TEKKEN CRASH Season 2 is now underway!  Korea’s awesome televised series featuring TEKKEN 6: Bloodline Rebellion has just finished it’s first round of qualifiers!  Click below to check out some of the action!

Special thanks to Jon747 for uploading these awesome matches!

Check our TEKKEN 6 section for more updates!


27 thoughts on “TEKKEN CRASH Season 2! FIGHT!

    1. you think shes cute you should go to korea, Korean girls are the finest, i honestly think they are cuter than japanese chicks, cause they eyes tend to be more slanted than the japanese girls.

  1. Damn man watching these matches is a great way to look at the customazation, and it is fucking deep. i just saw like 4 diffrent possible lei customazation in just 3 fights.

  2. is tekken 6 gna b released 27 october worldwide is it going to cum in the uk oct 27 coz im panicking im gna probably go mental hospital i cant take it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Can someone tell me where to buy custom or stock Happ sticks anymore? Seems everything is Sanwa or Seimitsu these days and I’m trying to find a good Happ.

  4. i really desperately want to know when tekken 6 is coming out in the uk please if any 1 can answer me this question it would b really appreciated. thanks

  5. r u sure tekken 6 is gna b a worldwide release date on october 27th im sure they wont delay a uk version till november for christ sakes thats when the psp version cums out like street fighter 4 it came out in the same month

  6. A lot of south korean celebs go through face jobs.
    They are so cute cuz they have naturally white skin. Well, that’s obviously my personal opinion. Comparing
    filos to koreans, whiter is wayyyyy better. fk, im gonna get shot here.
    And yakssss, in aus it’s coming in november so it still is a worldwide release. Just that other countries will get it around a week later. If you
    think about it Japan and NA always get games first and then other countries usually get it few days later. Few days aren’t gonna kill u, or will they!?

  7. KOREAN, VIET, annnd, i dont know where to go from there, oh ya THAI. THAI chiks are kinda hot.

    just asian in general really. asian chicks and latinas, white chiks are liek the LAAAAAST ones on my list.

    No color , no originality, no slanted eyes or a cute nose. theres just nothing there, maybe red heads, but thats a maybe. and ive heard they are 2 timing skank ass bitches.

    can i get some confirmation on that last one

    plzz !?!?!

  8. The final’s just ended. Results:

    1. Specialist: Rain, Only Practice, Prince
    2. Dubious: Ji3Moon Ace, Atung, Bacus
    3. Triple.V: ParkWooJung, ChunLae, KimShinYoung
    4. Top Players: Tuhon, ShimShaJul, Deja Vu

  9. is it true tekken 6 is going to b released 4 europe uk one month later coz i found out in a uk popular brand called argos that they will deliver tekken 6 to your door on september 18th tell me this aint true coz argos is one of the popular brands in the uk

  10. I just needed to say that I found your site via Goolge and I am glad I did. Keep up the good work and I will make sure to bookmark you for when I have more free time away from the books. Thanks again!

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