KOR On Live On Three!

Live On Three, the largest eSports/pro gaming show on the net, with hosts Marcus “djWHEAT” Graham, Rod “Slasher” Breslau and Scott “SirScoots” Smith will have MLG Orlando and Trashday 6 winner Rene “GMMA_KOR” Maistry on their show on Sunday. Be sure to tune in to DJWHEAT.TV at 4 PM EST/1 PM CST!

UPDATE – You can now listen to the full show here:


9 thoughts on “KOR On Live On Three!

    1. Hey Markman!

      Can you please give us some news on the MadCatz’ new Super Street Fighter IV Fightstick TE S?

      How come it already be sold out on Play Asia.com?

      Is it all Sanwa? Is there any difference between this and the first Streetfighter IV TE stick besides the skin?

      1. Sure, I’ll do a post about it since Super SFIV is coming out Tuesday ;)

        Yes it is all Sanwa.

        Sold out on Play-Asia? Probably cuz it’s hot. :)

  1. U mean go TEXAS, FUCK YEAH GO TEXAS east coast west coast aint shit, its all about Texas now bitches.


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