BlazBlue Contest Winners!

Better late than never eh?  A big congratulations to our two BlazBlue “The Wheel Of Fate Is Turning!” contest winners!  Dizzynecro from SRK won a PS3 copy of BlazBlue Limited Edition and Justin & Anna, the sibling baking duo, also won a PS3 copy of BlazBlue!  Click below to check out their entries!  Special thanks to everyone who entered and AKSYS GAMES for the prizes!

Justin & Anna’s Entry – BlazBlue Baking

Dizzynecro’s Entry – A Picture Show


9 thoughts on “BlazBlue Contest Winners!

    1. Come on now, no hard feelings. I liked your video a lot, but I wasn’t the only judge for this. I do appreciate your support/entry and enthusiasm though.

  1. lol, this is exactly why i hate contests. they break families and friendships.

    but on a serious note, it is a fucking contest, ive had my personal favortie shot down before. so that’s why i dont even bother anymore. now… i go down to gamestop and buy my copy.

    Im a winner everytime.

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