Make sure you click below for more information on the GGPO project!

From GGPO.NET: is a new approach to online fighting games. Traditional networking algorithms used to compensate for network latency result in either slower than normal gameplay or an excessive amount of delay (or lag) tacked onto the beginning of each move. uses a novel way to hide latency which lets the game run at full speed without adding any delay to any of your moves. So your timing doesn’t change and combos come out like butter. It’s almost like playing head-to-head in your living room!

If you’d like to know more about GGPO please check the following links!


4 Responses to Good Game, Peace Out!

  1. ninja x says:

    very nice to see such interest in the online market :) good fighting games have been offline for too long on consoles.

  2. MrK says:

    I think Ridge racer 7 uses the same method (sending packets, rewinding stat and reexecuting animations), so it’s probable that tekken 5 DR uses this so called “new” method.

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