IGN’s Tekken Blog Featuring Katsuhiro Harada!

Our friends over at IGN have launched their Tekken blog!  First entry is by none other than the series director/producer, Katsuhiro Harada!  The blog focuses on graphical differences from past games and the newly implemented “variable full time motion blur.”  It also touches upon some interesting facts about the series and company behind it.  Click below for the full story!


33 Responses to IGN’s Tekken Blog Featuring Katsuhiro Harada!

  1. tekken lover says:


  2. ....... says:

    Some things were interesting, like the weird-shaped building and stuff, but if he talks any more about full motion blur I’m pulling my hair out, lol

  3. Fleakitten says:

    “Thanks to our fans, the TEKKEN series (through to TEKKEN 5) has sold 33 million copies worldwide, with 28 million of that sold outside of Japan! So needless to say, we receive a majority of fan feedback and requests from the U.S. and Europe.”

    If the Tekken series has sold so much outside of Japan and the demand for Tekken games are the highest in in the west ( before the advent of the 360 ) then what was the reason they’re porting the game to the 360 again?

    • ....... says:

      Because things changed and Sony’s system isn’t the leading platform this generation.

      • Blind Ghost says:

        it should be, hell that should be the only system to exist this Gen, I’d rather have Sega as competition that MS.

        at least i know sega will deliver some original games and not bribe a bunch of companies to port JAPANESE games over to their console.

      • Demon180 says:

        ps3 out sold 360 in japan

      • Ayumi says:

        Who wants the leader board anyway?!

    • Blind Ghost says:

      Flea kitten

      hes trying to excuse the 360 port by saying that, that comment made by harada has no foundation, nor does it make any sense, we all know it, its about money, thats what he needs to say.

      I was pissed when i first heard the news, but as long as they dont screw up the PS3 version or cut corners i’ll keep my cool.

      if they do nerf the PS3 version, over that Poor excuse of a console The 360″ I’ll Fucking Raise hell.

      They know that if they cut corners that crap will be blogged and tiwttered all over the world. even though we didnt play the Arcade version, the Japanese players can tell if the PS3 version is downgraded, if anything there should be a slight upgrade on the PS3 not a downgrade. since its running on the PS3 hardware

      I could give two shits about equality, i own a superior console thats not my problem.

  4. tekken lover says:

    @…..says, let me guess u have xbox

    • ....... says:

      I have an Xbox in addition to a PS3 and a Wii. I really only use the PS3, though.

      But why are you acting like I knocked the PS3? The 360’s leading the generation as of now.

  5. Blind Ghost says:

    That’s bullshit, 360 isnt leading shit, they count shipped as sold , further more they count replaced XBOX360’s from places like best buy and circuit city as sold as well. don’t make me laugh, they havnt even released the number for how many new console they had to ship to people who had thier consoles broken for the 5th or 6th time.

    at least sonys numbers are solid, cause the death rate of that console is like .01% not to mention they count sold as sold.

  6. MarkMan says:

    Yes, lets get off the whole 360 vs PS3 issue.

    I don’t want to see it anymore.

  7. ZeroX says:

    Release a demo already on the PSN Store. I’ve wasted so much money on Tekken 6/BR already lol.

  8. Ayumi says:

    Things you enjoy wasting are not wasted.

  9. crazeye says:


  10. MarkMan says:

    Again, if things continue I’ll just lock comments.

  11. Blind Ghost says:

  12. tekken lover says:

    zeroX at least you play tekken6br at arcade, here in chicago arcade is prety much dad, i could settle with tekken arcade untill it comes to ps3 eventhough i am not use to playing with arcade stick, it makes me angry when all the good stuff only goes to LA

  13. chad90 says:

    ther is 2 tekken6 br arcade near me but im not good with arcade stick

  14. Divine Fang says:

    Katsuhiro mentioned a possible ON/OFF option for the “motion-blur” feature in T6. I think that’s important if you want to make screenshots for your tekken fan blog or web.

  15. tekken lover says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v?v=S0fNASTixs8 sorry this is a correct address to all lars fans check out the latest vids of lars right here, this account give good quality matches i just found out about this

  16. tekken lover says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0fNAStixs8 sorry i made a mistake again this is a correct address

  17. Fleakitten says:

    What’s the huge surprise about? Got anything to do with a Tekken 6 demo for PSN? Yes please!

  18. Demon says:

    the arcades in new jersey has no tekken6

    they on have tekken 3

  19. Nen Nishiki says:

    For the whole NBG Team… Are you going to stop your support for the PSP SLim & Fat??? Considering that PSP GO is already confirmed that it is going to be released. Thanks in advance.

  20. masson08 says:

    j’aimerais vous parler des personnages de tekken 7.Premièrement j’aimerais revoir tous les personnages de tekken 6 mais j’aimerais bien aussi que harada réssuscite Jun Kazama,Michelle Chang et aussi Jinpachi Mishima d’ailleurs j’aimerais bien aussi que Bob perde du poids.

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