Pre Order The Street Fighter IV Master Guide!

Enterbrain is putting together a special treat for Street Fighter fans!  The Street Fighter IV Master Guide is set to hit stands in just a few more days (October 2nd!) !  The book is 168 pages chock full of combos, strats (in Japanese :P) and most importantly, FRAME DATA!  If you want to get your hands on this hot item, preorder it today at Play-Asia! For a full image of the cover, click below!

8 Responses to Pre Order The Street Fighter IV Master Guide!

  1. tekkenlover says:

    yo markman provides daily street fighter vids just like your account used to for tekken i thought you might wanna know.

  2. Hallmark says:

    Amazing post, keep it up….

  3. Chayka says:

    is this an official wordpress theme? your blog looks great!

  4. Holsten says:

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  5. Almeter says:

    well thats something to think about. nice, hope you keep this blog alive! will you post more related articles?

  6. Schinkel says:

    thankl you site

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