Ladies Of TEKKEN 6 At Comic-Con 2009!

Despite Comic-Con 2009’s TEKKEN room being a male dominated event, there were quite a few ladies in attendance. Some were there to support their boyfriends, some came to watch the best of the best battle, and some even showed up to compete. Slowly but surely the number of girls interested in TEKKEN 6 is growing. What girl doesn’t love a good fight right? So watch out fellas, you might be at the receiving end of a rage wall combo finish at your next tournament, and it won’t be MarkMan or Ace R. next to you, it may be one of the lovely ladies below!

(NOTE: This was blatantly ripped off from Terry @ Kineda for his Ladies of SFIV at EVO2009 Feature!)

28 Responses to Ladies Of TEKKEN 6 At Comic-Con 2009!

  1. Terry Ng says:

    LOL… Talk about lazy! :) Nice pics and at least you gave me a shout out. ;)

  2. Styv says:

    Ladies? Hm well, the more the merrier. And if I get thrashed by one of them I could just ask her out to get some relief from defeat… I think I’ll loose on purpose, eheh.

  3. Call2Arms says:


  4. Tenshimitsu says:

    I’m a girl myself, I’m doing pretty fine… too bad there aren’t too many girls playing advanced TK. I feel quite lonely.

    • QueenWasp says:

      It could be worse: you could be a girl, live in cencal where no one plays Tekken, there’s only one decent arcade but it only has 5.0, and you also only have an xbox… I can only hope that Tekken adoption on the 360 is good, but I will be at EVO next year no matter what though! Hopefully I can meet more girls that are great at Tekken there ^_^

  5. shortboy says:

    hahah G xD.

  6. Val says:

    Are there ladies who play tekken at a high level? I’ve only seen a few good ones but they play around mid to high level play. Never seen a gal who can play even with the best of the best.

  7. Tenshimitsu says:

    Val, and do YOU play with the best of the best? ;)
    Hardly anyone can. :)

    As for my level, I cannot judge for myself. I can only forward you to one of my fights:

    QueenWasp – I can compete only in Europe as long as the console games will be underrated in eSport. Competitive PC games have much better market and sponsorship. :/ Without being in any kind of team or clan, I won’t be able to travel far abroad.

  8. Mundo says:

    Aww, no one got the pics of the Christie cosplayer?

    But yeah, the number of women actually playing the game was impressive (didn’t have time to see how good they were, but they were staying around and getting a feel of the game). One of the ones I spoke with actually forced the rest of her friends to check the room out, so they can get several games going.

    Makes me wish I didn’t volunteer for the rest of the con, and not be able to attend any of the tourneys :(

  9. Val says:


    I consider myself a high level player but not the best of the best. I said what I said because I see many girl players in the arcades, some are very good but when it comes to high level play they can’t really keep up. Tekken arcade in the Phils is very active specially in Manila, you’ll meet a lot of very good players, sometimes Koreans too.

  10. x-raze says:



  11. Ace R. says:

    The best girl player the Tekken community has seen is Weirdgonzo… the wife of USMCOgre. Her greatest accomplishment to date IMO is when she beat Bronson in a tournament. If you all don’t know who Bronson is you better ask somebody lol. But yea she’s been kicking ass since the SHGL days and has mashed heads in at past Evo’s as well. Hopefully she plays BR

  12. Jimmy "ShinJN" Nguyen says:

    I asked the ladies to come up to the stage after the finals ended, but no one came up. Otherwise, there would have been more pics of the lovely ladies for Mark to post.

    Oh well, there is always next year and I’ll have my camera ready.

  13. Insomnia Ninja says:

    The fact that they’re women has nothing to do with them not playing and winning at high level play. Women play video games less than men, and thus, are less likely to be at the top from lack of experience (especially competitive fighting games). Simple as that. In other words, the more experience they gain, the better they’ll get. Common sense.

    The number of female Tekken players is slowly, but surely, growing. And yeah, Weirdgonzo is a damn good Tekken player. People need to get over the sex of the player and look at the player as a person.

  14. tekken lover says:

    i would sleep with all of them

  15. Tekmasgirl says:

    Well am a girl and I look forward to playing
    against the best of the best and high level players
    when Tekken 6 comes out. Most people around where
    I live at are surprise to find me as a girl playing

  16. Onegai James says:

    sexiest is pic #1 hands down. TANTALIZING!!!

  17. shortboy says:

    I was talking with In Joon and he was surprised that there were a lot of female fans showing up. He also said that Namco recently did a statistic on the female fans and found that a majority of them were Asian and African-American. Surely enough while I was down at the Namco Bandai booth rolling posters, a good handful of the female fans that were excited about the poster and game were either Asian or African-American.

  18. Tenshimitsu says:

    Well said, Insomnia Ninja.

    Also, the important thing is that a girl should stumble upon games at early age. It concerns everybody: the earlier you start, the better you become. I started playing competitive games at the age of 11.

  19. MarkMan says:

    My daughter *in one of the pics above* loves Tekken and BlazBlue. She’s learning how to play them :)

  20. Tenshimitsu says:

    So you’re growing the future mistress of Tekken :)

  21. Val says:

    Yeah sexiest pic is #1! Those 2 hotties in bikinis makes me lulz!

  22. Insomnia Ninja says:


    Yes, it is an important step to become involved with games at an earlier age. The key; however, is whether or not they stay involved. We’re in a time where “gaming” is becoming increasingly common, so I wouldn’t say it’s a stretch to see more ladies kicking ass out there as the days go by. I also think it’s vital that the Tekken community remains open-minded to potential new players.

    And to keep this comment a little on topic, nice pictures.

  23. Cody says:

    im a lady that plays at a high lvl

  24. tommy says:

    Wow I cant believe who is computing all these spam posts. Your content is on topic and it attracts many amounts of these forms posts. all the best and thanks for the work!

  25. twintalon says:

    i say that yes its rare to see a female player but i know a few i support them and help them as needed i play at high lvl i played maddogjin in his final tern. befor he was drafted in tekken dr so now i teach others for thats all one nneds to learn a game guidence

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