TEKKEN 6 Wins “BEST FIGHTING GAME” Award From GameSpot!

GameSpot just unveiled their picks for the Editors’ Choice E3 2009 awards!  Nominated for the BEST FIGHTING GAME category along with Marvel VS Capcom 2 (PS3, Xbox 360), Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny (PSP), Tatsunoko VS Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars (Wii), and The King of Fighters XII (PS3, Xbox 360)… TEKKEN 6 has emerged victorious as the stand out fighting game of the show!  Why?  Check out the full article below!

SOURCE – GameSpot: E3 09 Editors’ Choice Awards

A special kudos to the GameSpot crew as it is evident that they are the only ones who got this award right.


27 thoughts on “TEKKEN 6 Wins “BEST FIGHTING GAME” Award From GameSpot!


    Ever since TEKKEN 2 it pretty muched Owned Every 3d Fighting game out there in sense of style , depth , and creativity.

    Its just nowe getting recognized because of the INTERNETSSS, that was the only thing keeping it with the MAIN fighting CROWED and not leting it spread its wings now that HD streaming is out and Flahs site like yotube its out, a lot more people know about it.

    Im just glad im One of the OG’s ive been playing Tekken since TEKKEN 2, no one can say shit to me about tekken that i already dont know. i use to fucking walk an Hour from my house when i was 13 just so i can lay the game at FUNCOLAND when it was on the PS1, every day LOL.

    then i got a JOB and that was my first game, that i picked up by the time i got a job it was already greatest Hits but i still got it as my First game.

    and its been a tradition ever since when ever i get a sony console TEKKEN would be my first game.

    PS2 my first game was TEKKEN TAG



  2. Finally, no more runner up crap. I don’t care if they won an award for Best Game with the name Tekken 6, at least they won something, unlike 1up…:P

  3. Well to be honest I think the runners up shouldn’t even be considered contenders to Tekken’s crown. TvC could be a nice game like the others but not on par with Tekken. Maybe Soulcalibur:BD could be close, but thinking how T6 stresses PS3 hardware, the others aren’t even close.

    My two cents.

    P.S. Playing Tekken from the start makes ppl OGs? I started with T1 in the ‘cades I am an old OG then? ;)

    1. yes you are, more than me even.

      what about you markman whats your story ?? how old where you when you started playing TEKKEN ??

      1. :Bows head:

        Thank you for letting me know BG man :) What are our gang’s colors? Gonna display them…

  4. Having played all the games at the show… I am shocked that TVC won all those awards.

    TEKKEN 6 was displayed prominently in both the Sony and Microsoft booths. At the NB Games booth there were EIGHT setups for both consoles and TWO arcade machines. There was a small 4 wall pavilion decked out with art from the game. It was most definitely a big deal.

    Tatsunoko VS Capcom had a good presence in the Capcom booth and uh… shirts? I’m glad it’s coming out and all but seriously. The game didn’t take off in the competitive scene and it’s not really doing anything in Japan despite it being an SBO/Tougeki game this year.

    1. TvC is overrated. I really can’t figure out why those other sites are freaking out over it. The characters are fun for otaku but… come on. It’s in no way a serious fighter. Anyway, most of the mainstream sites know crap about fighters. Good think Gamespot did the right thing.

    2. Yeah there had to have been at least 14-16 T6 setups in total including the cabs at E3. TvC had just that…one? WAT

  5. We asian watched animation produced by Tatsunoko since our childhood, gotchamen, the golden lighter, etc, they are our beloved heroes.

    Capcom did a good job in producing this game, and make it even better by adding many mini games in the console version. however, even Tatsunoko VS Capcom is a fun game, however, it is not a serious fighting game like Tekken. It should not win the best fighting game award.

  6. MYK ur a fucking asshole i play against u in SUPER ARCADE T6 and i fucking hate
    go fuck urself and ur LARS. FUUUUUCK U

  7. @……Says okay so you hate myc cuz he is using lars???? thats stupid i dont go around and criticize people beacuse they are using lili since i personally believe lili is one of the cheapest character in tekken.. so if you dont like hid fighting style dont play against him thats all

  8. @wing, think before you open your mouth. i said if i lose i am not gonna go and insult him or her just because i dont like character thats all, and yes i believe lili is a broken chracter but like i said thats my opponion,

    1. @tekken lover, think before you open your mouth. I say this to someone who lose and think that it is because the opponent is using a top-tier and insults others. I don’t think you are this person, right?

  9. TEKKEN IS THE BEST FIGHTING GAME IN THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!! it is much better than mortal combat………. guys tekken can beat any game’s ass!!!!!!!! TEKKEN IS THE KING OF GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U all are suckers who think that mortal combat is better than tekken because tekken is better than any mortal combat shit :P

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