BlazBlue Final Build Location Test

SDTEKKEN and AKSYS GAMES will be hosting a surprise location test of the final arcade build for BlazBlue in San Diego.  The event will be held at GAMES ON in Pacific Beach on Saturday, October 4th at 3PM.  As usual, no filming.  See you guys there!

Games On
953 Garnet Ave
San Diego, CA 92109

10 Responses to BlazBlue Final Build Location Test

  1. Spanish_Jin says:

    Nice game!

  2. medMECHANICA says:

    guilty gear has shown me what i must become in way of my dreams blazblue will show why my drive is unstopable

  3. medMECHANICA says:

    so i guess tekken better step up

  4. Hoesly says:

    Pretty cool Theme. Which one do you use?
    I changed my theme recently. Check it out

  5. The Devil Kazuya says:

    Hold, on. I dont quite get this. Hasnt the game been released on console’s already? I was interested in it but the game was never distibuted down here for PAL. Whats the deal with this? an updated version? because it seemed like we werent getting it here I havent kept up with it

  6. Longshore says:

    Sa?l?k sitemizide ziyaret etmenizi isteriz siteniz i?erik olarak gayet kaliteli olmu? tebrikler.
    Google tranlate sayesinde okudum :)

  7. Goon says:

    Muito bom

  8. Lauderdale says:

    Askerlik ?ubeleri

  9. Sommerville says:

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  10. sexe says:

    merci pour ce post ! thank’s ! (sorry for my english i’m french !!) :-)

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