SDTEKKEN.COM has now over 4 MILLION hits! Thanks to everyone for supporting us!  We’ve got a special announcement for everyone in the Southern California TEKKEN Community, which we should be revealing very soon!  Stay Tuned!  Click below for a special message from our staff!


Hello everyone!

This is Mark (MarkMan) and I’d like to thank everyone who has visited, commented, and even trolled this website. We officially relaunched this site in Feb. of 2007 with a different perspective. We wanted to help provide Tekken news and information to fans and competitive Tekken players all over the world.

SD TEKKEN is a strong contingent of gamers in San Diego, California. Over the past 10 years we have enjoyed our lives and free time through the bonds/friendships we have made through this wonderful game. Once TEKKEN 6 finally hits home consoles, SDTEKKEN.COM will relaunch once again. This time with hopes to be the ULTIMATE Tekken site for the aspiring Tekken player/fan. We plan on launching video podcasts, interview podcasts, full frame data, online guides, and more!

In working closely with Namco Bandai Games Inc., we are proud to say that this is a year that TEKKEN fans will not forget. With that said. Its a great time to be alive. Everyone be safe, be smart, and enjoy TEKKEN with friends.

I’d like to give a special thanks to the following people/communities for making SDTEKKEN a project that I love and will continue to support until I die:

Castel, slikatel, drumdude, Deschieftekken3auno, Catlord, tragic, SHGL, MIC, CaliPower, shauno, QDogg, MrWizard, SPMAN, #thereal, insanelee, 725, SVGL, Arario, Electric Cancel, tomhilfiger, KOFTEKKEN, VPT/c_p, insomnotek, AKSYS Games, Katsuhiro Harada, In Joon Hwang, Rob Ely, Namco Bandai Games, Inc., WCMaxi, ReDFooT, JoeKing, NORCAL, SOCAL, FilthyRich, StridaJin, elbowkilla, tensaikun, TwentyOne, Eurotekken, Central California, Vegas crew, AZ crew, EVOLUTION Staff, SRK, s-kill, Tony Cannon, Tom Cannon, jchensor, ShinJN, Comic-Con Staff, Ken Kendall, GamesOn, Arc Systemworks, Capcom, YJDK, new school and old school fighting gamers, #tekken, #capcom, Le0wnage, SD TEKKEN old & new (& our families), my daughter, SD Capcom players, MarkClub, arcade stick communities, SRK Tech Talk, Per and his crew at Akihabara Shop, Mad Catz family, Hori, Lizard Lick, Reno and Versus City, haunts & crew at iplaywinner, Kotaku, NeoGAF, CheapyD and CheapAssGamer community, CAG FGT regulars, Princess Aurora, Masakun, Korean Tekken, Japanese Tekken, Philippine Tekken, IAMTEKKEN, GetYourTournament, Tekken-Nation, TekkenZone, Tekken Central, Bamsaem, inatekken, Hong Kong Tekken community, feichunwong, Empire Arcadia, Sabin, justinw, EC Tekken, ATL friends, Extravaganza series, and my main crew in SDT headquarters. Also thanks to exec board Ace R. and n8nmonster.

Thanks to you all! Sorry if I forgot anyone…


Thank you to everyone that’s come to enjoy our website.  From our daily Tekken news and reference areas of our website to the latest in arcade stick information and competitive fighting community updates, we hope you continue to enjoy what we’ve put together and what we’ve planned to come.

Big thanks also go out to those that have come to and enjoyed our events.  From planning out how equipment and such should be arranged to thinking of new ways of how to make an event even better than the last, you’ll be sure to have a good time when SDTEKKEN is there.  Hope to see you more in the future!


39 Responses to SDTEKKEN 4 MILLION HITS!!

  1. Nydrin says:

    Good shit Markman. This place gonna get blazing when T6 hits consoles officially. Also, send me bb thanks.

  2. thelonegamer says:

    Congratulations, Markman! This IS indeed the one and only home for Tekkenites online. More power and More Tekken to come! ^_^

  3. LOLman says:

    Awesome. I prob contributed like a three thousand lol

  4. sdbrookes says:

    :) good stuff :)

  5. Farhan says:

    “This is Mark (MarkMan) and I’d like to thank everyone who has visited, commented, and even trolled this website.”

    lol. good one

  6. SolRahlX says:

    Man looks like I got picked a good time to start coming around to this website.

  7. Mishima1 says:

    congratulations markman and all sdtekken staff! ;)
    keep working like this!

  8. coilover2005 says:

    CONGRATS SD! You deserve it =)


  9. dbostick says:

    Congrats, guys, I sure come here quite often for up-to-date Tekken news.

  10. Yabusamaro says:

    Thank you all for everything. Tekken will never die. Regards from Tenerife!

  11. Malakai says:

    congratulations! SDtekken is my favourite place for anything tekken or arcadestick related info, and ive never even been to san diego! or the states for that matter! :D

  12. ladyjin says:

    Hey mark
    i visit sdtekken every day and love it !
    we want to see more ^^

    Good work <3

  13. 16 Bit says:


  14. metadata says:

    THX Markman, it’s a very good site!

  15. aaahfgdh says:


    very easy to navigate

    site is gorgeous!

  16. PhantomJ says:

    You are pretty much the ultimate info site. Of course, Tekken Zaibatsu takes the ultimate overall title, but your site is right next to it. I truly appreciate your work!

  17. Brian says:

    Congrats. Zaibatsu for the forums, this for the news. The video podcasts and all that sounds good.

  18. Masakun says:

    Thanks for the shoutout — congrats on OVER FOUR MILLION hits!

  19. Dnaiel says:

    Congrats Markman you should deserve it of all tekkens fans

  20. Daniel says:

    Congratulation Markman you should deserve it and of all tekken fans.

  21. VPT says:


  22. matrixmatt says:

    you guys are my homepage…..your that good.

  23. Autocrat1 says:

    Vegeta approves. *Ki-draining nod*

  24. KENTOIRC says:


  25. Blind Ghost says:

    Ya , i ve been to many other tekken sites and i have to say as far as info goes, This is the best site HANDS DOWN.

    you guys arer always ahead of the pack when tekken news is involved. Great Job markman and the SD tekken community keep up the good work.

  26. JinVs.Kazuya says:

    yo Markmen you got Tekken fans all way from Brownsville Brooklyn
    keep up the good work my dude

  27. gmbluedestiny says:

    Gratz guys :)

  28. suikenuser says:

    congrats guys! can’t wait until we hit 5 million or more! I’ll be there for you guys always!

  29. SolRahlX says:

    Man I’ve been lurking here and in TZ for 5 years now.

    ; _ ; I was still a teenager back then… now I’m old…

  30. ched90 says:


  31. Unmaker says:

    Grats SDTekken! Thanks for all of your effort and time, the Tekken community appreciates it.

    Excellent banner by the way.

  32. JinUAE says:

    congrats, keep up the good work
    btw, i visit ur site on daily basis.
    u r my favorite tekken site.

  33. tekken lover says:

    good job

  34. zak says:

    i got a question the Limited Edition Tekken 6 Samurai Pack Downloadable has only 1 custom for yochimitsu and flags i mean is ther another custom for the others players in the samurai pack ?

  35. AVIE says:

    congrats to markman and the sdt team who are mostly pinoys.hehe!!! keep up the good work.hehe!!!

  36. MoralDemon says:

    SDTekken is like a free Tekken package, you get tourney updates, home arcade sticks (which, btw, I thought never existed before I visited this site), important and fluff pieces of Tekken news and info.

    Congrats! I’ll be sure to keep visiting everyday and more power, man!

  37. haunts says:

    Good shit MarkMan! Thanks for the shout out and we will keep supporting you – keep up the awesome work!

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