GameSpot Feature: TEKKEN 6 Nationals!

GAMESPOT has put up a results video for the TEKKEN 6 NATIONAL TOURNAMENT.  It highlights the last few matches and the ultimate crowning of our TEKKEN 6 National Champ ‘chetchetty’.  Check it out here:

32 Responses to GameSpot Feature: TEKKEN 6 Nationals!

  1. MarkMan says:

    I’m looking forward to NORCAL STRONG STYLE 4! ( taking place at the end of January!

    Hopefully we’ll get to see a battle of the best players in the US (Fab, MrNAPS, insanelee, chetchetty and more) go up against the best from Korea, Japan, and other Asian countries…

  2. Blind Ghost says:




  3. Blind Ghost says:

    In all honesty i Could care less forthe Best in Cali or NY because really that aint shit to me.

    But what i would like to see is EAST V.S WEST. now that .. I would Definetly Watch.

    U.S Going agaisnt the best Korea/ Japan Players/ Philipines as well. Real Hardcore Players Up there as well. not many people know.

  4. tekkenlover says:

    wow thanks for the info markman

  5. Blind Ghost says:

    For those of Us here that dont understand the Philosophy and Joy of Posting First, maybe this will Help you Understand………Enjoy.

    Its an Art know.

  6. ICEYOUCOLD says:


    Post something new so I can post THE WORD FIRST!!!

  7. P-L-A-Y-S-T-A-T-I-O-N

  8. ICEYOUCOLD says:


  9. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    Yo markman!


  10. Truerandom says:

    @Iceyoucold, How much freetime do you have?

    @Markman, do you know if there’s going to be In-Game fixes in the upcoming patch? Command Scrolling during Hold Command for example?

    • Pip says:

      ya, your right.
      He and BLIND GHOST seem to have no life

      • Blind Ghost says:

        wow pip , your the one who seems to have no life, cause yo face is all over my junk .

        if you ask me thats not having a life. since you seem to comment on every thing i do.

        first asking me if i have a girlfriend and now This.

        i go to school now, i dont have time for GIRL bullshit. all that is, is a fucking headache right now.

        so im staying away from chicks for now.

    • Truerandom says:

      That was mean…I wasn’t even implying that.

  11. schematic says:

    The east coast got a few more players that you guys have not seen. Because they didn’t go to the west coast. Gm is only slightly less as good as Fab. Then there is Bloodhawk, Naclum, Exalted, Liquid, Gangster of love, Etc I hope these guys go to strong style as well to show what the east coast has been brewing.

  12. beedub321 says:

    27TH!!!!! and who says some one has to much free time and plays video games kinda hypocritical just sayin XP

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