Mad Catz announced today that the initial run of Street Fighter IV FightPads and FightSticks are no longer being produced and that “Round 2” will take over!  The Mad Catz Street Fighter IV line was released earlier this year and saw rave reviews from fans and fighting game enthusiasts alike.  Round 2 brings us an all new art redesign on the Tournament Edition stick and 6 new featured characters for the FightPads.  For more information click one of the links below!


17 thoughts on “Mad Catz STREET FIGHTER IV Round 2!

  1. markman… i dont play SFIV

    im a tekken player

    would you recommend this to be use on tekken

    when tekken releases?

    a little info would be a great help

    thanks :)

  2. I’ve used both a TE and standard stick with TEKKEN 6 when I had the chance. They both work extremely well.

    In fact the TE uses the same parts as the Japanese TEKKEN 6 cabinets use.

  3. Hey Markman, will it be possible for you to release the psd of the image used for the round 2 TE stick? I’ve been looking for it forever and haven’t found a single high quality image online. Btw, these sticks are pure win, good job to the whole Madcatz team :).

  4. why u mentioning this crap game for its out of date this is a tekken site not a babyish sf site its tym for tekken 2 shine tekkens the original sucsessor of beat em up games

    1. Excuse me, I’ll mention whatever game/content I want on this site. I’m assuming you’re new here, but here at SDTEKKEN we’re all about promoting love for fighting games and arcade stuff.

  5. im sorry markman for interfering with ur intentions from where i live people who play sf4 think tekken 6 is crap thats why i hate right back on sf4

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