MLG Orlando 2010 Tekken 6 Rebroadcast

Were you unable to attend the MLG Orlando 2010 Tekken 6 competition earlier this month and missed the live stream? Don’t worry! Major League Gaming site has just been updated with the event’s rebroadcast with lots of high level Tekken 6 matches featuring some of the greatest American players and two Korean participants, Holeman and Rain!


18 thoughts on “MLG Orlando 2010 Tekken 6 Rebroadcast

  1. …..Who does HOLEMAN usually use ?? is Lars a new character for him ?? cause honestly he didnt look like he knw what he was doing wiht lars.

    no set ps no juggles nothing.

    s if anyone knows who he usually uses let me know.

    1. no holemon uses lars he just underestimated kor which happens sometimes but no biggy for him i wouldn’t call it cocky but he did get a bid over confident even though he dosen’t show it in person but it shows in the game.

  2. When he first appeared on Tekken Crash, he used Kazuya. When Ji3moon and him were chosen to represent Korea Vs Japan on T Crash, he used Kaz I’m pretty sure that’s his main, he EWGF’s like crazy anyway.

      1. He has like 10 times now,lol
        seriously thats gotta be a record.

        Yo MarkMan,you hearing buzz of a new Tekken console update?
        Lets us know, or are they just rumors?

        I’m just asking…

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