NAMCO BANDAI has announced the long awaited online co-op patch for TEKKEN 6’s Scenario Campaign mode.  Along with that, Mokujin will be receiving a fix for online versus mode to properly change fighting styles inbetween every round.  The free patch is due to release on Xbox Live and PSN next Monday, January 18th.  Click below for more details.


SANTA CLARA, Calif., (Jan. 12, 2010) – NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc., today announced that players can expect to download the free TEKKEN® 6 online co-op update on January 18 for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. Now for the first time in the TEKKEN series, players can join a friend online and fight side-by-side for some serious iron fist brawling.

Previously playable only as an offline single player mode with an AI companion, TEKKEN 6’s Scenario Campaign mode now let’s two players come together online and power their way through numerous stages.  Use voice chat to work together strategically and beat down vicious opponents and their legions of minions. To keep the fires of competition in the forefront, a co-op leaderboard will be implemented so players can size up their skills against the best in the world.

This update will also include the following refinement:
·    Improved Mokujin AI – In online versus mode, Mokujin’s fighting style changes with every round

TEKKEN 6 is rated “T” for Teen by the ESRB and is now available nationwide for the PlayStation 3 system and Xbox 360 with an MSRP of $59.99 as well as the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system for $39.99. For more information on TEKKEN 6, please visit: http://www.namcobandaigames.com or http://www.tekken.com.


  1. Yoshimattsu says:

    So Mokujin’s patch is only for online play? Weird… I’m glad this is coming though.. I look forward to playing online with friends in co-op!!

  2. Lestat-Valentine says:

    Of course Mokujins patch is only for online. He works perfectly fine in offline play. It’s only in online mode where he doesn’t change.

  3. Battling_boy says:

    Lame, but it’s finally released.

  4. BlondeAssassin says:

    Yay! Comes out on my birthday.

    A bit disappointed to hear nothing about 2p customizations being patched for offline play though. T___T

  5. Spiriax says:

    Whoo, nice. I might plow through SC some time again, just to play with a friend… maybe.

    “A bit disappointed to hear nothing about 2p customizations being patched for offline play though. T___T”

    Agree. I don’t even care about the online Mokujin bug if we compare to that one. If we could have only one bug fix, I would pick 2p customizations anyday. It can’t be hard to code, it must be copy-pasting code from 1p to 2p… I still dont understand how 2p customs could’ve slipped through like that.

  6. Battling_boy says:

    WHERE’S MA MISSING FEATURES? that’s one down…

  7. Blind Ghost says:

    FUcking A man, thats it.

    Dont they understand that we dont give a shit about Scenario Mode ????

    i Though enough People made that clear on the NAMCO BANDAI FORUMS.

    so Instead of Refining the Online Mode. and that Fucking Glitch that Keeps Kicking people out of Rooms.

    Or how Shitty Rank Mode is, and how much it needs improvements. they give us a Moku Patch and Scenario Co-Op.

    Fuck…Did namco get the Memo ???

  8. Blind Ghost says:

    Well Folks thats what happens when you Try to take a Porting Schedule For one Console and Porting it to 2 Consoles. Shit start to Fall apart. because there isnt enough time.

    Hope namco Fuckign gets this.

  9. kayuza says:

    the lack of other basic game enhancements is unfortunate

  10. Jose Martinez says:

    Mokujin patch? Who cares! Nobody cares…….well, maybe except for Killer Will.

  11. HotCow says:

    Its funny how tdro have more features than tbro. Still no naming rooms, see whos in a room besides the host, alerting the player when some one comes to your room(i hate sitting like a retard in front of the tv waiting to some one comes to my room), no allow to watch your own conection bar and so. I dont know what they were thinking when they did tbro:S. The glitch of the 2p customization bothers me as well. Oh well, maybe we have to wait another 4 months for another update.:(

  12. Diesel Son says:

    Damn this so WEAK guess I have to convert Super Street Fighter 4 at least Capcom is listing to fans.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      YA ! for real id hate to say it , but your right.

      they do listen to thier fans.

      but what were getting frm namco is fucking scraps man.

      NO body give a shit about SCenario co-op, heres a fucking hint DUMBCO, i use scenario mode o get money…THATS IT !! its not fun, if anythign its fucking torture. because there two stages that give you 4 million per play and thats the MOKU STAGE and the YOSHI stage.

      i use it to buy bling for my characters that it, if i have to play it again im gonna fucking hurl.

      so quit the bullshit . and focus on the important stuff.

      another thing someone brought up , why in GODS name did they remove the little ping and vibration from the controller, when someone enters your room. WHY !!!

      • concretebody says:

        Lol. Ghost You Are So Right And Funny As Hell. Lol! I HATE CP MODE as well. i would love to have all items but cause of how much i hate that mode i just say F it. I Got Sick Of Yellin At The TV And My Character. AARRGGH!

  13. KW says:

    bit late isn’t it.

  14. GK says:

    Fuck scenario. Where the hell is the practice mode command capture.


  15. Yoshimitsu Dude says:

    Finally. A little disappointed though. What about 2P customs, removal of offline rank cap (because online ranked matches suck and I have no intention to play them, along with quite a lot of people actually) and all the other issues the community has pointed out? Meh. Oh well, guess we’ll have to wait for another patch. Scenario co-op should be fun for a bit though. :) But there’s really not much else to do other than to farm money there.

    Also Blind Ghost, stop being a fucking fanboy already. Jesus fucking christ, every post you make on this site I see you whining, bitching and bashing shit. It’s so damn annoying, don’t you have better stuff to waste time on? I believe MarkMan has also told you to chill out, but you’re too cool for that right? Go suck a fucking dick.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      Fuck you man, I bitch becausei care. asshole. If i didnt give a shit and Tekken was just another gamei would give a rats ass. but I play tekken on a Daily basis, and still do.

      and will for years to come. and if im gonna invest that much time in This game, I expect namco to give a shit, a little about the Hardcore fans. and my original statement stands.

      That scehdule to port the game was for PS3 only, the reason the game came out so halfassed is cause they squeezed in the 360 in there as well.

      So fuck you.

    • Blind Ghost's Pimp says:

      Yoshi Dude, couldn’t agree more with you.

      My hoe don’t knows when to give up. Such fanboyism and hatred can make people do stupid things. See? Blind Ghost’s a lost cause lol – a wet brick is more worth of respect than him.

      I pity him – he’s that bad even at acting childish.

  16. Styv says:


  17. crazy skip says:

    yay! for nothing… no improvements whatsoever!

    @Yoshimitsu… whats so fanboy about wanting a better patch!? use your brain… we paid to get this game! this awesome game.. or so we thought when it was missing all the important shit!

    … 2p custo, command capture, no-cap in ranking matches offline….

    i dont see any fanboyism in that… scen camp was and never will be the main mode! so why make a patch for it…

    the moku patch is fine… thats needed for moku users… who play in 1v1 ! not scen camp…

    • Yoshimitsu Dude says:

      How about you actually read my post. I want a better patch aswell and I’m disappointed they didn’t fix the stuff the community asked for (2P customs, no cap, command capture etc). I was talking about his other comment where he once again blames everything on the 360. Come on man, this is getting old already.
      He’s also bashing Namco all the time. How exactly does that help to fix anything? Just be grateful you have the game at all.
      I’m sorry, I just don’t like cocky people who think they’re all tough and shit. Specially on the internet, it’s pathetic.

      • crazy skip says:

        i did read your comment… but ghost’s comment had nothing to do with fanboyism (in that specific comment)… that’s all…

        and i complain about namco on youtube… hardly complain here NOW… i only go on to check the new updates…

        ive gota go with raffy on this… the offline ranking gets boring once in a while… and leads to me playing in the arcades spending money again on a game i already have at home… which gives me the consumer the reason to really complain and bash on namco…

        ghost does it because thats him… we all love this game as much as he does… for the fact that we are here on this site…. hes really disappointed and hes just pointing it out his way…. patches will come but can they at least give us a schedule of when they will release patches or at least a draft of when they wish to release it and what patch will fix things…

        surely that will ease our minds of when the better patches come out…

  18. Raffy Manicane says:

    as of now i’m not playing T6 at PS3, im playing more on my T6 PSP. Eventhough i love to play online at PS3 but i can’t cos the lag still sucks, a lot of improvements need to be done in netcode. I buy this game because i thought the online gameplay is better than TDRO, but i’m really disapointed on how NAMCO cheated us. They also removed the offline ranking which burned my appetite in this game. They’ve done that because they want people to go online wherein their netcode sucks?? I’m still enjoying playing Marvel vs Capcom 2 online because their netcode is such amazing.
    I’m sure when they release Tekken 7 in consoles…a lot of people will not rush to buy the game. People will listen & read first to the reviews & comments for they don’t want to happen the same scenario how Namco cheated us in T6.

  19. Tysan says:

    All this time to realease only the online co-op???? Oh wait improved Mokujin IA… wtf!!!

    2p customs offline, practice mode command capture (& maybe some more tweaking to the netcode) would have satisfied like 100x more everyone than a online co-op that the people that really play the game its not going to use…

    Disappointing, really, really disappointing.

    I love Tekken 6 the game in itself but the home versions is really a poor poor job from Namco, guess I still have to be grateful that the core game its great but come on…

    After 2 years on arcade Namco could have made a real blockbuster making a new graphic engine (seeing Uncharted 2 or Killzone 2 makes you think what could be done in a 2 character only game with a really capable team) and make a real home blockbuster, instead we got a lazy port with a half-assed campaign mode that while understand that they did it to attract more casual gamers but Im sure they would have sold better making a new engine like they did with TTT Arcade -> Ps2 Home (yes they were not the same hardware but with 2 years they could have done major improvements)

    It seems the Namco that did those tecnical wonders on Ps1 & Ps2 is gone and now its just another average developers tech wise…

    Sorry about the rant, the patch info really pissed me off, I have only love for the game itself like I said above but Its really anoying the poor job done on the home version.

  20. SolRahlX says:

    Hell they could have at least patched the game to include the egypt,sheep, and tomato stage on stage select. You can even play on the Egypt stage on random… you can only play it in arena mode as Jin

  21. chemicalRed says:


    Happy now, ICEYOUCOLD ?

  22. SolRahlX says:

    There were also videos back in the day of people fighting on Nancy’s stage in versus mode… where the hell is the option for that stage. That’s 4 stages right there that they can add to the list.

  23. SolRahlX says:

    So let’s see… They have:
    Nancy’s stage
    Sheep Stage
    Tomato Stage
    and Egypt Stage

    All of them are in the game already… why not give them to us?

    • chemicalRed says:

      I definitely agree. I felt the game shouldve had more stages, but giving us the option to choose those wouldve really made a difference.

  24. Raffy Manicane says:


  25. CeaserDeebo says:

    man I really wanted 2 player customization…oh well

  26. chemicalRed says:

    After reading the feedback thats been posted here up to this point I must say that I agree with the majority of it. Those who say the patch shouldve been released earlier are right; Co-op wouldve been more effective at launch. SC mode isnt really being recieved well and so an update for it would seem irrelevant to a lot of people. I think by now most of us have beaten SC mode in its entirety and maybe even acquired most if not all of the customizations for our main characters so playing SC mode now is unlikely. I also agree that second player should get customizations too. Command capture does need to return; it feels more relevant in this Tekken than any other Tekken. Id noticed the problem with Mokujin and im glad they addressed it. Overall, im glad to have the option to play with a friend, but id of preferred that option sooner rather than later. I have all the items for my two characters; I really dont need to play SC mode anymore.

  27. Blind Ghost says:

    Ya man, its like they arnt even listneing to the HARDCORE fans anymore.

    We didnt ask for this, and like other posters said co-op should have came erlier, i didnt want to wait 3 to 4 months for co-op i was waiting this long for Online Improvements.

    and they failed to do that, seriously, Whats up Namco ???

    Damn it man.

    nobody plays Rank anymore, all my top firends quit because they said its jacked up, and it takes too long to rank up.

    What ever happend to the point system man ??? that shit was perfect in DR, now they have this thing where it doesnt matter how many points you get if you dont run into somebody thats the same rank as you you cant rank up , seriously ??? that shit could take hours man. think i have time for that ??

    now ranks Dont show in friendly matches, i fight scrubs now, my game is going down thanks to that because ,now i cant filter out the scrubs from the pros.

    they took away little things that made online awsome , like the little PAC-MANs that only react when someone talks that way you know whos who based on the animation . the little ping that tells you your next and if someone entred the room.

    why FIX something that wasnt broken NAMCO ??? WHY ??

    • chemicalRed says:

      The previous patch did improve the online play to a great degree, but I feel it can still be improved upon. For example matches rated with a green bar and a “5” play smoother than those same matches played prior to the patch. But it seems to me that the patch was more of a filter than a complete fix. For example, youre given two options for online ranking matches; play similarly ranked opponents or those with good connections. As a result of that It seems to take longer to rank up because i may be denying matches of potential promotion chances with denying bad connections. I pick to play people of similiar ranks (so that i may get promotion chances); I deny matches with bad connections, accept those with green bars and end up playing people ranked way higher than me; Im garunteed no promotion chance and risk losing. In essence the filter doesnt even work completely .
      Again, I’ve noticed improvements in green bar/ 5 ranked matches, but overall the patch seemed like more of a filter than a fix. I commend Namco on the fairly successful attempt to better the online experience, and to do so swiftly as opposed to waiting until T7. I’m impressed with the large improvement made, with taking green bar matches that were unplayable and making them tolerable.
      But at the same time it was really required that they do so; Paying customers deserved a functioning online mode, especially after Namco representatives swore its first iteration was perfect (which we all know was far from it). Even more so, the online shouldve been at that level at launch. We shouldnt feel like Namco is giving us unbelievable free gifts with their patches; We payed $60; We deserved them…and we really deserved that quality of game at launch… If this were PS1 or PS2 there would be no DLC; The game would have to be perfect at launch… When a game “goes gold” I dont want to play it and feel like I got the silver.

  28. masoftekken says:

    How mad some of you get over these things is amazing lol.

  29. Autocrat1 says:

    Next patch coming on Valentine’s Day to right their wrongs….lol

  30. VenoM362 says:

    Seeing that this patch took so long I thought they were improving more things about it….guess not. The Mokujin patch is like 1 out 30 things that need to be fixed. If Namco don’t make patches to fix the rest of the many things wrong I think they will pull a Super Street Fighter 4 move. Meaning I think they will release a improved disc of Tekken 6 that should include: offline ranking,command capture,more customization options(be cool to bring back all of Dr’s options and everyone’s past outfits),2p customs,dr’s online layout(not netcode),online clans,more stages,lower the prices of those DAMN AURAS!(put in the black aura and ki that was is present in the arcade and the option to buy different rage effects that randomly getting them shit ain’t cutting it, AND BRING BACK FUCKING TAG BATTLE!!! This is alot of stuff to do so I doubt they would patch all of this. I mean MarkMan does Namco even care about what their customers want? If they do, this should really happen. No one really cares about SC mode(unless you need money). There are lots of good actions games out there, Tekken is a FIGHTER focus on that Namco.

    Is everyone else feeling VenoM362 on this? If I missed anything just add it to the list.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      Ya i feel you Venom man, i agree with you 100 % bro. they are fixing thing people dont care about, the last patch was somewhat helpful, but there a lot more things to fix.

      seriously. namco.

  31. Jeezus says:

    This will unfortunately probably be the last patch. Scamco can’t be bothered with things that don’t make them money. Just look at what happened to SC4.

  32. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    Hmm. . .I just hope some of the game’s problems are fixed too.

  33. MarkMan says:

    This will not be the last patch, Namco Bandai was asking for feedback on how to improve it in December. (This was when the coop patch was already done), so hang in there.

    • ICEYOUCOLD says:


      This GEN. . .

      oh well,Im off on monday.So I’ll download the patch AS soon as it realeases.Some downloadable content would be F****** nice,too.

      Damn,this game is lacking in some areas.IMO

    • AAK says:

      Much appreciated about what you’re doing to keep the hope alive.

      But man, does it really have to take so long?

    • Battling_boy says:

      Damage Control, Thanks. I don’t think that they needed more feedback, because the complaints are general missing features and most talked about Command Scroll, Record and 2p Customize and Stages, maybe Hud – Adjustment, Rank Cap and infinite stage glitch.

  34. Val says:

    I thought Tekken is a fighting game not a beat em up crap. This is so lame, after making us wait for 2 years this is the best they could do. Totally disappointed. 2P customs would’ve been enough for me but I guess its just wishful thinking. Sad day for true tekken fans.

  35. JAYEN says:

    You crazy mofos gotta chilla nd stop bitching about all the problems u think the game has and needs to be addressed cause frankly your not the god damn producers of the game im pretty sure ud be fed up with little dickweeds online trying to moan about 2player customs. Chill people you guys obviously dont know the patch would have to be approved on the microsoft side and the Playstation network. Give it time and ACE KOMBAT WOOOOT!

    • Val says:

      We waited 2 years and paid for this damn game, I play in the arcades regularly just to support this game. The least they could do is make us hardcore fans happy.

    • crazy skip says:

      you want us to chill? for something we all waited for! because they didnt want to release the t6.0 with all the bugs and major rage damage! we waited 2years… and its half-baked!

      whats wrong with keeping the old style? tdr style… customization sucks now.. i paid to get a good deal out of this game… a finished product not a half-assed still needing patches for minor things!

  36. Blind Ghost says:

    who has confirmed ace combat 7 for PS3 anyway ??

  37. I was hoping that the insane amount of randomly dropped matches and phantom 5 matches (you know the ones that start off at 5 but then change to a 2 after 10 seconds) would be fixed. It’s alright though, I’ve already accepted that Namco hates it’s customers.

  38. The Devil Kazuya says:

    With all the problems this game has, this patch is a fucking slap in the face Scamco….

    This better not be the final patch this game recieves cause there is still a shit load wrong with it, and the people still playing the damn game couldn’t care less for the SC mode.

    Wake up namco.

  39. crazy skip says:

    i promised myself id save up when tekken released on console! but NO! i ended up spending more in my arcade now thanks to SCAMCO!

  40. tekkenlover says:

    really markman??? thats an awsome news:) cuz i get only 3 bar connection matches :(

  41. KC says:

    Tekken 6 Xbox Live tournament

    Saturday Jan 30 @ 8PM EASTERN

    1st Place: $100.00
    2nd Place: 3 MNTH Xbox LIVE

    Go here to sign up: http://2solid.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=470&t=1056&sid=16a7e74c42befeab9c2fb640902e2bc6

    Note: This is for North Americans only since there will be major lag in other regions.

  42. random says:

    The whole idea of announcing a mokujin patch is fucking disgraceful. Anyone with 2 days experience in writin HP BASIC could fix that programming error.


  43. Solz says:

    Namco i love tekken 6 but plz fix what we ask for u know like 2p customize,2p controller settings,name your rooms,plz give us the extra stages and make the controller vibrate when some 1 enters the or make a sound or just some.Thing is cool that where getting the SC & Mokujin update you can’t make every 1 happy but plz listen to your fans we care you should to.

  44. Darkforge says:

    It’s already the 18th here down under, I assume this will actually be released on the 19th for us?

  45. concretebody says:

    I Can Remember My Controller Vibrating While I Was In A Lobby.

  46. Scythe.Panama says:

    Hey guys. The patch has just been released. At least, I just downloaded it from New Zealand :D

  47. filthierich says:

    possibly the best fix in ages. no need for any other patch

  48. blueyoshimenace says:

    Does anyone else get a “failed to upload” jibberjabber at the end of every match?

  49. Sh0tGuNBRYAN says:

    man. Ranked matches suck!


    but what do we get a dumb mokujin patch. well okay dumbco.

    i finally was able to find a damn friend of mine to play online with.

    i would rather do that then play online ranked matches cus THEY SUCK!

    seriously the die-hard tekken fans are the ones to buy the game before anyone else, we expect our moneys worth.

    i live in michigan where there’s only one tekken6 arcade. so yeah it sucks.

    but everyone i know is playing friends match instead, because the ranked battles suck so bad.

    i’m Sh0tGuNBRYAN on the PSN.

    if your good hit me up.

    i love fighting good players and learning from them.


  50. Mike says:

    I wonder when there’s gonna be a patch to fix this stupid online ranking system cuz it’s a joke . I also wish that they would fix the online battle system like Tekken 5 where you can see who it is that you’re fighting next cuz I hate playing against the same people over and over and they’re really cheesy, especially grabers !

  51. Fightgenlover says:

    What happened? I thought Tekken 6 was better that the rest. However the rest is better that Tekken 6.

  52. Heya my business is for any key moment right here. I found this particular board so i to locate It genuinely useful & it forced me to be out there considerably. I am hoping to provide one important thing again in addition to assistance some others just like you served us.

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