MTG Tournament Live Stream And Updates!

Get ready for this weekend’s Tekken 6 next USA vs. Korea tournament featuring some of the greatest American players (Fab, GM, Anakin and more) as well as Rain and Holeman from South Korea! More Than Gaming competition is taking place in Ashburn and is streamed at impact_clash at Read the rest of the entry for the updates!

TEAM RESULTS: (according to Blackula at TZ)

1. Team Rain (Rain, Holeman, Jaguar)
2. Team PokChop (PokChop, Solus, Sanford Kelly)
3. Team Dasure (Exalted, OniJin, Renikon)
4. Team Tricks (kPc, Grimy Grizzly, Pacifist)
5. Team SOVA (Blackula, Ryry, SMP)
5. Team 4H (Real Law, LOC, Fab)
7. Team BattleToads (Ben111, ZTS, Sean Paul)
7. Team Double Dragon (PhunnyKidd, Zzy, Jason)
9. Team Jer Is Trash (Jer, ?,?)
9. Team B.J. (?,?,?)
9. Team Three Good Men (Millionz, Lil Jin Boy, Jandek)


21 thoughts on “MTG Tournament Live Stream And Updates!

  1. hav a country battle usa vs korea usa will not fuking stand a chance all of america just tryna play my boys rain and holeman, all of america vs two koreans and you guys watch their vids on youtube tryna learn their weaknesses where as rain and holeman never watch vids of players on youtube its where they are at green arcade the most

  2. Shut your mouth In MLG Fab put rain in loosers, GM did it at strong style. And DJ kor beat holeman in the finals. The koreans are just ahead and have more time on their hands to play. But they are human and can be beat. Just watch how fab’s miguel hands it to them in the team tourney, BY HIMSELF he OCV’s their team. And your crazy when it comes to watching vids. Everyone watches vids even the koreans and up and comming korean players. Or they watch each other. Example even though knee is prolly better now. Everything in Tekken 6 BR bryan was pretty much introduced by sunchip. Everyone strives to learn from everyone else. Thats y they are forums. I garantee there isn’t a raven on this earth who goes in and knows more than my boy achilles. (Cause the koreans mostly ignore him and use only top tier characters) or many Korean Lei’s that can whole a candle to Exalted. Stop slobbing on the koreans. They are good people. But all they are is people.

    1. Really wish people would stop talking about that post team tourney win FAB had. Granted he is a great player…but the koreans didnt seem to be putting to much into that match. They werent playing their mains…when was the last time you saw Rain playing Kaz? DR…and when was the last time you saw Holeman playing DJ? DR…and Bronson was out of it that whole day by the looks of things. Do you really think he would have beat both holeman and rain if they were playing their mains…right in a row?

  3. shut your mouth and know your role hav a country match korea vs usa its only two koreans that came to your tournament and all you 100 peeps were tryna win em only that blak nigga won for you but hav a country match korea vs usa and see who lasts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. di thx for giving us the heads up for ssf4 stream and tekken this. markman can plz block this gleen/ilovetekken/ rayan. thank you

  5. I hope they stream tekken and not street fighter all day. They usually do that and then just show up top 8 like its some thing when we have to was the whole street fighter tournie.

  6. @crazytekkenlover u and ur wothless mother are the ones who needs to stfu,u just changing ur name over and over again. u just change ur name to support urself u retard ur nothing but troll.

  7. i had the same name up here since i started posting you dumb bitch i dont know who you think i am tho but im not that person so if you think you gon bitch me on the internet your wrong. so go watch cartoons or something kid.

  8. yeah maturitys a hard thing to com by on the internet ill show this site some respect by not responding to you again. see ya

  9. maturity are u seriouse??? hey jackass ur the one who is changing ur name constantly and insulting people and now u change ur name similar to mine…. yeah thats really mature

  10. First of all the Koreans are more consistent, have better movement and are better players in general, period.

    I did not see the 3-0 FAB VS Rain, was not on stream. However, that just shows how good FAB really is. I did see the 3v3 tourny where he 1 manned it. ALthough all the matches were extremely close, not taking anything away from FAB but he got lucky. Rain’s Kaz moved better, was much more consistent. He lost because FAB striked when it counted and punished him whenever he was open, same with Holeman.

    As for Kor Vs Holeman. Kor simply outplayed him. He mentioned that no movement was really involved in the victory, just that he blocked which made Holeman play offensively and left him open too much. The Americans and rest of world just need to work on movement to become top notch.

    As for 2 players who are around the same level and are up there, it comes to mind games and i feel that’s where Holeman lacked. This was a bad matchup for Holeman as well.

    As Rain has mentioned, Tekken is a game where the best player does not win all the time.

  11. that will never happen as a whole korea are getting better better an better day by day the american community now are gona leave tekken 4 ssf4 thats really sad just shows that the american community does not hav the commitment on tekken like the koreans do

  12. didn’t knee just come back from korean military duty which explains his long absence from the tekken world?

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