Hori Arcade Stick Mania!

Hori sure has been busy as of late in their arcade stick department… They recently released the Hori Real Arcade PRO 2 SA and since then have announced the Amazon Editions of the Hori Real Arcade PRO and Hori Real Arcade PRO 3. The most recent announcement from Hori is for the Xbox 360 and it’s new Hori Real Arcade PRO EX. Click below for more information on the latest wave of arcade sticks from Hori!

Newly announced arcade sticks from Hori:
Hori Real Arcade PRO EX (360)

Coming July 10th for a price of 12,000 Yen ($113 as of today’s conversion rate), the HRAP EX for the Xbox 360 is the first high end arcade stick for the system and will be great for current fighters such as Dead or Alive 4, Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting, Virtua Fighter 5, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, and for upcoming fighters such as Soul Calibur IV, Battle Fantasia, Super Street Fighter II TURBO HD Remix and Street Fighter IV!

Where to Buy:

Hori Real Arcade PRO (PS2) – Amazon Japan Edition

Coming July 18th… The Hori Real Arcade PRO arcade stick for the PlayStation 2 console is the one that started it all. The very first arcade stick to use authentic Japanese style arcade parts is back, this time in a brand new color and design never offered before!

Where to Buy:

Hori Real Arcade PRO 3 (PS3) – Amazon Japan Edition

Coming July 18th… The Hori Real Arcade PRO 3 for the PLAYSTATION 3 console brings the same high quality arcade controls for a new generation of fighting games. Rivaled only by Sega’s Virtua Stick High Grade, the HRAP3 continues to provide an excellent experience for both PS3 fighting game fans and PC gamers alike. Get one now for Virtua Fighter 5, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection and Dark Resurrection ONLINE, and upcoming fighting games such as Soul Calibur IV, Battle Fantasia, Blaz Blue, Super Street Fighter II TURBO HD Remix and Street Fighter IV! Now available in a brand new case color and design, the Amazon Edition is sure to turn heads!

Where to Buy:

Other sticks currently available:

Hori Real Arcade PRO 2 SA

Where to Buy:

Hori Real Arcade PRO 3

Where to Buy:

21 Responses to Hori Arcade Stick Mania!

  1. Downplay says:

    Hey MarkMan:

    If I have the EX2 and just swap the butons out for SANWA types, that going to be best in the long haul cause as much as I want that new 360 stick, my monies are going elsewhere for the time being.

  2. MarkMan says:

    @ Downplay

    That is definitely a good alternative. You should always go with what you feel most comfortable with… price wise and preference.

    I’m a sucker for sticks, so I get every one that comes out. lol.

  3. Downplay says:

    Haha. I’d post up my questions to ya from GAF but I banned myself for a month there. Trying to stay MGS4 clean :) But thanks for the input! Gonna order me up some buttons then. Gotta be ready for Soul Calibur IV.

  4. Eddierang says:

    Someone needs to tell play-asia that the Orange HRAP1 is not a PS3 stick, it’s a PS2 stick

  5. KENTOIRC says:


  6. Downplay says:

    Not really. Only way to find out is to do yourself ;) Mod at your own risk.

  7. Downplay says:

    Oh hey MarkMan, had one last question I forgot to ask ya. Are the 360 EX2 buttons soldered in? Or are they snapable for easy replacement?

  8. MarkMan says:

    @ Downplay

    The 360 EX2 buttons are soldered directly to the PCB, unfortunately.


    You have the Tekken anniversary stick? If so, changing the buttons is a bitch to do on those. Mainly because the way the buttons are soldered in and taking the buttons out of the top control panel plating. If you have the patience it is definitely possible.

  9. Downplay says:

    Aw hell. That is something I don’t know how to do plus I don’t have the equipment. Oh well. Guess I’ll get me a PRO EX cause I already have the HRAP3. That way the button change out in that will be much easier for Sanwa button. Kudos!

  10. MarkMan says:

    If you wanna get an idea of how to do it Downplay, check this link out:


  11. Downplay says:

    Yeah I’ve checked that out. I don’t have any way of a getting something to solder that out or anything. Plus I really dig the HRAP3 so having something exactly the same with my 360 is ideal.

  12. Downplay says:

    It’ll be worth the money and investment. I just need to save up for the next month plus get in on the pre-order from Play-Asia. They make you play full for pre-orders or charge when the item is available the dya of and ships?

  13. KENTOIRC says:


  14. MYK says:

    oh man that white HRAP 3 is coming on my B-day…

    shit’s sooo damn niceee

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