TEKKEN Hero: Korean Gosu

Tekken Crash is not the only MBCGame TV show about Tekken 6. If you’re tired of watching very safe/patient top Korean match play and want to see the fun stuff, you shoud watch TEKKEN Hero: Korean Gosu show where some of the world’s best players play Tekken 6 online using fake nicknames against randomly choosen people. And yes, Nin is here as a commentator, just like in the Tekken Crash series!

TEKKEN Hero: Korean Gosu: Dong-Bal Love, part 1

TEKKEN Hero: Korean Gosu: Dong-Bal Love, part 2

TEKKEN Hero: Korean Gosu: Chanel

TEKKEN Hero: Korean Gosu: Holeman

TEKKEN Hero: Korean Gosu: Prince (Hankuma), part 1

TEKKEN Hero: Korean Gosu: Prince (Hankuma), part 2

TEKKEN Hero: Korean Gosu: Rain, part 1

TEKKEN Hero: Korean Gosu: Rain, part 2

20 Responses to TEKKEN Hero: Korean Gosu

  1. cappo says:

    best show

  2. MJ says:

    dong bal? its tong bal

  3. jakubdi says:

    Yes, but I used the name which are used in the movies’ titles.

  4. glenn says:

    you got these off jon, jon doesnt upload tekken anymore so we will have trouble watching tekken crash and later tekken episodes of tekken hero i know sunchip was on tekken hero but jon stop uploading tekken then what a shame.

  5. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    Are they using xbl or psn?

    Just curious.

  6. glenn says:

    im not sure lzn but i havnt seen no tekken vids for like a month now how am i ever gona watch tekken crash or tekken hero now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. tekkenlover says:

    yeah i saw thess vids like one and half month ago

  8. Di says:

    I know that they are old but I decided to put info about them here because it hadn’t been posted here.
    And since I’m part of SDTEKKEN’s team now I’ll try to do my best to keep readers updated with Tekken stuff :)

  9. Rip says:

    What sticks are they using? They look HORI, but they look gigantic..

  10. Ruby says:

    Damn I really wanted to see Tekken HERO with Sunchip!

    Also the last episode guest was KNEE, but there are no vids on YOUTUBE. :(

  11. glenn says:

    yeah i know but like i said my friend jon has not been uploading tekken i dont know what is going on.

  12. chemicalRed says:

    Wish I knew what they were saying.
    They should include subtitles.

  13. Nice website, I really love the font:)

  14. kashif says:

    i ilke this game very much and my hero is devil jin

  15. Forest says:

    Too bad about the youtube channel being terminated. I got my account suspended, which it still is to this day, because I tried to upload the tekken matches I recorded from the EVO live stream. I learned my lesson and I now do not record tournament streams. I only upload my own matches now. Check them out. My youtube channel’s name is ForestTekkenVideos.

  16. EmiliaS says:

    Awesome article,btw im in the process of making a starcraft 2 blog on squidoo to help beginners with strategies and such,if anyone is interested click on my name,and sorry for the shameless plug :)

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