TEKKEN 6 Not Coming To PS3! But Bloodline Rebellion Is!

Namco Bandai held a special press conference yesterday (just a few days before Tokyo Game Show), where they went over new and upcoming titles and other special announcements.  One of the announcements was that Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion will be heading to the PLAYSTATION 3 (no word when) and will have MORE content than the arcade version (big surprise!)… IGN was at the event and mentioned in their latest podcast that the PS3 will NOT be getting the regular version of Tekken 6, which was released late 2007 in arcades.  More news as we get it!


70 Responses to TEKKEN 6 Not Coming To PS3! But Bloodline Rebellion Is!

  1. KumaPower says:

    I supposed that, but When for ps3??? =( =( =( =(

  2. dfagrfeag says:

    we need the date

  3. Fishey says:

    gayness Namco is dumb…
    They should release T6 on PS3 first then after BR is out for a couple months release BR as a patch that u gotta pay to download.
    They don’t know how to make money!

  4. tenkaix says:

    Helllllllllllllsss Yeaaaaaaaah !!!!! we just need a date now….and i doubt they will announce that at TGS since they just got done telling people this….next year for sure.

  5. Cruiz Dwyer says:

    So does this mean that it’s still PS3 exclusive?

    Awesome news btw, hope the Tekken team don’t go DLC mad with this and make us pay for data that is clearly on the disc, like that idiotic Soul Calibur team.

  6. x says:

    yup, that means we not getting t6br till like june.

  7. Treehugger says:

    Hmm interesting… it’s kinda good news but its not. Ugh so this def means we ain’t getting this game anytime soon, but when we do it’s gonna be 20 times better then if we just gotten it regular.

  8. KumaPower says:

    Arcade release: December 2008
    Ps3 Release: I Think June ~ July 2009 =(

  9. Peruvian stallion says:

    OMG! Sdtekken you bastards :), u really scare me with i saw the first lines of that title. i love u anyway for those news!

  10. Tysan says:

    I cant stand that we’ve been waiting almost a year since Arcade Release and we arent going to get to play Tk6 till who know when if it really comes BR only to Ps3.

    IMO it would have been better for all a Tk6 release for Xmas and an online upgrade down the line to BR that would have made Arcades still get the exclusive while Ps3 users get to play Tk6 finally…

    Seriously dissapointing. >_>

  11. Kev!n says:

    If they released both games at separate times, I’d buy both.

  12. DragonGodFist says:

    l do hope they can add a few xtra characters in the ps3 version that would be cool then they can add the patch of xtra characters they will add on the ps3 to the arcades that would ba awesome hehehe!^_^! peace!!

  13. tony says:

    why would you want to buy a t6 with a broke ass bob? rofl

  14. drunken lei says:

    dam! I wanted to play tekken 6! Now i have to till BR comes out. Now im stuck playing tekken 5 dr till probably sometime late next year.

  15. INFORCER says:

    Yeah this is great and it sucks at the same time. I would buy a demo for tekken 6 br or better yet buy a psn version of Tekken 6 for like 40 bux with no extras.

    I can play DR forever but man thats only when there is no new tekken available.

    Namco bandai needs to please get on this ISSUE we have

  16. tekkenlover says:

    really more contents? so more contents means more character????( i am hoping devil kazuya or ogre) it must be more characters but like everyone is said when??? cuz that is a million dollars question and all people are sick and tired that namco doesnt saying anything about release date.

  17. Kev!n says:

    Because a Tekken with a broke ass Bob is better than no Tekken at all…

  18. Dragonseer says:

    This is dissapointing.. I want a version of Tekken 6, whereas I am not sold on BR at this point. So far I would rather have the Tekken version without Alisa (yech) and with crazy wall damage..

  19. alixraen says:

    I just would SOME version of Tekken 6 sometime soon, Namco. Thanks…

  20. iplaywinner says:

    releasing both games wouldn’t make financial sense for namco. there would be a certain amount of people who would just stick with tekken 6 and not worry about br or even download the DLC if it was offered as such.

    beyond that it may give them an excuse for the SFIV fever to die down so people will be hungry for a new fighting games Q3 next year maybe? who knows.

  21. Cold`iii says:

    Better bring it to Xbox 360 too

  22. tekkenlover says:

    cold iii, HELL no this game aint coming to xbox you are just dreaming, if you want tekken buy ps3 ,

  23. KENTOIRC says:


  24. KENTOIRC says:

    OH YEAH, WERE THE HELL IS KUNI, NAMCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  26. Spanish_Jin says:

    A Long time waiting to play this Tekken 6 BR…we need a date now lol

  27. tekkenlover says:

    yeah really sucks that we have to wiat almost one more year from now to play tekken 6 br, but at leat they can give us a date exactly when they gonna realse the freaking game

  28. andreafrozen says:

    release date!! release date!! release date!!! noww!!! hurry up!!!! namco!! i want t6br on console!!!!

  29. Mishima1 says:

    can’t wait

  30. Spiriax says:

    I feel disappointed and happy at the same time. I want Lars and the new customization system, but I’d like to have Tekken 6 anytime soon too!!!

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  33. Anan says:

    Just wait till T6BR released guys, cause i believe Namco wont dissappoint us by making patch for T6 (just like T5 to T5DR). Banzai Namco!

  34. Cold`iii says:

    I bought PS3 loag ago.
    Just wanna this game in full glory.

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  36. Andymat007 says:

    You’re right, KENTORIC! Where is Kunimitsu?!

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  38. RoyalFlush says:

    Good call, Namco.
    Getting T6: BR >>>>>>>>>>>> Getting T6 and having to download and pay for a patch.

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  40. Tekken BR says:

    Its Coming Out In “2013”

  41. KENTOIRC says:


  42. Ayumi Namae says:

    Tekken 6 BR will come out on PS3 & Xbox september 2009 – Hope PS3 and Xbox can both play online and fight online. Please talk or discuss this idea on forums or in youtube, so namco bandai will see and make this idea.

  43. Bajii Dan says:

    Hell yeah!! way to go Namco-Bandai. Now that it’s coming to the Ps3 and the arcade release is december, we’ll have to wait a little longer AGAIN tho cuz if they release the home version soon then people will slowly disappear from the arcades…and they dont want that to happen, im guessing november-december 2009. cuz yeah Tekken 6 BR for Ps3 is a damn good christmas gift imo so releasing it by christman would be a very good idea..

    On the brighter side, it’s cool that we are getting BR for console, not the regular tekken 6. and like i always say – Namco always adds a lil sumthin for console, so im sure its worth the wait… or LOOOOONG wait.. :p

  44. Tekkenista says:

    Wait AGAIN?? what the *^%^*^$$%&**!!!. Well its good AND bad news all in one..
    Good because:
    Home versions have more “extras”
    at least we get to play BR at home, not like TK5 DR.

    Bad because:
    We’re gonna have to WAIT AGAIN.
    Tekken forums will be filled with “bring back Kuni and JUN” threads again. ( rofl )

    anyway…i hope this ALREADY LONG wait is gonna be worth it….
    They should add a pig costume for BoB imo. and a songoku outfit for Lars..
    and swimsuits for the tekken babes!!! :p

  45. Kanzaki says:

    Tekken 6 is no longer an exclusive and will be coming to XBOX360 next year FALL 2009. So sad. Though i doubt anyone would play the Xbox version since it’s controllers arent meant for tekken. lol. If people say that its harder to play tekken in the psp, what more in the xbox360.

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  47. Tekkenista says:

    Tekken 6 xbox = Massive blisters ^_^

  48. DJ ENERGIZER NZ says:


  49. MoeHammered says:

    This is the gayest FUKING WAIT ive ever had to endure for anything in my life

    Ive been waiting ever since T5:DR came out for T6 and they were saying than at 2008 winter, but now theres an even longer wait, and wats worse there isnt an announced release date.

    WTF does it take to just give an estimated release date. And wats made it worse is i played the arcade version of T6 and i LOVED it, now i just want the game more T_T

    Namco u fuking morons listen to ur fans or ull lose popularity.

    P.S. If Tekken goes to 360 it will be the dumbest thing ive ever heard of happening, because nearly every single 360 user sucks at fighting games like tekken, which is the reason they hate the game. Now if u owned a PS2 or PS1 before a 360, than goodluck to u because this id be a good thing for u if your a tekken fan, but nearly every 360 user sucks at games that need ‘skill'(only directed at fighting games).

  50. Moregameplay says:

    Ok Graphis in Tekken 5 Resurrection on the PS3 is quite ok but they should have more gameplay – more stages. The same arenas repeated gives no variety. All these games lack variety maybe it has been seen before – maybe it would add to give the possibilty to use objects within the stages

  51. Released date says:

    Im just informed by my cousin who’s in japan, he said that TEKKEN 6 BR will be released on Dec. 23, 2008 before xmas, he said that namco has announced the exact date of the release, so those TEKKEN funboys, just wait a little bit longer and t6br will be in your hands.

  52. bruce_master says:

    to me it feels like de ja vu because for u fans out there, remember back in the day when tekken 3 was popular and coming out for the ps1? i remembered i had to wait a year and a half jus to get it that was fuckin ridiculous… now i feel like im doin the same to T6:BR and what makes it more bull shit is that i cant even play at the arcade so i have to watch whats new through youtube… i like all the new extras they have and with all this damn hype they say they have about the roster, BRING BACK A TAG FEATURE!!!! thank you for your time and will be waiting for more news and wait by my ps3

  53. Syazwan says:

    Can’t I know when Jin Kazama birth?

  54. ShAuNaE_187 says:


    im sorry, but the normal T6 RULES in a way…
    im not saying that it’s better then br, but the voice-over in br SUCKS BALLS!
    (IMO btw…)
    RELESE THIS YEAARR!!! 2008 for X-MAS!
    I just HOPE that they’ll just give us a suprise and release it sooner…
    Namco might suck frm this point of view, but i do have faith in them to make the right choices… Bu for now… GET IT 2GETHER BANDAI! Lol.
    bye guys…

  55. knewman says:

    We should thank XBOX make all PS3 tekken fan has no reg tekken 6 on this dec.
    I say this cause before E3 08′ the website of E3 official has posted PS3 tekken 6 will announce in SONY press conference of E3. BUT! something was happon on 1st day of E3 —-FinalFantasy XIII changed to multi-console. THEN, since that day , we dont have any infomation about tekken 6 on PS3 till TGS 08 , NBGI totally cancelled this game on PS3 and put TEKKEN 6 BR instead. because make XB ver tekken 6 need whole fresh start, need more times to create a new tekken 6 on XB. so the TK6 BR will be release at september 09′ .SO wat u think? dont we suppose thank godmit XB?

  56. tekken says:

    you no wah they should take there time on the game cuz if they release the game to early then evryone will be disappointed cuz the game might not be good i want tekken 6 to be the best tekken game ever i cud wait for the game

  57. tehdudeisback says:

    i want BR for PS3 please ^^

  58. Hi.I know tekken 6 will come to ps3 Namaco will do it i

  59. Tekken 6 will come to ps3 beacuse one of my friends have it.

  60. Tbone says:

    i have TK6 Br since 22nd of Oct on PS3

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