More Than Gaming Tekken 6 Results

More Than Gaming, the final leg of Rain and Holeman’s US TEKKEN tour has come to a conclusion! Find out who pulled it off in both single and team TEKKEN 6 events with some of the best East Coast players! Click below for the full scoop!

1st – Holeman (Lars, Bryan) [South Korea]
2nd – GM (Lee)
3rd – Fab (Miguel, Feng)
4th – Zzy (King)
5th – Ryry (Steve, Bruce, Bob, Jack)
5th – Rain (Bruce, Miguel, Steve, Lars) [South Korea]
7th – kPc (Law)
7th – Blackula (Bruce)

1st – Team Rain (Rain, Holeman, Jaguar)
2nd – Team PokChop (PokChop, Solus, Sanford Kelly)
3rd – Team Dasure (Exalted, OniJin, Renikon)
4th – Team Tricks (kPc, Grimy Grizzly, Pacifist)

Special thanks to Blackula for live updates at TekkenZaibatsu.

13 Responses to More Than Gaming Tekken 6 Results

  1. VenoM362 says:

    Have not seen Holeman use Bryan before.

    I’m just saying…

  2. mistmatch says:


    nice to know KOREA dominates in tekken. good job to holeman

    • mistmatch says:

      f right when i posted. oh well have to agree with you. never seen holeman use bryan. prob learned some stuff from knee :p

      • VenoM362 says:

        LOL! Sorry bout stealing your “First” glory.
        But hey!, maybe next time.
        But you must beat BlindGhost to the punch.

        I’m just saying…

  3. iluvtekken says:

    you guys are over with tekken you guys are turning it over for ssf4 hahah well sad and funny you will lose all that precious work on tekken and my boy korea holeman you made me a happy man congrats yess tekkens in the house!

  4. Schematic says:

    You guys are definitely koreans lol. Honestly the Koreans always win. So I’m definitely rooting more for the underdogs (Even though they seem to be getting closer and closer to the koreans) I give it a year and the koreans won’t domintate non koreans in tekken anymore. My boy Fab and GM gets it in. Between them DJ kor and Crow. Trust me America is getting real solid.

  5. iluvtekken says:

    as an all every single korean player in tekken are getting solid and solid everyday the american community are gona get weak coz they will probably start focusing on ssf4 and you just mentioned 4 american players is that it? in korea so many players are dominating tell fab or any other american players to come to korea instead and see how badly beaten the american players will get

  6. Randy says:

    All I care to say is this…you all root against the Koreans by default, and may I ask why?

    I’m all for blind patriotism, TRUST ME, .I will American Fuck yeah it all day long, but I am more about respect.

    I was at MTG and the Koreans, more notably Rain (due to his ability to speak English). I had a chance to have a legitimate conversations with both the Koreans and the top American players (the NYC guys for the most part).

    Rain treated me with 10x the respect and kindness than any of those cocky fucks did, I’m all about rooting for USA, but I’m more inclined to root for the person not where they hail from.

  7. HalfKoreanHalfAmerican says:

    When it comes to war and country pride, go USA.

    When it comes to tekken, go Korea.

  8. And~Dek says:

    Good Stuff from across both seas

    Rain and Holeman were good dudes, and it was an interesting experience meeting a good chunk of the east coast tekken community (seeing as this was my first time in attendance of a tournament of any kind…)

  9. askkorean1 says:

    Hwarang, Baekdoosan my favorite characters.

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