Happy Birthday, MarkMan!

Do you know what day is it today? It’s our very own MarkMan’s, the SDTEKKEN.COM founder’s 28th birthday! Mark, our readers have brought you a great gift – SDTEKKEN has just reached 6 MILLION hits! I know that I promised you not to even mention THAT thing, but hey… readers deserve it! Dear readers, MarkMan is preparing something very special for SDTEKKEN.COM, so stay tuned for the gift from him!


85 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, MarkMan!

    1. Hvor i Norge bor du? Kjenner jo ingen som spiller Tekken noe særlig… ikke lett å bli bedre da.. Jeg bor i Bergen.

      1. Karmøy, jeg kjenner flere i bergen som spiller tekken jeg =) de eg fra samma gruppa som spiller her på haugalandet.

      2. Da må vi få satt i gang et lite sammenkomst… Kanskje en turnering eller noe. Jeg har både arcadestick, stor tv og plass.
        Ikke noe høytidelig eller noe, men bare sånn at vi kan bli bedre!

      3. Jeg har prosjektor :P og jeg holder lokale turneringer kalt “ATT” Du er mer enn velkommen til å joine om du kan oppføre deg ^^ Bare hyggelige folk her i alderen 17-25. Hvor gammel er du? Søk på “tekken turnering” på facebook så finner du en litt gammel gruppe vi har, så kan du komme lettere i kontakt med oss :P

      4. Jeg er 31 og blir 32 på lørdag! Er utdannet lege så min oppførsel er grei nok tenker jeg.
        Vil ikke prosjektor føre til “lag” på samme måte som HDTV’er. Trodde det var best med nøytrale monitorer.
        Er forresten ikke på facebook eller noe, mange pasienter som plutselig vil bli “venner”.. går bare ikke.
        Vi må finne en måte og få kontakt på, men Karmøy er jo uansett litt langt..

      5. Tvert om, jeg opplever prosjektoren som det beste jeg spiller på uten noe form for “lag” =)

        Du kan sende mail til MacGyver@Lynvingen.com om du føler for det, det er mitt “useriøse” mail konto så slipper vi preike via sdtekkens comments section i det minste ^^




    But its ok Forgive and forget.

  2. Happy birthday markman i know you dont know me but im a loyal sd tekken reader without this website i would not know so much about tekken and meet some other tekken players in the world neither the tournament video that one day i will go and have a awesome match with you but Happy birthday and im always going to this website no matter what.
    ok its time for mom to cook some spanish food for markman LOL how bout some carne asada with rice and beans and salad and avacado and a nice spanish drink called orchata for the markman of tekken LOL.

    1. Dude look, nobody said SFIV was better than T6, have you heard anyone here say that ??

      no, its not, its leagues away from T6 we FUCKING KNOW THAT !

      BUT !……. I’ve Been playing T6 since fucking NOVEMBER…im tired , i need a change of pace.

      SSFIV fills that bordome. thats it ill get back on tekken in a couple of months and so will all of us here.

      1. Hell no Street Fighter isn’t better than Tekken,but that doesn’t mean Street Fight isn’t fun to play aswell. Tekken is on a whole other level than Street Fighter. After a while I get bored of Street Fighter and other fighters,but not Tekken. Sure I’m gonna be playing SSF4 more than Tekken for the time being,but I’m not quiting on Tekken.

        @ iluvtekken,you say that we’ll lose our Tekken skills cause we play SSF4? I don’t know about you but VenoM362 can play other games without losing all recollection of other games. Give me 20 minutes in practice with any of my 23 Tekken characters and VenoM362 is back at it. Shit man, I’ll take it back even before Tekken 6 was released. VenoM362 hasn’t played Soul Calibur 4 in about a year, but give me an hour and a half or so and VenoM362 will be whooping ass with Ivy,Cervantes,Kilik, and any of his other characters in no time. VenoM362 is a fighting game fan and he can play more than one and be good at all of them.

        I guess you just don’t got it like that.

        I’m just saying…

  3. a lot of skill will be lost wot a sad story tekken is a game if you really want to be good and strong you have to only stick with tekken like the korean tekken players you dont see them buying ssf4 they dont care if ssf4 came out all they just care about is getting better and better on tekken to be the best on tekken make it your life tekken is not a game like ssf4 its life and a sport

  4. venom go to korea and compare yourself you need to understand the fundamentals of tekken really experiment big time think of new things for all the characters not 23 characters all 40 characters, think of side splats or instead cancelling side splats in to a jump over opponent in to d/b crouch cancel in to crouch retreating in to a sway move if opponent blocks a specific throw will catch you see venom this is not the beginning on tekken, tekken will take a lifetime to master thats why i stick with tekken and its my passion and commitment its my life you need to be healthy and hav strong brainwork for my tekken

    1. Did I ever say I wanted to be the next Knee, Nin, Rain, Holeman, ect?
      VenoM362 HAS NOT SAID THAT.
      Tekken is a hobby for me, it is not my life. I play Tekken cause it is fun to play,lol not cause its my life’s work or destiny. Tekken is just a video game (atleast to VenoM362 it is). If you what Tekken to be your reason for living,lol be my guest.
      But yo, if your so serious and diehard about Tekken as you claim to be how come we aren’t seeing on you in Youtube videos, Tekken Crash or winning minor, major, and global Tekken tournaments?

      Do you even play in tournaments?

      Do any name worthy Tekken players even know who you are?

      I’m just asking…

  5. @iluvetekken/glenn/ferhan and whatever his name is. is a f**king jack ass who is mentally ill, just like his own basterd mother who gave birth to him, i now i misspell when i type but u are stupid homo when u try to missspell intentionally and chosing a name similar to mine try to make other people believe u are me, how come u didnt missspell when were typing under other names? listen miserable basterd u are too ugly to look at a mirror without it breaking into pieces. plus not but pure s**t comes out of ur mouth and for that reason trust me u die alone,knowing no one gives damn about u.

      1. Ummm…You a dude that likes to get “Rained” on or are you a female?

        VenoM362 is not disrespecting or judging

        I’m just asking…

  6. are u stupid ive got contacts in korea im korean but live in the uk you ididot my cousins live in daegu in south korea im gona go this summer and play my tekken boys in namco station in daegu and then go green in seoul cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tekken 4 life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. blind ghost i agree with you man i respect you big time man you’re the only one that understands me man thank you for supporting me

    1. My bad man, that was like the best tag line for markmans birthday.

      remeber hes only dressing up as bruce, hes not bruce. LOL

    1. if you do go there, mind finding a fine ass korean chik for me. them and japanese chiks oh and some chinese chiks, but then again theres also some fine ass vietnamese chiks as well.

      asia is where i wana be…period.

      1. Make up your mind man!

        Korean,filipina,chinese,japanese,mix em up in a pot,VenoM362 don’t care!
        I like em all,they’re all tasty.
        VenoM362 just wants some of that “pie”

        I’m just saying…

  8. why u are so angry isnt because the truth hurts? u said u are korean and u in another post u said u are irish and now u are saying are spanish, hahaha i got u u wirthless lair

  9. glenn/mytekken/ilove tekken /aka tekkenlover shut up no one is stupid enough to believe u to are me, and i am honest u are the one who started all this S##T by insulting me and everyone else dont forget that, u were enjoying urself whenu were insulting people left and right werent u?

  10. @tekkenlover i have gf, and i also play vedio games, u are the one who is frustrated with urlife that u attacked me and others, and most of all i dont lie, so… u are nothing but fake.

  11. so called tekken lover my gf is your mum and her biggest set of tits you are still stupid enough to listen to me and quarell with me all day long you slag so wot if i love tekken i was brought up different with tekken my story with tekken is beutiful when i go all the way bak in 96 basically i was playing tekken when you were shitting in your nappies blind ghost agrees with me. So called phoney bitch tekken lover, i kud never forget how i got into tekken its emotinal for me its my life story and last of all tell your mum il meet her in your bedroom and fuk that big ol ass off hers and then bust my nut all over her tits sayin tekken 4 life

  12. @mytekken/tekkenlover. look at urself ur someone who got out from jungle get back to the zoo. you lie about ur nationality and ur upset cuz i caught u lying ur just fake nothing but pure s**t comes out of ur mouth, u and rest of ur family need to go back to the zoo where they truly belong

  13. so called fake tekken lover im korean indian bengali chinese mexican japanese british pakistani thai and your grandad im havin a laugh u think im upset over ur words u must b a little homo im enjoyin my self chattin shit to u im laffin my ass right now i cant stop laughin come on so called fake tekkelover giv me reply please ubbhota bitch hahahahha this is too sik and which korean would come on sd tekken nigger please im havin a laugh sayin that im korean to thick cunts would you belive that a korean would cum on sdtekken they got their tekken sites to go on hahahahahhah i cant stop laughin wooooooooooooooooooooo

    1. dude nobody believes your korean if you were and you love tekken so much why aint you at green arcade instead of talking shit on the internet like a little bitch i get emotional thinking about tekken man thats real homo/virgin shit right there lol

  14. i am gona go green arcade ive got my korean tekken friends added on my ps3 altleast a few can speak english and 1 of my ps3 friends gos green arcade just a regular player not famous like nin or holeman just a regular player that gos green he speaks very fluid english and hes give me his contact number im gna contact him as soon as possible im just saving up right now, and why the fuck are you getting angry so called fake tekkenlover its not like green arcades your house the koreans would luv to kick ful out of a white fuker anyway, remeber one thing we us japanese, koreans, bengali, indian, pakistani, nepalians, chinese were all asian brothers 4 life

  15. um @mytekken u gonna chose the same name as i do then ask urself a question and answer ur own question u worthless retard

  16. fake tekken lover il speak korean with you il say your mums pussy in korean here goes read carefully tere maa da puddy understand fake tekkenkid

  17. say what u want i know who u are i can also ask my korean friends how to say something in korea,just like u did. u said u were irish then spanish now u chnged it back to korean, yeah right… u are fake thats what u are

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