TEKKEN Movie Stunt Stars!

Discovery Channel HD’s special series, Stunt Stars, recently featured the TEKKEN movie!  Take a look at this behind the scenes tour into the stunts and action behind the upcoming film.  Click below for the vids!

Discovery HD’s Stunt Stars: TEKKEN

Thanks Di_ for the heads up!

36 Responses to TEKKEN Movie Stunt Stars!

  1. Spiriax says:

    In the video game Tekken, hero Jin Kazuma needs to… *shuts off*

    • DrBhup666 says:

      Yup! You did the right thing, because the stupid commentator keeps saying Kazuma throughout the entire video!
      So you know it was not a glip, they didn’t know and they didn’t care!!

      This is just blasphemi..!!

  2. jamill says:

    Lol…If he woulda tech-rolled away from me “really fast” I woulda did a pick up and juggled him for half his bar! lol

  3. ceaserdeebo says:

    if only tony jaa was in :p

  4. Blind Ghost 2 says:

    NOT FIRST!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :(

  5. lem says:

    @jamill lol i wanted to see someone say that…i better see jin bust some EWGF

  6. call2arms says:

    Jin Kazuma… LOL

  7. VenoM362 says:

    *sigh* Jin Kazooma?
    Yoshimitsu defending champion? LOL, WHAT THE FUCK!? Yoshimitsu ain’t never won shit!
    Guess things are different in the year of 2039 for Tekken. Craig Marduk is the leader of the Tekken Zaibatsu after finally, FINALLY defeating his greatest foe Roger Jr. in a gruelling fight to the death on top of a speeding bullet train.Paul Phoenix and Bob killed themselves in a rigged game of russian roulette set up by Julia Chang,Bruce Irvin opened a string of Chicken eateries since he likes chicken so damn much,Wang Jinrei is still alive and viewing porn regularly,Sergei Dragunov is in prison after sexually assaulting Alisa Bosconovitch, Zanfina, Panda, and female Mokujin. When asked why he did it Dragunov replied “……” After years of whoring around Lili Rochefort settles down for a life on the run from the IRS with Marshall Law, Forest is STILL fucking up other people’s shit. Leo still dresses like a dude and is dating Asuka Kazama. Asuka doesn’t know Leo is a girl, but Leo plans on taking Asuka on Baek Doo San’s new tv talk show “That’s Some Fucked Up Shit” in the summer to tell her. Ganryu, Kuma, and Jack-482 became crack heads, Nina and Anna got knocked up by Lee Chaolan, King and Armor King have a radio talk show but no one knows what it’s about cause no one understands them. Ling Xiaoyu now has the Devil Gene, and the Mishima’s are stars of the hit reality show “Fuck My Life As A Mishima” all this and more in the next live action Tekken movie.

    I’m….you know the rest

  8. changandy says:

    Jin Kazooma needs to be more evil and so does everyone else. And what the hell is weapons doing in IRON FIST Tournament.

  9. ben says:

    does king appear in this movie

  10. tekkenlover says:

    guys ireally enjoyed watching this, just watching how things work behind the scenes and all ofthose stunts is much more entertaining than the movie itself

  11. tekkenlover says:

    and why my avatar keeps changing?

  12. KazamaJin says:

    Jin Kazuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuma!!! WTF!!!!!???

  13. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    Jin’s pants are suppose to have a RED FLAME????

  14. Fagbait says:

    I’m boycotting this movie since Paul isn’t in it. Well I actually guess that’s a good thing, he’s way too cool for this kind of crap.

  15. KAZUMA FTW says:

    Kazuma your stupid asses.

  16. Malakai says:

    Cyril Raffaelli is amazing! :D

  17. […] in UNsubtitled French). SD-Tekken has posted the episode in five parts on Youtube, so check it out here if you’re interested in this upcoming fight flick. Possibly related posts: (automatically […]

  18. JinKazooma says:

    Obviously no one involved in the movie knows/or gives a shit about tekken… Still they are respecting the outfits which imo is a little too ridiculous e.g. yoshimitsu T3…

    Whatever I’m still seeing this!

  19. Blind Ghost's guide dog says:

    Fight chereography is amazing but…

    The last fighter Jin faces is Yoshimitsu? Not Kazuya, the main antagonist of the series? WTF!!

    Jon Foo skills are amazing but, none of them really resemble the fighting style Jin uses…

    Here’s a suggestion: In Tekken, knocking your opponents in the air and performing combos are somewhat the foundation of the series, right? Why not find some way to incorporate that with real-life fighting?

    And dammit, is hair gel really that expensive that the actors who potray Jin and Kazuya can’t buy and use so they can look more convincing?

    Why don’t I give them some of mine?!

  20. Solidus says:

    Unbelievable. Yoshimitsu is the defending champ of Tekken. No Heihachi, No Kazuya. This is why video game movies never make any money. I’m sure they were thinking “Lets put Yoshimitsu as the defending champ because he is so cool and has a big sword. Everyone is going to be like WOW.”

  21. Azumii says:

    The hell.. haha. Just a funny thought peeps, imagine if in the movie they doing juggles.. hella effin funny

  22. Yoshimitsu Dude says:

    Yay Yoshimitsu! :D

  23. This post is very good for me because i like games or carton so Obviously your idea is not bad so keep making films.

  24. UmaR says:

    I think Momu(stunt man) look more like real Jin,,..

  25. I like the Avatar 3D film, particularly the story line, not only it brings a very new sensation however inspiring ideas of humanity. I heard the New Avatar 2 is comming soon, can’t wait to watch it again…!

  26. KingGab.com says:

    This is actually a really great game based movie there are so few good movies based off of great gamed but this is definitly one of the few that does the game its based off of justice.
    I’ve seen this movie here…

  27. iç giyim says:

    just watching how things work behind the scenes and all ofthose stunts is much more entertaining than the movie itself

  28. poker says:


    […]TEKKEN Movie Stunt Stars! « SDTEKKEN.COM – Tekken News Resource![…]…

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