Soul Calibur IV Goes ONLINE!

With the recent announcement of Tekken 5: DR going online, their fighting game cousin, Soul Calibur is now confirmed for ONLINE play as well! According to 1UP.COM’s latest information, Soul Calibur IV for the Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 will feature online play as well as other network features! This should be a good indication that Tekken 6 will be online for home consoles as well! Click below for the full report!

From 1UP.COM:

Despite online multiplayer’s growth, the fighting genre has notoriously resisted embracing the feature. The Mortal Kombat series was an early pioneer, but the old dismissal that online networking isn’t fast enough for the split-second timing seems to be failing — or companies have come to terms with it. Either way, the latest issue of EGM spills the beans: Soul Calibur IV will have online networking when it arrives on PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360 in 2008.

“What’s changed this time around is that the next-gen platforms have network infrastructure already in place,” says Soul Calibur IV Director Katsutoshi Sasaki. “We’ve heard from fans that they really want the game to be online, so we figured that, with the current environment, we really couldn’t make SC4 without online play.”

Score one for gamers. But, with the introduction of create-a-character in Soul Calibur III and its assured revamping in Soul Calibur IV, will these customizations go to waste? “We definitely want to allow users to fight with their customized characters during online play. But we’re unsure whether or not you’ll be able to trade characters with friends.”

Don’t forget to check out the latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly and their 14 page feature on Soul Calibur IV at news stands NOW!

Here are some more details from the latest issue of EGM:

  • Soul Calibur IV will run 60 frames per second(this was revealed previously).
  • The amount of detail in the game will be amazing! “The leather straps on Ivy’s thighs make real-time indentations into her skin as she fights.”
  • The development team is putting so much detail into the game that they are actually rendering Taki’s nipples under her leotard.
  • New characters will be kept under wraps and revealed closer towards the release date.
  • “Guard Impact” is back.
  • Stage design is still very early in development. Make sure to take note of these screens as the game progresses.
  • The stages will be far more interactive and play a bigger role in battle. They use Zasalamel’s clock tower stage as an example.
  • The development team is hoping to reduce the rate of ring out victories by making stages much larger than before.
  • The game will be based on the Soul Calibur III engine and will be reworked from the ground up for balance reasons.
  • Patching the game is possible if any issues come up with gameplay, but “we don’t intend to make a game that needs to be patched at a later date.”
  • The health gauge is going to be changed. There will be a way to beat your opponent that doesn’t involve the health gauge or ring outs.
  • No tag-team play.
  • In regards to Soul Calibur on the PSP: “We’re happy to hear that players would like to see Soul Calibur on the PSP, so we’ll keep that in mind.”
  • The “Create A Soul” mode is getting major improvements, such as being able to change your characters voice and certain customizations that will have an effect on gameplay.
  • Online custom character trading is a possibility, as well as bringing your custom character to a friend’s house.


21 Responses to Soul Calibur IV Goes ONLINE!

  1. axel's flame says:


  2. Cod Liver Oil says:

    Actually rendering Taki’s nipples??? LOL

  3. ninja x says:

    the thing about “takis nipples” make me sick. where the hell is this genre going? if there were only some women in the fighting game development!

  4. Noob Killa says:

    Dude who cares? If they wanna make their female characters sexy then WHY NOT?? Let them render her nipples, we all love boobies so dont hate.

    Just enjoy the damn game when it releases and dont freakin moan about some goddamn nipple rendering. geez.

    Anyway cant WAIT! Tekken and Soul Calibur!! the best 3D fighting series today! YEAH! :)

  5. ninja x says:

    sexy? i really hope you live in a hentai movie, or else yer gonna get very disappointed when the reality hits you in the face.

    thank god there are still games like virtua fighter in the genre, at least Sega hasn’t sold themselves out to 12-year olds stuck in puberty.

  6. 4 says:

    aoupt that taki nipples cant wat ane LOL

  7. Noob Killa says:

    dude they rendered her to be a sexy female. duh, hence why I called her sexy. if u dont find her sexy then you either just geniunely dont like her or you’re gay.

    and i dont live in some hentai you idiot what are u retarded? the reality you speak of is all around us, and ive been in it for longer than 12 years so dont try and insult me bitch.

    the point I was making is that ppl like u who get their knickers in a twist over some virtual pixels which resemble women. “OH MY GOD THEY RENDERED HER NIPPLE?? BLASPHEMY!!!”. fuckin relax and go outside, breathe the air, or better yet move out of mommy’s basement.

  8. slap says:

    “we don’t intend to make a game that needs to be patched at a later date.”

    So does that mean SE, SC1, SC2, and SC3 were all made with the intention of fixing them later? LOL @ PR

    BTW Sega rendered nipples on Sarah, Wolf and El Blaze in VF. You can’t escape from nipples.

  9. […] Soul Calibur IV Goes ONLINE! [image] With the recent announcement of Tekken 5: DR going online, their fighting game cousin, Soul Calibur is now […] […]

  10. tyler2k says:

    Oh wow, “Guard Impact” is back…that’s a suprise…

    I hope that was some type of joke

  11. nitinrohidas says:

    hey man… dont confront on this issue…it will be fun to play..with all theboobies and nipples…

  12. ninja x says:

    i’m gay then.

    and when you lack arguments you don’t have to go all offensive like that, it doesn’t help me believe that yer actually older than 12. i have nothing against you, except the small part where you try to define what is sexy about a women. and in this case it was ridicously large breasts with nipples that are harder than rock.
    female proportions have been long misused in this genre, due to the some sick influences in the japanese culture (for example). and it won’t stop, sadly.

    i don’t mean to offend anyone by wiriting this, i’m just one of many who thinks that the gaming industry has taken advantage of the female body far to long now. i’m very tired of it, and especially women themselves.

  13. Red Bino says:

    Yes, I do think that the gaming industry is taking advantage of the female body, but it sells and that is why they must take advantage of it.

    Personally, I don’t mind them because I don’t focus on the character’s boobs when I’m playing Soul Calibur but I do love titties.

  14. ninja x says:

    i have nothing against breasts either, i just dont approve with the thinking that the industry has sometimes. and i sure don’t think that they are forced to misuse female proportions just to get their games sold. so there is no “must”, only greed and stupidity.

  15. Noob Killa says:

    Well if you’re questioning whether it’s ‘morally right’ or whatever to make every character in the game super-sexy (or super appealing since u dont find them sexy) then that’s not really anybody’s problem. this is an industry, they need revenue, and sex sells. Everything is sexualised today, eastern or western society. Women are always used as sex-objects to sell to the audience. From hiphop videos, to video games, to freakin chocolate commercials. As this is a gaming industry, the people who consume this type of stuff are males mostly. so I dont see the big deal in trying to sympathise with women.

    As a man, if a commercial for females objectified men as nothing but income providers or whatnot, I wouldn’t care AT ALL. and u shouldnt either.

    btw i dont lack arguments, if somebody tries to throw the you-dont-lack arguments card its because they themselves lack it (so you must then) dont try and put words in my mouth.

  16. ninja x says:

    i just can’t see what justifies it, except people like you who think it’s okay with that kind of morale.
    and yer talking like it will always be there, well… it will be, if people don’t say no.

    i’m tired of talking about this with someone who thinks as opposite to me as you do, I respect your opinions, yet i don’t agree. *peace*

  17. DaRaginHornyPinky says:

    Wow, look at all this argument, let just say gaming industry is ALSO taking advantage of having violence in game for far too long too. So it is ok to have virtual character gotten beat the crap and doing all the violence act (which can be easily imitate by youngster) while rendering nipples to make the male audience happy is not? Let’s face it, it is human nature that we like sex and violence, that’s why it always in entertainment industry. But when you compare to the violence element in the media, sex is actually much less harm (imo it is actually good since for men more sex = less violence, just look at the monkey society), so unless you don’t play video game at all (or you only play pac man, but there is still violence in it, since you do kill those ghost), saying putting sex in video game is wrong is just hypocrite.
    Personally I am abit shock that when I heard that they actually render the nipple which seem to bit overdone, but let’s face it, it is not like they let you fondle it, they only make it more realistic, so I don’t really see any so call moral issue here.

  18. ninja x says:

    I truly understand your point, I’m almost on the same track. But I think, as the society looks today, we have been familiar with the use of violance in so many things, it has developed into a culture of it’s own. And it’s no secret that the market takes advantages of it to make more money, it sells and always will sell. It doesn’t justify the act of making money on it tho, but it’s simply too hard to stop.
    But when it comes to misuse female proportions, as in this example, it’s more of stepping over a thin line. Do we really need it? That is my exact point. Even if it’s not reality it affects. And it strikes hard at girls which the industry has tried to lure for soo long. That is the really sad fact. That and all the guys who actually thinks that the ideal are farirly presented.
    And game violance might not be needed either, but it doesn’t insult a specific target of people or tries to be presented in a innocent way.

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  20. Ellaine L. (Licanor) says:


  21. video lesbienne…

    […]Soul Calibur IV Goes ONLINE! « SDTEKKEN.COM – Tekken News Resource![…]…

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