Interview With Qudans!

Special thanks to TimSozai for the heads up!  Recently TimSozai, Max, and Cheng got a chance to interview one of the legends in the competitive Tekken scene, Qudans from South Korea!  Qudans is currently serving mandatory national military service and has been away from the Tekken scene.  During his time off he was nice enough to participate in an interview for Tekken fans.  Click below for the full interview!

Original interview can be viewed here. This interview is in it’s original format.  If you would like to read the reworded version, please check here:

Special thanks to qudans, TimSozai, MAX (JinKyo), and Cheng for making this all possible!

Today,we have a time and have a lil talk with one of the best tekken player at the world,who the one that ever plays tekken will know this name,QUDANS,we are free to talk with him while he is in vacation from army now ^^
Hello and welcome to the interview, qudans~~!!

((Qudans)):i’m glad to meet you,too.i’m sorry to being late.i was meeting friends when i got holidays.i hadn’t had enough time for this.

Can u first introduce a little bit bout yourself?

((Qudans)):i’m byeong mun Son 22years old from Korea. i like hanging out and playing game.i also like a girl like everybody does haha.

Whats your first fighting game? Is it street fighter? or some other game?

((QUdans)):my first fighting game is fatal fury 2!
when i was 5years old, i met this game from brothers.
the end, i was abused by brothers because i was getting better than other players who played with me.

Which is your first tekken game?


How long have you been playing tekken’s series?

((QUdans)):i got serious from Tekken Tag.
when i joined Battle team in 2004,i tried to do my best until 2006.

How long do you spend playing tekken 5 DR everyday?

((QUdans)):about 12hours a day.

Do you think tekken is the best fighting game? Is there any other fighting game that u also like?

((QUdans)):it depends on person i think. some people like KOF, other people like Tekken..This question asked to me so i’ll speak my opinion.
i love Tekken very much. but other games are good game as well.

So what really make you wanna use devil jin? He is quite hard to use, i think ^^

((QUdans)):i has played DJ since TT(Jin). if i’m very good at using DJ, i would exceed the limit of system. i can show my style and personality with DJ.

Is devil jin your all time favourite characters out of the tekken series?

((QUdans)):only for Tekken.

What other characters that you also like apart from devil jin?

((QUdans)):basically, i like mishimas

Do you always go to the tournament?

((QUdans)):if there is the tournament, for sure i would go.Tourney makes me nervous and excited that’s why i like the tournament. everyone who joins the tournament is enthusiastic.

What was the score when you play against MS.Ryu ft30 back in 2007?

((QUdans)):i won against MS.Ryu.i can’t tell you the scores because i promised him.
it didn’t really matter about socres.we had a great time for it.

Have you ever play with dajung love?What do you think of him?

((QUdans)):i’ve never played with him. i heard he is quite good but i don’t know.

What about knee? Is he the toughest opponent you ever faced? What do you think of knee’s bryan?

((QUdans)):he was best rival. i felt good with the end of DR, my hands were injured. i couldn’t play well because i felt a sense of loss.

Ryan Hart used to be called the best tekken player? What do you think of him and his kazuya?

((QUdans)):honestly, he isn’t very good. Compare to Korean Mishima players.but he is also good.

I personally think MS. Ryu and MS.Ryu 2nd are really good player, what do you think of them?

((QUdans)):both are quite good. 2nd has a possibility to improve.
in the future, he will be the best player in Japan.

Are you happy to play against another country’s teken player? like MS.Ryu and Ryan Hart?

((QUdans)):of course i’m happy to do that.we have same hobby. it makes us close.
there is no doubt about it ^^

Who’s the number 1 tekken player in your heart? Do u think who else is very good with other fighting games like street fighter?

((QUdans)):all of games is same i think.for any reasons, thing’s changed.
anybody can get No.1 , it can’t be long.doing a practice and liking tekken players become No.1

Have you play tekken 6 before? If so, what do you think of tekken 6?(If not, just skip the next few questions)

((QUdans)):i have played a little bit.
It is enough to attract people.

Is tekken 6’s rage system good or bad?

((QUdans)):i think it’s good for me. i feel thrilled about it.

A lot of people say tekken 6 is all bout juggling/ air combo, what do you think?

((QUdans)):i thought about that.but players can change the game. depends on how to think.

What do you think of tekken 6’s bosses, are they too big(Azazel and Nancy)?

((QUdans)):i saw once, too strong!! haha.

Do you think any characters thats broken in tekken 6?

((QUdans)):Weak and strong characters are no meaning. just think about how to play well. that’s the answer.

What do you think of the new characters in tekken 6??(especially bob)

((QUdans)):i haven’t played with bob. but In Tekken6, there are no weak characters

Will you play Tekken after you come back from the Army?

((QUdans)):i’m not sure but i’ll play for fun.
if i get a goal, i would come back.

Do you ever think to play games as your future carreer?

((QUdans)):if there is a league like StarCraft in Korea, then, i wanna be a progamer.

What was the highest tournament price that you ever get? Which tournament was that?

((QUdans)):2000 US$ i think at EC6 tournament. that day was 4 tournament and i won all of it.(most tekken players knew that my hands were injured so i tried to practice with pad.)

Last questions, do you think the mishimas are cheap?^^

((QUdans)):depends on person. people’s style makes the character not only mishimas but the others.

At last,wish your hands recover soon and comeback safe and sound from the army,
and re-play the tekken series games again.^^

thank you.

Qudans Blog Website(Im not understand korean word T.T):
*Timsozai Aka Hard from Malaysia (
p/s: Me?I love all tekken korean player ^^

*Max from Hongkong (
p/s: He LOVE Qudans ;-p

*Cheng from Malaysia (curent in ireland)
p/s: He love korean player too !! ;D

Special thanks again to everyone that made this interview possible!

SD TEKKEN would also like to wish qudans the best of luck and we hope he comes back to the Tekken scene in the future!  MaDDoGJiN made a comeback and we know you can too!  Take care!

18 Responses to Interview With Qudans!

  1. MarkMan says:

    and yea, lol at the picture of tom in the header image.

  2. tekkenlover says:

    mark man that was great, well done it was truly amazing inteview. now since we are in the same subject (tekken) i have question to ask you, i know we talked about this before but since two weeks i have experiencing unimaginable lag. i have been experiencing lag here and there but not to this magnitude….. it is not just me though i have 12 friends on my body list who play tekken from around the state who are experiencing the same problem that start around two weeks ago, most of them really didnt have problems with lag before…… what is your take on this? have you heard the similar problem from other tekken players? if so please tell me… again great job with an interveiw your site is truly the best.

  3. timHardman says:

    hi guys im just update the korea word already,its “fatal fury 2”,qudans 1st games,haha!and i told qudans bout this website,he do know this website too,gj markman ^^
    sorry for bad english

  4. MarkMan says:

    Thanks for the heads up timHardman ;)

    I hope to do an interview with Ranca/Tetsuo next… then hopefully MDJ.

  5. KuraiRyu says:

    Amazing! I’m so glad Qudans was able to be interviewed. His philosophies seem very wise to me. Inspires me to keep playing more than before!

  6. kane says:

    lol @ header pic

    hmm … also qudans won norcal 2 … norcal3 hasn’t happened [yet] ;PPP

  7. MarkMan says:

    My mistake, thanks for the heads up KaNE ^_^

  8. ishima says:

    qudans gameplay back then was way beyond it’s time, he’s truly
    the price of tekken.

    question though, what part o his hand did he injure? also
    a question ofr kane, i believed i read on zaibatsu that you also
    suffered from a injury, care to expalin?

  9. MarkMan says:

    At the request of JinKyo and TimSozai I have changed the interview text to it’s original format. The reworded version can still be viewed here:

  10. Ricksteezy!!!! says:

    LOL at the header pic. Tom looks like he just got caught with a hooker.

  11. daniel says:

    LMAO at ryan hart. lolz. i personally got to meet qudans wen i wuz in korea n damn he is short but hella good =)

  12. Inserity says:

    Great interview. So if Qudans is in the Army, who is this 2nd Qudans? A friend or relative, or just someone who stole his name?

  13. Rip says:

    I love this interview. Especially since Ryan Hart beat Qudans in my pool at Evo and NEither of them got out of the pool haha. Scrubby non-Cali players haha jk jk power of 5.0!

  14. Sick of waiting for Tekken 6 Updates says:

    I’ve always heard of this guy, when I saw him I thought he was just another great player, but this article let me know who he really was, damn I was kind of lucky.

  15. Lain says:

    Qudans is the best DJin I have seen in my life =)

    I have a curious question.. what’s the meaning of “Qudans”?

  16. k_j says:

    someone do an interview with knee ffs!

  17. it is alsome to be the greatest tekken player in the world. i am also a great tekken player to. i would like to meet you my name is tyreese blakemartin i am 10-years old i live in north america,south carolina,beafort.i would like to challedge you to a ten battle match. i been the king of iron fist toururment for four years now.and i have a chance to become one of the best.

  18. skyrocket says:


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