Virtua Fighter 5 R Unveiled!

Famitsu has unveiled the latest major revision to the Virtua Fighter franchise… Virtua Fighter 5 R! Much like how Tekken 5 had it’s “Dark Resurrection,” VF5 has it’s “R.” This latest announcement took place at AOU2008 in Japan. Aside from a tweaked game play system, VF5R also features at least one new character and the return of a sumo wrestling fighter! Could it be, Taka Arashi?!


19 Responses to Virtua Fighter 5 R Unveiled!

  1. INFORCER says:

    PS3 is a must.. for this.. I will buy it very quick

  2. thelonegamer says:

    I hope Sega brings this to consoles as well. As for that new fighter… intriguing. I hope that there’s more than one new face, aside from Taka-arashi…

  3. J 2 T says:

    I’ve never played Virtua Fighter but loads of people say it’s good so I might get, I don’t know yet.

  4. andreafrozen says:

    and…tekken 6 news? ther’s tekken on aou2008?

  5. Tekken6 fan 1# says:

    yeah what about tekken 6 news ?

  6. MarkMan says:

    Tekken 6 has already been released and is not at AOU2008 for anything new. The latest news on Tekken 6 is the end of Feb. Tekken Net update for Japan… which will be the same as the INT version.

  7. andreafrozen says:

    i want news for tekken 6 on console, not arcade!! namco don’t say nothing about tekken 6 on ps3. why? how much long we must wait? in europe ther’s not arcade sale. i want tekken 6 on consoleeeeeeeee!!!!!

  8. J 2 T says:

    Tekken 6 is coming out this month (the 29) in Europe.

  9. whoa, at first i wuz like wtf DANTE???
    hmm…i wonder what his fighting style is

  10. Khalid says:

    This is the reason I ddint buy VF5 when it came out, I knew they wud have done some shit like this. Same with SF4 wenever it comes to consoles. Ill play it in the arcades, but ill wait till SF:4 Mark 3 is released to purchase it for consoles.

  11. […] Virtua Fighter 5 R Unveiled! [image] Famitsu has unveiled the latest major revision to the Virtua Fighter franchise… Virtua Fighter 5 R! Much […] […]

  12. Sailorcancer says:

    Nice to see this. I know like last year I saw on there site they had ver. D as well as what they called at the time VF5: EVO to be release in 2008.

  13. andreafrozen says:

    february 29th?? what? but if namco don’t say nothing about date release, today is 16th february! so tekken 6 on console will be releases btw 15 days? no, this is impossible. namco not announced date release!! this is just a your invention!!!

  14. Nashville says:

    Maybe J2T meant that it’ll be out in arcades in europe for the 29th… it sounds more realistic than the ps3 release… despite lack of good arcades in europe. :( Well definitely in ireland there’s no decent arcades

  15. J 2 T says:

    That’s what it said on Amazon “release date February 29th”

  16. andreafrozen says:

    tekken 6 arcade in europe, no! in europe waiting for only tekken on console!!

  17. ShinFuYux says:

    The new character’s fighting style is Karate.

    If you go to youtube and type in “virtua fighter 5 r”, you could find the trailer.

    It shows him fighting jacky.
    Taka Arashi

    And the new stages.

  18. Tekken6 fan 1# says:


  19. gregsnk says:

    hope this is on psn store just like tekkenDR

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