GamePro Feature Interview On Tekken 6!

GamePro sat down with Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada recently and picked his brain about the console version of Tekken 6.  He mentions exciting new  features and some special surprises for the online experience.  Click below for the full interview!

SOURCE – GAMEPRO – TEKKEN 6 Interview With Katsuhiro Harada (Thanks mizzo!)

The best fighting game graphics ever? We certainly think so. WIN!

Soulcalibur IV’s create-a-character mode was a huge hit, and Tekken 6 is getting a lot more character customization options. Do you think it will be as flexible as the character creation in SCIV? Will people be able to recreate famous characters from other mediums?

Katsuhiro Harada: Yes, Tekken 6 will give much more flexibility in terms of character customization. The system for customization is different from that in Soulcalibur IV or Tekken 5. The [character] model and the actual clothing are separate layers. The player can customize tops and bottoms as well as inner and outer layers of clothing.

We also completely changed the hairstyle customization system. Before, in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, the system was limited to changing the color and certain styles. The new system allows the user to create the hairstyle of their choice by, for instance, allowing them to change the right and left of the front part of a hairstyle, or to change the top part of the hairstyle, etc. The new system offers a lot more freedom and is entertaining. As for whether it is possible to recreate characters from other mediums, it’s hard to say.

Have you made any decisions regarding online play and how matchmaking will work? The system in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online is fine but basic. Will this online system be enhanced for Tekken 6, and how so?

Katsuhiro Harada: Unfortunately I cannot reveal everything about the online functions of the game at this time. However, I will tell you that we have something new and exciting planned in addition to the regular versus game play.

In terms of matchmaking, we are focusing on the compatibility of players’ connections and hope to improve online matching in this way. Of course, Tekken 6 will improve on the system from Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection in so many ways.

New environments, such as this snowy field, are far more interactive than before.

My favorite character is Sergei Dragunov, and he was introduced in Tekken 5: DR along with Lili and Armor King. Will these “new, but not-new” characters be enhanced for Tekken 6? What is your approach to upgrading these kinds of “new-ish” characters?

Katsuhiro Harada: Yes, I know you like Sergei Dragunov. :)

Given that Tekken 6 is the first Tekken game for consoles since Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, Tekken 5 DR required a network connection, and most US Tekken fans may not have had an opportunity to try the arcade version of Tekken 6. I believe it’s safe to say that both Dragunov and Lili are like-new characters for most US console players.

Firstly, these new Tekken 5 DR characters were given new moves, as well as having their animations renewed for the arcade version of Tekken 6. They then received new moves and had their animations refined and game balance tweaked even further for Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. So, they have been greatly updated since Tekken 5 DR, and we believe players will find a new level of quality and volume available for them in the console version of Tekken 6.

Tekken 6 (the arcade original) did take some criticism from Tekken pros for its massive wall-juggle and bound combos. How have combos been refined and adjusted in Tekken 6? Will these mega-combos no longer work, or work differently? Is there a better way to escape them? In short, how does Tekken 6 on consoles address the perceived shortcomings of Tekken 6 (arcade)?

Katsuhiro Harada: The console version of Tekken 6 is based on Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, which is an upgrade of the arcade Tekken 6. We created Tekken 6 BR based on user feedback from the arcade version of Tekken 6. Players can expect all of the game balancing and additions of Tekken 6 BR to make it into the console version.

Both expert and novice players, as well as our staff, did not want to simply decrease the number of combos or make adjustments that would decrease the freedom in gameplay. We changed the damage system when bounding or being hit against the wall, and the ultimate outcome was a general reduction in damage. We also added more open stages that have a greater distance to the walls. The wall-less stages of previous versions are also included so these changes help balance the game in regards to Bound and wall combos.

We believe that narrowing gameplay options would result in Tekken 6 losing some of the over-the-top excitement experienced during aggressive game play that the series is known for. The possibility of chaining an aerial juggle to knocking your opponent through the floor, picking them up when they are bound, and then carrying them to the wall is still there though. Part of the strategy involved is getting your opponent into a position to pull this off. For advanced players and novices alike, whether this is possible depends on the match up between you and your opponent.

Do you have any desire to port Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection or Tekken 6 to the Wii at some point? Why or why not?

Katsuhiro Harada: That would be very interesting. Like the Xbox 360 owners, if Wii owners are passionate and make it known they really want the series on their system, we would love to be able to answer that request.

Hearing about the huge number of Xbox 360 owners who are Tekken fans, especially in North America, definitely played a huge part in influencing us to bring the game to that system.

As for the Wii, the standard controller lacks the right number of buttons and the placement is awkward, so… I suppose the classic controller could handle it!

Tekken 6 will mark the first Xbox Tekken title. But is a Wii Tekken also a possibility?

Have you made any decisions regarding online play and how matchmaking will work? The system in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online is fine but basic. Will this online system be enhanced for Tekken 6, and how so?

Katsuhiro Harada: Unfortunately I cannot reveal everything about the online functions of the game at this time. However, I will tell you that we have something new and exciting planned in addition to the regular versus game play.

In terms of matchmaking, we are focusing on the compatibility of players’ connections and hope to improve online matching in this way. Of course, Tekken 6 will improve on the system from Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection in so many ways.

Also, Namco Bandai has mentioned that many attack animations have been recreated for Tekken 6. How does this impact the gameplay and overall experience? What kinds of moves did you re-create the animations for?

Katsuhiro Harada: There are several different reasons for animation revisions. Depending on the reason, the results are different.

(1) Fans wanted better or cooler-looking animation.

(2) The look and flow of the animation seems weaker or more powerful than the actual move’s damage or properties.

(3) We want to add a new purpose to the move to open up more possibilities.

There are some finer details, but most animation fixes and re-makes are done for one of these three reasons.

In the first two cases, we hope the new animation will fix these issues. In the third case, the re-animated move may be used to lead into some new combo, or it may affect a character’s effective range, making it easier to fight at certain distances that were difficult before. Elements like this change the strategy and make it easier for the player’s actions to have a more direct impact on gameplay.

In earlier Tekkens, you could play an old Namco game when you first started the game up. Do you have any plans to introduce a “Loading Screen” mini-game to Tekken 6? If so, what might it be?

Katsuhiro Harada: We are currently looking into that possibility.

What can you tell us about the new Tekken 6 characters Alisa Boskonovitch and Lars Alexanderson? They seem to have very different fighting styles than the other characters. Are they aimed at newcomer players? Are they similar to other characters in any way?

Katsuhiro Harada: With Tekken 6, four new characters were added: Bob, Miguel, Zafina, and Leo. These four characters are loosely based on Tekken fan suggestions from around the world. Different approaches were taken in developing these four characters; some are made with experts in mind while others are for older Tekken fans or beginners.

For the two new characters in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, we took a different approach. In terms of Alisa, we purposefully decided on a character design that would be totally new to the series in the hopes of attracting new fans. We also made her relatively straightforward and easy to control.

As for Lars, we decided to make a character that would feel new to long-time players who have already grasped the feel of most of the older characters. His motions (character animations), moves, and controls are all quite new and add new strategic possibilities to the series.

The environments in Tekken 6 include more ‘endless stages’ as well as walled-in arenas.

Wall juggles are still present, but have been gently reduced in effectiveness. Still, monster combos are quite possible in Tekken 6.

Can you offer any details on the storyline, and what’s at stake in the new tournament?

Katsuhiro Harada: In the last King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, Jin Kazama defeated his great grandfather Jinpachi and took control of the Mishima Zaibatsu. The powerful Mishima Zaibatsu, controlled by Jin, then utilized the military might of the Tekken Force to incite conflict and to cause turmoil for the entire world.

The Zaibatsu then declared independence from, and fought against the rest of the world. It appeared the Mishima Zaibatsu would soon take control of the world, when suddenly Kazuya Mishima, taking control of the mysterious military organization known as the G Corporation, stood against them. Taking on the Mishima Zaibatsu forces, the G Corporation gained in popularity and support grew among the citizens of the world. The G Corporation then announced that it would give a substantial bounty for anyone who could capture Jin Kazama alive. Jin decided to purposefully play into Kazuya’s hands and opened The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 amidst the current global conflict. Jin and Kazuya’s rivalry heated up.

It was then that Lars Anderson, a young officer in the Tekken Force, turned on the Mishima Zaibatsu with many of the soldiers under him and rebelled against the Zaibatsu.

Who is Lars? What were his motives? And most importantly, why did Jin Kazama, after immediately taking control of the Mishima Zaibatsu, become such an evil and frightening force to the entire world? These questions will be answered in the console version of Tekken 6.

Among the new characters in the game, some have lost family in the chaos caused by Jin Kazama. Some are intertwined with Kazuya Mishima. The older characters from the series come into play as well. We think users will have a lot of fun seeing this new chapter of the story.

What is your personal favorite addition to the gameplay in Tekken 6? It could be the way the new animations feel while you play, or re-tuned combos, or anything like that. In short, why is this “THE” version of Tekken 6 to play?

Katsuhiro Harada: For these ten-some years producing the Tekken series, we have pursued certain concepts consistently. Tekken is an aggressive, destructive, and brutal game with an edge; and its gameplay is very thrilling and fulfilling for the player. This is how we always envision the series and I believe Tekken 6 is the closest it has come to these ideals.

Click here to see more screens of Tekken 6, coming to an Xbox 360 and PS3 near you in Fall of 2009.

113 Responses to GamePro Feature Interview On Tekken 6!

  1. tekken lover says:

    awsome interview, but just release the freaking game cant take it any more we have been waiting for three freaking years

    • MarkMan says:

      Again, since this is based on Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, which just came out Dec. 2008. This game will be hitting consoles LESS than a year after the version it is based on. Which is pretty good.

      I’m glad they gave us this nice version instead of giving us regular 6. Balance will help this game in the long run, especially in the competitive circuit.

  2. mizzo says:

    I feel like such a nerd for being ridiculously excited about the story.

    Oh, and MarkMan, 1up also has some new screens up. I don’t think they’re anything we haven’t see before, but just in case you wanted to post them, here’s a link:

  3. Demon says:

    what Katsuhiro Harada said about story mode

    this game so coming to my ps3

  4. Fleakitten says:

    Lol. Those Wii only users better start emailing Namco the way the 360 guys did.

    If you want to buy that story.

  5. Demon says:

    sometimes gamepro is full shit tekken on the wii wouldnt look right

  6. Demon says:

    so many crappy games cameout on the wii
    3rd party Developers dont care about the wii anymore
    all the nintendo wii has done is nothing but Collected dust Crappy games and casual gamers

    thats all your better off with a 360 or ps3
    dont buy wii is disappointed me good thing i sold
    that crap on ebay and got PS3

  7. Stridajin says:

    whoa whoa whoa……..people still read GamePro? O_O

  8. MarkMan says:

    Oh yea! I hope no one tries to turn this into a console debate thread, fair warning to everyone now…

  9. Demon says:

    Technology has Advance so much that people use the internet
    to get info on the latest Games and electronics

  10. Demon says:

    sorry about that comment i made about the wii

  11. Dedman says:

    damn, im getting more excited.
    i cant wait

  12. Demon says:

    the long wait is almost over

  13. Demon says:

    I hope we can upload our tekken dr profile on tekken6

    i had 4238 wins 2 loss with kazuya mishima and divinefist rank

    it be real pain trying to get that record on tekken 6

    • tenkaix says:

      i dont know about that i think were gonna have to start from scratch, what would be cool though is if they give us some kind of reward for having a TEKKEN DR save or exclusive stuff for people who bought tekken Dr from the PSN store.

  14. PhantomJ says:

    For me, the only, truly new information was the clarification on Lars and his allegiance. Still, good interview.

  15. Demon says:

    what about alisa whats her story?

  16. Fire Demon says:

    Not sure about TEKKEN 6 online
    tekken dr online is a scrub fest
    same with streetfighter 4
    i hope the online is better

  17. tenkaix says:

    Markman i asure you wont hear shit from me about , the SHIT BOX. LOL.

    But iagree with markman, as much as i want T6 now, the update will defiently help in the long run and of course theres extra customazation added, so its a sweet deal, and as he said for an update bieng out by Dec 2008 it really isnt that bad i think. thier probably hard at work right now n the console versions, trying to cram 25 gigs into a measly 9 gig CD lol.

  18. thelonegamer says:

    I am definitely happy that the home console is based on BR rather than T6.0. After playing both versions, BR is far and away so much better, and the additions, from the tweaked animations and moves to the new fighters are worth the extra wait. As much as I am so excited about just playing and customizing characters, I am really interested in the story mode. I really hope they spruce up the presentation in terms of cut scenes (hopefully real-time) and the endings. Damn, it’s still a bit of a wait but this interview was a good bit of fresh air. Can’t Namco put out a new trailer or something soon though..? ^_^

  19. Farhan says:

    I don’t like so many changes being introduced into the gameplay.
    They did this with T4 and that game sucked major butt

  20. jinkazama99 says:

    erm…can some1 tell me where’s the other half of marduk’s right arm in that pic???the picture with king.

  21. Fleakitten says:

    4328/2? O.O Nice. I’m like 800/1000 and still 7th Dan, lol.

    Did you guys hear? Tekken 6 will be playable at London MCM Expo from 23rd-24th May 2009.

  22. Demon says:

    hope Harada adds new stages in the home version
    the sheep stage music will get stuck in your head
    for weeks lol

  23. Bob Johansen CK says:

    The problem with these interviews is that your hardly learn anything new. This game has been in development for so long now, we’ve seen every screen cap and youtube video around and while not being able to play the game, we already know the high level strats just from watching. Thanks for posting but this game needs to hurry up, this has to be a record next to Duke Nukem Forever for being the longest game in development.
    (Against lars and alisa since the beginning)

  24. Demon says:

    they will add more in the home version

  25. Fleakitten says:

    Hope they charge 5 bucks lust to unlock the ‘extra’ content that’s already coded into the game.

  26. Demon says:

    right now for me the game im focus on is tekken

    i dont about this but DEVASTATION 2009 is going to
    better than EVO.09 EVO.09 looks like a street fighter

  27. Ayumi says:

    Please! I wish they don’t make a character creation like Soul Calibur IV have. I don’t like it when people don’t use real characters from the game.

  28. Anon says:

    Thank god they’re taking lag seriously

  29. Ayumi says:

    I hope they don’t destroy it now. They can’t change or edit it once they’ve change it from it’s last edit. Not like from the arcade version, they can change it.

  30. Farhan says:

    farhan wants Gon

  31. tekken lover says:


    • Demon says:

      @ Tekken lover Character creation sucks look at soul calibur 4
      i hope for god s sake that they dont with tekken or virtual fighter hell even street fighter

      Character creation Suck dont waste your time with

  32. […] GamePro Feature Interview On Tekken 6! GamePro sat down with Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada recently and picked his brain about the console version […] […]

  33. tenkaix says:

    no he wont do it is because character creation is gay as fuck and it looks tacky, no one wants it it lowers the games standards , if for 10 year olds man, i dont want that shit.

    go to GAMEFAQS and talk to those fags on the SCIV forums all you’ll see is

    POKEMON CAS formulas

    or FINAL FANTASY VII outfits CAS,

    fucking retarded ass shit, man i want those 2 weeks back i invested in SCIV waste of fcking time and money.

  34. Ayumi says:

    Look at Amy from Soul Calibur. She’s my character too, but everytime I fight with other players using their created character with Amy’s voice, it just doesn’t seem right and it’s so childish. I want more mature games like Tekken. I hope they wont make more childish modes and the like.

  35. tenkaix says:

    i think this time around im gonna focus more on jin, this last tekken i focused on RAVEN too much and left all my other characters to rot.

    My user list for this tekken is gonna be

    Raven , Jin , Kazuya ,Howarang ,Dragunov, Feng , asuka, and ill practice with the new charcters, Leo ,zafina and Lars,these are the new bloods for me.

  36. Ayumi says:

    You know what they say, “Don’t add more salt when it’s salty.” Get it?

  37. tenkaix says:

    uhh this you just make that shit up ??

    cause i honestly never heard that.

  38. Ayumi says:

    Hope they make an option for tv screens like 16:9 and 4:3. It’s a japanese saying. I just don’t know how to translate it in english. It’s more understandable in japanese.

    You know when you cook good foods and you still wants to add more flavor to it untill it taste awful? That’s what I was trying you to figure.

  39. Ayumi says:

    And and please, I just don’t like swear languages.

  40. tenkaix says:

    Gomennasai ! Ayumi-san !

  41. Demon says:

    when this game comeout im doing practice mode than story and go online cant wait

  42. Akuma Mishima says:

    Arcade perfect, practice, some sort of gold rush way to make Gs, and online with decent connection and matchmaking.

    That’s basically it Namco, light the candle and bring this baby home =P

  43. tekken lover says:

    @ demon well i dont like character creation either i never said i like it, i am just saying they aint gonna have character creation for tekken which is a good thing

    • Demon says:

      @tekken lover

      it would break my heart to see Tekken have character creation TEKKEN was my first game

      all we need is better character customization

      i think it waste of time and space with soul calibur

      • CClover says:

        Character creation is not gay, it makes the game more fun and more entertaining.I wanted to make a girl version of Bruce or Brain.But since most of you have no creative spirits that is why I am disappointed.

      • Fightgenlover says:

        You and the whole Tekken community are fools who minds are closed off to better modes.Character customization forever that will never let Tekken get any awards. That is why street fighter and other fighting titles destroy Tekken.

  44. undeadewok says:

    thank various gods and goddess for them not making a character creation mode… that was one of the things that really pissed me off about SCIV.

    i still think they will be tag, or a spawn of it. i know how much they made off of tag. i just dont think they will release another tag as a stand alone.

    all i can say is i cant wait to play as mario…haha just kidding, no hate no hate ha

    • Jack Maker says:

      Well I have contact to the god of Tekken and begging him to put character creation in Tekken 7. I already have all the customizations and they suck.

  45. tenkaix says:

    Wanna see my mario CAS !!!!!

    Lol retards , anyway, another issue for me is if they put some of the item custmazation hidden during fights, i really hate that, cause i wouldnt know if i have everything for a specific character or not.

    thats porbably the one thing i dont like about VF’s customazation, for exmaple right now, i bought everything for Brad, Goh and, Lei fei, but thats just in the options menu, theres still stuff im sure i dont have for those characters because some items are only available after winning fights.

  46. duck says:

    if only Lars had EWGF for all the mishima whores such as myself…

    I hope tag feature gets considered as well but doubt it…

  47. Treehugger says:

    I really hope that rage will have an option to be turned off. Jeez was really hoping in one of these interviews they would state this already.

  48. undeadewok says:


    it would be nice if he mentioned anything new that we haven’t heard since December.

  49. tekken lover says:

    i am kazuya a player, but i beleive lars is perfect right now i dont think he needs EWGF , HE already has very effective and fast juggle launchers that can be used as counter attack, the only change that i want to see in his moves is that his low kick can be trun into juggle without charge status. other than that his perfect and he will replace kazuya and become my main character.

  50. Bob Johansen CK says:

    I hate lars, hes the new poster boy for Namco now. He looks like a reject dragonball z superhero. GAAAAAY

  51. mizzo says:

    I love Lars. He’s really hot. ; )

  52. tekken lover says:

    @ Bob johansen CK. lars is a good fighter and he isnt gay , unless you reasonable arguement, your objection make no sense, cry all you want namco wont change him because so many people like his fighting style

  53. horsedick says:

    markman try ask the devlopers on pc versions of games, as capcom are going to release the definite verstion of SFIV on pc, would be nice to see other great beat em ups.

  54. BlindGhost says:

    Hey markman, when do you think, you can load up the Customazation section for T6 BR ??

  55. Demon says:

    the guys over at tekken zaibatsu is starting to piss me off bashing my favorites Character
    that what i mostly hate tekken zaibatsu

  56. undeadewok says:

    who are your favs that they are bashing. secondly, when it comes to competitive gaming… there are a good hand full of elitist dicks. TZ, MTG, SRK i love the forums but you got to take the good with the bad!

  57. Nando says:

    @ Demon:

    Go to any of the character links, and eventually you’ll find someone that bashes another character.

  58. Demon says:

    Tekken zaibatsu is good site but come on
    half guys talk to much shit

  59. BlindGhost says:

    demon thats the way it is bro, some games they have advantages others they dont, Jin hasnt been popular since TEKKEN 4, now hes back as a top character, if they are bashing him they are idiot, cause hes a top tier character this time around, i havnt seen enough of kaz to judge.

  60. Ayumi says:

    Markman, do you have a PS3? Do you know Trevor (Ziggyfield)?

  61. UndeadEwok says:


    what tier list are you referring too last time i seen him as upper B. would you mind posting it.

    mishimas are the foundation of tekken!!! Hei is my homeboy ha

  62. BlindGhost says:

    off topic but check this out LOL, even the japanese are making fun of the 360 ver. LMAO

  63. UndeadEwok says:

    i have not clue what there saying ha. but those FF13 images rocked hahaha

  64. BlindGhost says:

    yeah its very funny. they posted that on NEO-GAF

  65. Rip says:

    They’ve been saying this since the console announcement:

    “Unfortunately I cannot reveal everything about the online functions of the game at this time. However, I will tell you that we have something new and exciting planned in addition to the regular versus game play.”

    Tag?! If it is, I think most everyone wouldn’t be upset about the long wait. (even though it IS BR.. I mean seriously, can you imagine if they made us wait this long and then released just T6? That would be insta-FALE)

    I really hope its tag mode. WHAT else could it be that is NEW and EXCITING thats not STANDARD versus!?

  66. tekken lover says:

    yeah if i had to bet i would also say it is online tag , but if it is online tag i wonder how it works, so like 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3 each playing single round and divide the battle points between winers?, or 2 vs 2 and players can switch places at any time they want by pressing select just like tekken tag. or if u can join a clan and you get points or points taken off depending on how other clan members are doing. if it is tag, it’s hard to say how exactly is gonna work.

  67. BlindGhost says:

    its not tag, man i can guaranteeyou its not fucking TAG, do you actually know how much money NAMCO made of TEKKEN TAG ?? its was the highest selling TEKKEN out of all the franchise ,they are not gonna just throw that in beleive me, if that was the case why the hell not in 4, or 5 or 6, you think they are saving that for BR ?? GET REAL !, its probably team mode or something where its like 3 on 3, but not tag trust me.

    • Fleakitten says:

      Tekken Tag sold the most out of the entire series? I didn’t know that.

      • BlindGhost says:

        yeah bro, i tired to find you a chart whereit showed their highest selling tekken, but the chart that i saw was wayyy back in GAME INFORMER.

        hell in japan they even had a MARCH, of people or OTAKUS LOL, their people too LOL, but a great number marched just to protest that TEKKEN TAG was the best TEKKEN GAME EVER MADE. they had banners and everything, i heard AYUMI-SAN WAS THERE TOO. RIGHT Ayumi ??

      • mizzo says:

        You didn’t know that because it’s not true. Tekken 3 sold the most (around 7 million), followed by Tekken 2 (around 5 million). The rest (except Tekken 1, which sold about 3 million) have sold between 4-5 million.

  68. Somebody says:

    I’ll ask you all, how do you tag with walls on? The other character just pops out of nowhere or falling from the sky? Enough with the tag already. Tekken is meant to be 1 on 1 anyways.

  69. Demon says:

    People still play tekken tag ?

  70. Fleakitten says:

    Can someone explain this?

    Did they release a TT2 only in Japan or something or is this just photoshop?

  71. BlindGhost says:

    ohhh god, do you guys know how old that photo shop is, i kid you not, thats about 5 years old, and they have other picks as well, to be honest the guy who did the photo editing was amazingly talented, cause he had picks of the select screen , picks of the game over screen, and actual fight picks , for a while they actually though it was for real.

    but not its fake.

  72. Jin Braimoh says:

    The king of the iron fist turnment, enter the Tekken……..!

  73. BlindGhost says:

    wrooong, i know i saw it had tekken 1 through 5 and tag sold more, not 3.

  74. Demon says:

    news Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion will be in 1080p for ps3
    and 720p xbox 360

  75. MarkMan says:

    Tekken 6 will be a 720p native title. It should scale to 1080p on 360, not sure about PS3.

  76. Demon says:

    markman ps3 has UPSCALING

  77. fabula says:

    man when they interview the producers why they are not asking them if they gonna release this game for the psp aswell!?

  78. **** says:

    Very very cool. And it comes with 8 new characters. Wooot! Only problem I have is the story. They should have made it that Jin has been driven insane by the devil gene and is trying to destroy the world and to stop him his father and grandfather join forces. He’s the boss and at the end of the game you fight him in two stages. First as Devil Jin and then as a giant demon monster Jin. When you KO him you unlock normal Jin.

  79. Huntelaar says:

    Prolly too late to change that :P

  80. man fuck you guys character creation is sick in games fuck all you cc haterz so what I like to create Mario in Soul Calibur its just an option to add a little bit more to the game if you don’t like it then dont fuckin use it and thats goin out to that tampax or tencocks or whatever the fuck your username is

  81. Arjikan says:

    I want it all!!!!! character creation and great game play.Why make a game halfass give us all you can put into it.

  82. […] the technology’s to blame? Well, Mr. Harada, why didn’t you say as much in your Game Pro interview back in April? In terms of matchmaking, we are focusing on the compatibility of […]

  83. […] the technology’s to blame? Well, Mr. Harada, why didn’t you say as much in your Game Pro interview back in April? In terms of matchmaking, we are focusing on the compatibility of […]

  84. […] the technology’s to blame? Well, Mr. Harada, why didn’t you say as much in your Game Pro interview back in April? In terms of matchmaking, we are focusing on the compatibility of […]

  85. john says:

    I know this comment is late but I lone tekken.

  86. free games says:

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  87. All Trojan’s paintings still exist, scattered all over the world.

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