We’re finally back from PAX! The 2009 Penny-Arcade Expo played host to over 75,000 + gamers from all over the world for one action packed weekend of video game fun!  SD TEKKEN and our friends at Namco Bandai Games were on hand to give thousands of gamers a chance to experience the fight of their life with TEKKEN 6!  Click below for our full report!

Seattle, Washington.  I remember it well.  It was a in the mid fifties, rainclouds lurking like vultures, and the cool breeze made sure we all remembered… We’re not in Southern California anymore.  It was a nice change of pace from the scorching weather that we’ve been experiencing lately in San Diego.

PAX fever was in full swing.  Downtown Seattle was riddled with gamers.  You could point them out from a mile away, in fact you probably wanted to otherwise you’d be able to pick them out via smell.  Working together with our great friends at Namco Bandai we held a series of TEKKEN 6 tournaments (one for each day of PAX).

The reception/interest that TEKKEN 6 garnered was amazing!  About 300 gamers signed up for the weekend of tournaments and we gave away big prizes to each day’s champion.  On day one Seattle’s very own EBM and Super Joe went head to head for the daily championship.  At the end EBM’s Eddy sent Super Joe’s Jack-6 to the scrap pile with a decisive victory to claim a PlayStation 3 Slim console!

On day 2, a new set of challengers stepped forth as nganfiction’s Law/Nina took on Monked’s Alisa in a very close final set where ngangfiction barely squeaked out the victory!

On the final day of PAX, in somewhat dramatic fashion, the runners up from day 1 and 2 ended up making it to the championship match!  Monked and his Alisa would take on Super Joe and his Jack-6 in an epic super robot war!  Super Joe pushed himself to victory securing the final prize of the show.  Seattle ended up holding down the fort against all comers claiming the title for each and every day of PAX!  Congratulations to all the winners!

A very special shout out to all Namco Bandai staff and our wonderful TEKKEN cosplayers that helped make the event cheerful and run smooth!  Thanks guys!

Another special thanks to the Seattle fighting game scene! It was nice to hang out/chill during the long weekend! We hope to see you guys at future TEKKEN events!

For more PAX photos, please check out our gallery here:

September 2009 – Penny-Arcade Expo 2009 – Seattle, Washington

And check out this video!

63 Responses to TEKKEN 6 PAX 2009 ROUND UP!

  1. Super Joe says:

    Yes, SD Tekken is the truth!

    Thanks for the good times and the Tekken 6 Freeplay all weekend, lol.

    PSN Handle : Tekken_Joe

  2. Deezo says:

    It was hella dope meeting you guys and getting games in. You guys are hella cool. Alex is a fuggin beast in SFIV lol. I’m definitely trying to kick it with you guys again sometime word. I’ll copy Jesse and leave my xbl tag.

    360 Handle : Tha Deezo

  3. SuPaSuPau says:

    I swear I think I went to high school with that school girl ling o_o

    who woulda thought that she was more into tekken then I was and that seattle had such a great tekken scene…

    now if only we could get more then one measly BR cabinet at gameworks

  4. TEKKEN 6 is coming let the ass whooping begin

    PSN Handle :SilentDragon180

  5. Juhasz says:

    so the winner prize was a ps3 slim i wonder why not an xbox360

    • MarkMan says:

      They had a choice of either console.

      • Blind Ghost says:

        Hey markman i was wondering. for real think you can get me one of those SD-TEKKEN STAFF T-Shirts.

        I like that its plain and only has the tekken 6 logo on the front and a number on the back.

        think you can hook me up man ??

      • MarkMan says:

        We’re working on making more SD TEKKEN shirts, we’ll probably sell them here on the site.

        We might have to change it a bit as we don’t want any copyright issues with our friends at Namco Bandai. But look out for some cool stuff in our store when we relaunch the site next month.

      • Blind Ghost says:

        Hell-yeah, i would get the Tap-out shirts but man i dont even like TAP-OUT. so if you guy can come out wiht just some basic badass tekken t-shirts. i would buy it in a second.

      • ICEYOUCOLD says:

        I dont know how long i can wait for this god damn game :(
        I really cant wait any longer. . .
        I need a demo or something too reduce the pain. . .

  6. TCO-TheOne says:

    I wish i could have been there good shit, can’t wait lets get it on.

  7. TCO-TheOne says:

    You know TEKKEN is the shit when SPIDERMAN drops through to play a couple of rounds lol.

  8. The-white-wing says:

    The ‘FRAG Dolls’ are Fu*%ing Awesome!
    Tekken 6 FTW

    PSN ID:The-White-Wing

  9. tekkenlover says:

    markman didnt know you are heihachi fan, his time is up, there was time when he was the champ in tekken but that time sure has past, lars will be the best mishima. lars forever

  10. tekkenlover says:

    damn how many pictures u guys got? it took me 10 minutes to go through all of them LOVED IT, markman yes finally when you took pictures with those hot three girls, u smiled…. cuz last time i saw your pic with some other chicks and it was like you were coming back from funeral

  11. TCO-TheOne says:

    I’m sorry Heihachi will always be the king wait to he get his shit back all that they know will suffer lol.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      gotta have respect for Heihachi man. he Started Tekken.

      I dont play him but i got mad respect for him as a character. did Kazuya and Jin survive a point Blank Explosion. and come back to tell about it.

  12. larm says:

    Why are both those Lings grabbing people’s crotches? And when did Bryan Fury get infected with AIDS, I thought he was a robot or something? Can robots even get AIDS? And what’s up with that scary albino in the back? He’s seems to have gotten a whiff of some kind of unpleasant odour.

    • Ling Xiaoyu says:

      I never noticed. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA oh god. *Savepic*

      Bryan is a special robot.

  13. MarkMan says:

    I’ll put this up on the site tomorrow, but check out this cool new T6 X360 commercial from Japan:

  14. TCO-TheOne says:

    Wow…Japan commercials are always intense,i love it though lol.

  15. TCO-TheOne says:

    He is trying so hard she whooped that ass lol.

  16. farhan says:

    lmao at the dance video

  17. tekkenlover says:

    yeah thats the pic

  18. garfield says:

    i feel sorry for xbox users

    theyre forced to actually get the joystick bundle pack…

    if someone can play with those big controllers for tekken 6

    i admire them

    • SolRahlX says:

      PS3 and 360 controllers blow chunks to me. My hands are too big to play on those tiny pieces of plastic. I can only use an arcade stick for fighting games.

  19. Blind Ghost says:

    ya man agreed, im flawless wiht my PS3 controller i can pull anymove with ease. but XBOX 360 users have it rough.

  20. The Devil, Kazuya says:

    Man, some of that cosplaying is fail personified lolz.

    As for the whole PS3 vs Xbox thing with control

    yep the 360 pad is crap. But There was this little game called Streetfight IV that came out ealier this year so I already have one of the best arcade sticks money can buy (SFIV TE) for the home

    Been testing it out on tekken 5 emulated on my PC (my playstation 2 broke but original disk) and it is flawless. So nope no problems for me with xbox360 tekken 6, also My friend has been playing on the other side with a 360 pad, and he says he is actually surprised because he finds it fine….

    He is a very good pad player though ….

  21. The Devil, Kazuya says:

    btw I love kazuya, and I feel he needs to be champion again cause he was the original king of iron fist and namco have been giving him a hard time since his fall from the top, but yeah you have to have respect for the old man, he is a meat axe!

  22. Blind Ghost says:

    the Intro in TEKKEN 5 almost made me cry. seeing Fahter and Son whooping ass together and chain linking combos together was just fucking badass.

  23. School girl Ling says:

    We had so much fun at the booth! Thanks for everythiiing =D
    the dancing video is great

    oh and…one of the best photos taken: http://i27.tinypic.com/2qc15hi.jpg

  24. Blind Ghost says:

    LOL , Steve Got owned, but dont fuck with his Fly Swatter. that shit is serious.
    i he starts weaving bck and forth , just know that its gonna happen.

  25. Blind Ghost says:

    One of the Worst SNK games ever created. skip to 1:56 to get what i mean.

  26. Blind Ghost says:

    SNK Use to be The best when it came to 2d Fighters.

    To be honest SNK pretty much was the KING of anything 2d ,Capcom didnt even compare. but at the same time that was SNK’s Problem. that’s all they did was 2d games.

    Capcom on the other hand expanded into other games and grew as a company SNK stayed mainly focused on 2d fighters.

    BUt nah man SNK was the KING of 2d. but recently it hasnt been working out too well for them. i agree wiht you KOF XII did suck ass.

    but i still love them for thier clasics.


    If anything CAPCOM needs to take some tips from KOF in character design and Imagination.

    they have like 5 fucking ryus and kens. they need to leave the Shotos behind and start thinking up some new characters.

    SNK has 6 fighters that were all very very succefull in the arcade buisness.


    • ICEYOUCOLD says:

      We all know who is best at 3d fighters and that is namco ;) and its NOT sega >:(

      There is nothing fun about the Virtua Fighter games. The music is SUX and droaning. The specials are dull and crummy. The speed is slower than sluggish and the gameplay is deader than a graveyard.

      The characters are clear rip offs of characters from the Street fighter and Tekken games.

      Oh yes and Virtua fighter is not realistic, when I jump I dont think I slowly hover to the floor or when I knock someone over I dont think it takes them half a millenia to get up.And Virtua fighter fanboys,Your just making up excuses for Virtua Fighters slow downs and fatal flaws.

      TEKKEN is NOT a rip off of Virtua Fighter.

      I rest my case
      Virtua fighter is a slow repetitive boring old series that has long since past its sell by date

  27. Blind Ghost says:

    ICEYOUCOLD : believe it or not a lot of what tekken has today was from SEGAS Virtua Fighter. Tekken is not a rip off from VF, however you’d be lying if you said that tekken didnt take anything from VF. heres a list of what i know tekken took from VF.

    1.side stepping
    2. Ranking system
    3. Customazation of characters

    Im sure theres more , maybe Markman knows more cause thats all i know.

    But what i do know is that VF is a pioneer to modern 3d Fighting games, a lot of their concepts and ideas got taken by TEKKEN and DOA and other 3d fighters, and for that i respect VF, I play Goh in VF, in fact thats how i got started.

    my first VF was VF4 EVO as soon as i saw goh i was like i have to get that game. and i didnt like it at first cause it was diffrent from tekken and the Roser as boring. but what i did appreciate was that its a very deep fighter.

    theres not much juggling but its the most Realistic 3d fighter out there. All the fighting styles are pretty much direct counter-parts to the real Martial arts that are practiced in the real world.

    and believe it or not there some things i want tekken to get from VF, like the SIDE STEP ON DEMAND i dont know what its called…but you tap up and a certain button combination and you side step almost half way. It catches opponent off-guard everytime and i like that about VF it makes for very excing matches.

    so before you go around saying TEKKEN THIS AND TEKKEN THAT ! Pay respect to VF ! for making tekken what it is today. because if it wasnt for VF we wouldnt have Character Customazations, we Wouldnt have ranking system.

    id say the only weakness of VF is cosmetic, they just need more intresting characters and better voice actors. other than that VF is a solid fighter and i would really wish VF5 R would make it to the PS3. cause i would love to go Pro with ” GOH HINOGAMI” online, cause the arcade AI is just too cheap, it grabs waaay too much.

    VF fucking owns man. hope that petition gets to sega AM2 to bring VF5R to PS3, i signed that petition 6 times LOL XD.

    • ICEYOUCOLD says:

      Yes but namco took what VF made. . .and made it better. . .
      And thats why tekken is better then virtua fighter ;)
      plus Tekken’s characters are way faster :)


      • Blind Ghost says:

        LMAO, ok yes your right, TEKKEN did take VF’s Idea and did Improve it, i agree. But If VF didnt come along with the idea to begin with ;)..Would we have Character Customazation ??

        Im not saying VF is better than Tekken i Like tekken more than i do VF. But im saying Give Credit Where Credits Due.

    • ICEYOUCOLD says:

      lets not forget tekken was the first too use customizeable items as weapons ;)
      Tekken’s gameplay is alot faster then virtua fighter and funner.
      The only fighting game i have the most respect for is Street fighter. . .because IT WAS REALLY THE fighting game that made ALL fighting games what they are today :)
      Im sorry but i just dont have any respect for VF really. . .the chracters tag lines are SO LAME!!
      Thats a fact. . .
      The graphics on the other hand are beautiful. . .but thats it in my opinion.

      VF5R,sega might as well sell it as a EXPANSION PACK for VF5.
      also VF’s popularity has died down alot threw the years. . .

    • ICEYOUCOLD says:


  28. Blind Ghost says:

    VF is fun as well but Just in a Diffrent way, It is a bit slower than Tekken’s Pace, but that’s just VF’s Pace.

    did you want Namco to Invent a new Speed Setting ?? LMAO . ” IF ITS NOT TEKKEN SPEED THEN ITS SHIT !”

    can’t do that man, every game has its Pace. I know that The roster Isnt exactly as Impressive as Tekken’s Roster, TEKKEN Has expanded Greatly Over The years. and that VF hasnt made the exact same progress.

    But still The game is Fun and its a Deep fighter. if you give it a chance.

    I know the Characters are corny and have cheesy one-liners.

    LION says : YOU NUCKLEHEAD !!!! or I CAN’T LOSE !!!!

    But if you can over look that, the game has much to offer.

    Like i said all they need is to get some Edgy characters. and get rid of the horrible voice acting and i guarantee you , your opinion would change if they did that.

    and Yeah i know VF’s Respect is Dwindeling but Still its a good game it just doesnt get as much publicity as tekken does.

    and As far as Street Fighter, The only SF’s that i respect are 2

    ALPHA 3 & 3d Strike the Other SF’s were shit. IV was a rental and all this hype over that game is simply ridiculouse.

    • VenoM362 says:

      SFIV is fun, the main thing I like about is that I can listen to my music when I play. But its hard to find someone that is good at the game online. Most people just spam fireballs and do backflips all day. Thats a lame-ass style of play. SFIV is broken and cheap as shit, but fun to play with friends. I could never play SFIV at the level I play Tekken. Tekken is a thinking man’s fighter, you can’t just get lucky by spaming moves. It’s so funny to play button mashers in Tekken, they get RAPED!!! People who like SF and hate Tekken know why, sometime in there life they played Tekken and got their ass handed to them. Owwww…can’t sit in the corner and throw fireballs all day? Too bad BITCH!!! LOL
      I’m just saying…

      • Blind Ghost says:

        DAMN STRAIGHT !!!

        the oly SF’s i Respect are 2 : ALpha3 and 3d Strike. other than that the other ones were broken.

        SF2 was broken and so is IV.

        tekken is a thinking mans game. and everyone is fairplay no bullshit.

  29. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    Tekken 6 107,163 pre-orders
    Tekken 6 X360  69,195 pre-orders
    sony wins again and this is just in america ;)


  30. L_Z_N says:


    she really reminds me of Ellen Page… :Q

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