Holeman Wins MLG Columbus!

Holeman from South Korea, who placed 2nd at MLG Orlando a few weeks ago, was unstoppable at this weekend’s MLG Columbus Tekken 6 tournament and came out victorious, winning against Fighting GM (also known as The Lee of America) in the Grand Finals. How did the other Korean and American players do in this year’s second Major League Gaming Tekken 6 competition? Click below for the results.

1st – Holeman
2nd – Fighting GM
3rd – Knee
4th – Nin
5th – Juie
6th – Fab
7th – Blood Hawk
8th – Suiken

The team tournament’s winner was the Korean team with Holeman, Knee and Nin.

For more detailed information stay tuned for MarkMan’s MLG Columbus report coming soon!


166 Responses to Holeman Wins MLG Columbus!

  1. JinUAE says:

    wow thats a big improvement from a US player!!

  2. JinUAE says:

    I guess Rain would be very proud of you. Way to go GM.

  3. TCO-TheOne says:

    Rain should have been there to,but i guess you can’t get them all there.

  4. DrBhup666 says:

    Please list up which characters they played. Always!

    • Di says:

      I wasn’t able to watch the stream so I’m not sure about the characters they used.

      From what I think:
      Holeman – Lars
      GM – Lee
      Knee – Bryan/Steve
      Nin – Steve
      Juie – Nina
      Fab – Miguel
      Blood Hawk – Hwoarang/Leo (?)
      Suiken – Lei

  5. Deeperkyo says:

    Korea sends 3 guys to US Major and 3 players from TOP 4 are Koreans ROFL

    Bring some Japanese players to next Major to challenge Koreans!

  6. vinsor says:

    props to GM for getting 2nd

  7. Schematic says:

    Shut your mouth Deeperkyo. Your obviously asian trying to discredit the us players. The gap is closing and having the koreans here over and over will make the Americans even stronger. Fab, Crow, Cor, GM, Naps are beast and they will be on that level if not soon, the near future. GM litterally plays tekken for a living like the koreans. He does not have as much comp but he has strong people in NY up here making him better. 3 out of the top 7 are from NY. And not even all of us went there. Still no exhalted, liquid etc. And none of the jersey boys like Bryan H and some others. America will bridge the gap. All they need is time.

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      LOL , The Gap Is Closing ??

      Nin in 4th Place to you means the Gap is Closing ??

      Your talking about the Official Tekken 6 World Champion, not to mention all the other huge tourneys he has won in T6 coming in 4th place is Legit ???

      OK, man whatever you want to Believe.

      • xyz says:

        nin hasn’t won many tekken 6 tournies with exception to the globals he is usually busy in korea hosting nearly every tekken show they have there lol. and a lot of tekken players have even tried to discredit the globals because their were laggy tvs and we all know its impossible to play tekken with lag.

      • David says:

        Tekken 6 Global Champion was Yuu. Retard

      • xyz says:

        david actually nin and jdcr won tekken globals nin won xbox and jdcr won ps3. but i forgive you you are a idiot anyway.

  8. Reality says:

    I for one am sick and tired of hearing “the gap is closing” and “us players can win over koreans” every other second. Just look at how it went for the so called seeded players that were going to be the biggest threat to the koreans. Deducting anything on the koreans not WINNING PER DEFAULT over 1-2 events (nevermind how they place beyond that!) is retarded but you don’t see it cause you choose not to.

    Also; He’s absolutely right. 3 out of 4 top players were koreans and that speaks louder then GM coming in strong. To be honest, people getting wins like that speak more about the games nature as compared to earlier tekkens (lol rage for instance) then that the players doing so are godlike.

    Once again; what happened to crow and the likes? Aren’t you fucking hypocrites if you have the expectation for other players from korea if non of your own players can repeat their runs even once? Come back when GM / Crow has one another event or hell even placed top 3.

    You Americans make the rest of the world PUKE when you chant ‘USA USA USA’ as soon as a korean is pitted against you and make racist comments. You waste half of the interview on maxi’s channel with Rain stroking your own ego’s with questions like “Who are the strongest American players?” “Which American would you team up with?” “Which american would you most rather play with/ have in your team????? Is America good now cause Crow one an event – we’re good right??!”. Even when Crow / GM etc win it’s not THEIR effort or the local scene (as in Texas) but it’s some sort of all together american powerful force in the aftermath.

    Yeah – that just happened. Wake up and smell the coffe.

  9. east bay lion says:

    @Reality, ease the nerves, otherwise no one you’re speaking against will credit any of your statements. i do agree with you though.
    to further detail your post…here’s a…calmer explanation? =)

    amongst the handful of top players who’ve managed to perform well against the koreans who have competed in the US, the gap there is closer sure.
    however, the gap is not closing on the large scale.

    as much as every player should praise the US players performances against the koreans, players get too caught up in the hype that some of our community members are now able to give the koreans trouble.

    people forget that these few koreans came all the way over from home and managed to run through numerous skilled players, and whether or not they even won, it’s still a great display of their level. for any one of them to even come over here and get top 3, nevermind winning the whole thing, is almost exceptional.

    when did a few US players ever go to korea or japan and duplicate this performance in any tourney they ever held? it’s a totally different environment in asia. just because you do very well against holeman doesn’t mean you will run through the gauntlet of players they have over there. in fact, a lot of times, great players will get “randomed out” by “unknown players”. it happens very often.

    this is not to say the US sucks or cannot close the gap. this is just how it is now and to make progress, we need to acknowledge that.

    • vinsor says:

      well put sir, the only US player so far who’s been very consistent in his performance is GM imo, the other players aren’t up to par with his consistency

      but that’s just my two cents though

  10. TCO-TheOne says:

    Reality since you know what your talking about do you play Tekken at all are you a spectator just asking.

    • Reality says:

      I’m a competitive Mario Go Kart player. I play Mario and your Mom is my Princess 5 times a week (sometimes Luigi or Bowser borrows her).

      • TCO-TheOne says:

        See now i was asking a simple question ,but your dumb ass want to act like a retard. I could go there with you,but i’m not.

    • Reality says:

      No you weren’t asking a simply question, you were trying to discredit my opinions. You could have at least made it less obvious.

      • TCO-TheOne says:

        Yea you seemed to know alot so i asked if you played or you just watched,but you wanted to go there with stupid mom jokes.

  11. tekkenlover says:

    tekken is a game meant to bring people together to enjoy a healthy competition and not devide people, regions and all of these talks about we are better than u are not helpful. Di do u know how much money did the first, second, and thrid place got?

  12. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    LOL Nin came in 4th ……BWAHH HA HAH AH HA..ohhh man these Charity Games are getting ridiculous.

    I’ll tell you guy what this is : Since Holeman gave it up in Orlando, they basically took a back seat to let him take it back in this one.

    I honestly think , if Koreans arnt going to take U.S tourneys Seriously they should stop Showing up.

    Because its Insulting to American Players and This kind of thing is gonna make Koreans look like assholes.

    Soon enough U.S players are going to figure out that Koreans are just messing with them and Giving them Tourneys and Fights.

    And U.S players are gonna get mad.

  13. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    It went from Charity Fights to Charity Tournaments LOL WOW.

  14. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    I think the Plan here is for all of them to get rich, If my theory is correct their all just gonna take turns at every MLG tourny wining .

    • xyz says:

      lol you must be korean or just plain…

      • Shinobi Cyclone says:

        nah dude im from the U.S

        But the fact that theres peolpe that Beleive that NIN came in 4th pace is funny as hell.

        Its like an Open joke but nobody gets it .

  15. xyz says:

    i dont get it and you must not have heard that nin was so embaressed that he lost he went up to gm after the match and got a little disrespectful go check tz forumns.

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      link plzz

    • Reality says:

      Has it ever occurred to ANYONE from the US on TZ that maybe Nin got upset and didn’t want to shake hands and so on after matches cause of the way he was treated at the event with your “patriotism” and racist slurs? He is a hot head no doubt. I’m not saying that was the case I just find it amazing that nobody even can start to imagine it being a possibility. It’s not to far fetched that he sees the crowd behind as GM’s friends / posse and when nobody is exactly humble as a winner, or player, he gets angry and wants to prove that he’s the better player (in his own retarded way with a speech barrier in place).

      • xyz says:

        so do you thinl if a american player went to korea and played in one of their tournies that every one would just be quiet and not cheer for the korean player. Get serious this is america what do you want us to do korea chants. god

  16. macshady23 says:

    im a korean and us fan as well,, but the problem with this us fan is when one of us players won( like GM whos in 2nd) they talk like US can beat koreans, they just need time?? yes theyll improve but duh,off course the koreans aswell.. i respect us players, but this fans needs to be realistic, since dr koreans and japanese rules and they prove it.. out of all the tournaments the koreans won, theres only two that the US won and thats naps vs mdj, and gmma vs holeman, and yes thats something to be proud of,, but to say they will be in the same level, sorry i dont think so.

  17. macshady23 says:

    if Us beats team korea (knee,nin,holeman) then we can say the gap is closing.. but again, team korea just proves that its not gonna happen..and they won.

    • is this for one tournament? i dont think the gap will be closing anytime soon…

      i want to see america go through the barrage of players in green arcade… just green arcade… dont even think about tournaments..

      green arcade alone hold many of the top fighters…

      ji3moon ace
      C H A N E L
      sun chip
      no name
      only practice

      im sure theres some that i missed out… any 3 picked from the list can (i say can because its true) win the tourney….

  18. GM fizzle says:

    LOL at the comments, here, well i tried my best im glad i could rep america like i did, btw i was not able to attend teams, i had to go on sunday

  19. Schematic says:

    So according to shinobi cyclone the koreans are Gods and the Americans will never catch up because they are shit and will always be shit. The koreans play whole days at a time they have arcades everywhere like japan ( I lived in japan for 2 years and visited asia so I know ). They have the edge when it comes to the game. ShinobiCyclone you just a racist ass like nin. GM beat nin then beat KNEE.. YES KNEE 5 times in a row to get to the finals. And your trying to discredit the man? Its one thing to be a fan. It another to be an ass. And the whole 4 horseman from NY wasn’t in the tourney. If you watch the vids of Fab vs team korea you know that we get it in.

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      Unless we get Korean Arcade scene here we will never be as good as the Koreans, thats exactly what im saying.

      I dont believe you lived anywhere but in your moms basement but ok. keep talking.

  20. Schematic says:

    Your also full of shit. The koreans come from half way around the world to give up tourney money to GM and Crow? lol you make me wanna puke. Nin is an asshole, even the players in korea say so, he didn’t shake fabs hand and now he is supposed to give GM matches out of charity? lol sounds like you kinda salty.

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      no bro, after NCR , its fucking obvious as hell that they are giving charity fights.

      not only that , shit just doesnt add up , HOleman lost last orlando, but won columbus and nin and knee take a back seat ??

      umm Nin and Knee and holeman are fucking loaded, whats 2 fucking grand ?? when they get shit loads more money play out of the tourny anyway.

      Knee didnt seem to give a shit giving away fights at NCR to Naps.

      congrats to GM for getting close but lets see if he can keep it up.

      your one to talk about racism Schematic, you and the Other roudy phaggets at every tourny chanting U.S.A ! U.S.A !

      all you do is embarass this fucking Country with that Red neck shit. no self respect or respect for other cultures.

      Go get you some Freedom Fries you fucking Douche.

  21. tekkenlover says:

    congrats gm u are the man there are new generation of tekken players coming to scene just like gm and there will be more guys like gm. and then i am sure u.s will close the gap

  22. changandy says:

    how did knee end up 3rd? did GM beat Knee, or did knee get eliminated by holeman?

  23. tekkenlover says:

    GM for president. my most faviorite tekken player of all time is aris who gives middle finger to everybody and is funny as hell but u gained my respect and respect of many more people by beating two of the best tekken players in the world. u have a great future ahead of u as a professional tekken player.

  24. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    Heres the Fight Between Holeman v.s Fighting GM

    Expect one sides Commentating

  25. Colin says:

    The only way the gap will close is if we have Korean environments. Matches broadcasted on TV promotes more hardcore players for the next generation and strives individuals to reach their potential.

    Not to mention more arcading and less online. So in short we need to copy how the Koreans deal with tekken.

  26. tekkenlover says:

    cyclone thanks alot for posting this vedio i dont agree with many things u say espeacially about u.s tekken players but i certainly appreciate the vedio. i didnt know this was out there and i didnt see this before.

  27. 3-D God says:

    it’s obvious knee and nin let gm beat them on purpose. knee could of take out gm easily but was fucking around with steve. obviously everyone in america would be salty if there are no american in top 3. we need to bring the japanese to mlg for the koreans to take the tourny seriously.

    • tekkenlover says:

      listen to urself… why in the world nin and knee intentionally lose? espeacially when there is 2500$ on the line

      • tekkenlover says:

        even if people were salty there is nothing they can do about it. holeman knee and nin are professionals they dont care about this

      • Shinobi Cyclone says:

        Actually Professional are in Europe and mostly in Korea and Japan. they know that a loss is a loss.

        ” NOT IN THE U.S THOUGH ”

        Here if shit comes to worse someone will get shot.

        Hell im fucking scared to go to these local tournys they got here.

        America isnt exactly a friendly enviroment , i think Koreans know that shit and want to go home in one piece.

        so i can definetly see them throwing fights just for a bit of balance

      • VenoM362 says:

        VenoM362 once stabbed a man for the simple fact that his punk ass picked Bob.

        …I hate Bob

        I’m just saying…

  28. Superman that ho says:

    lmao at people hating on GM. He beat both nin and knee straight up. Koreans have to much pride to give anybody a win. Plus they where hella madd after they lost they got straight up beaten!

  29. imlinked says:

    I agree most part about how us American’s like to stroke our ego’s, tho… I can’t agree on how Nin would “intentionally” lose.

    I hear Nin has like a 99% w/l ratio, even on casual online play back in Korea. I really doubt he’s the kinda guy that would toss a game, especially when he did travel half way across the world to attend these events.

    The best explanation is probably that Tekken “can” be random at times. The best player ever won’t win every single time, just like how the Koreans probably won’t win every single international tourney they enter.

    Home advantage also plays a significant role. Playing in a completely new atmosphere is a bit daunting, and the added pressure would be immense. I’m sure many of the top placers in America (as well as any other countries) would most likely pee on themselves if they were participants in Tekken Crash.

    • Reality says:

      Nin didn’t intentionally loose but looking at the forums he sure as hell was sure it was a fluke win since he wanted to challenge for moneymatches afterwards (which weren’t accepted). Word is that he wanted Knee to play Steve against GM to prove a point about how unsafe / lucky GM was by winning not using Bryan. That I can believe. Nin is an a-hole who can’t handle losses well.

      Here’s another very important point I forgot to make in my first point. If you want to talk about ‘gaps’ and so on between countries you should do it statistically correct.

      MAKE A TOURNEY WHERE 50% ARE KOREANS AND 50% AMERICANS AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. There you will have your gap concept.

      Nomatter what is said; having the trail of thought that a player should win 100% of tourneys is sillytalk. However they CONSISTENTLY place high. FACT. If you put 1000 americans in a tourney format against 3 koreans and they don’t manage to WIN the entire thing on that basis with that country to country ratio and make assumptions afterwards based on that you’re a moron. USA HAS CLOSED THE GAP! Lulz. Best Lee in the universe! Take the top 3 guys in USA and put them in a korean nationaltournament and talk about how far back usa is if they don’t place all within the top 3, that’s what I’d want to see.

      • Shinobi Cyclone says:

        They did it was the Internation tourny in japan, And non of them made it in.

        they all got whiped off.

      • a tournament isnt what they need… its the arcade scene…

        take them to green arcade where idmaxi is always recording matches on a daily?every second day basis? i dont know but yeah you get me right?

        green arcade holds many of the top players that DONT get a chance to fly and go in US tourneys because the very top of the korean players are always going to represent them…

  30. xyz says:

    i dont think i have ever seen so many american players riding korea dick. good shit to gm sick lee play as always.

  31. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    like i said after NCR , shit just hit the fan.

    cause Knee threw those fights it was obvious as fuck.

    but ill see the vids when they come out soon, i scoured yotube and that was the only vid i could find was the singles final between GM and Holeman.

    but when MLG vids come out ill check them out myself and if im wrong ” i doubt iam ” but if i am i’ll apologize

    because on this Website theres damn too many American Dick riders.

    im that fucking balance Between the Nations..of course me and a Few others whom i wil refrain From mentioning. ” Cough..Blindghost..Cough ”

    But all shall be revealed when MLG releases the stream for viewers.

    Fucking Nin and Knee 3d & 4th . They must have drugged his water or some shit. LOL

    It just can’t be son IT CANT BE !!!!


  32. tekkenlover says:

    respect to both U.S and korea for playing well beside gm i also congrats holeman for performing very well and winning many tournies inside and out side of his country, i think we should be able to praise any of our faviorite tekken fighters without getting into arguments, i think it’s good idea that people from other parts of the world come here to play tekken and i want there will be more matches just like MLG at foreign soil to allow american players participate in big tournaments in japan, korea, europe, etc . lets just stop this nonsense argument it doesnt worth it

  33. Schematic says:

    First off I’m black. Jamaican. I was in the US marines for 8 years my name in NY is Schematic. I’m not really great but I’m friends with most of the top players up her and really good friends with exhalted, Achilles and Renekon. I’m also 30 years old and been playing tekken off since tekken 2. around 15 years ago if I remember correctly. I lived in Japan for 2 years in the Marines. Now that that is cleared up. fundamentally disagree with what your saying about needing a ridiculous arcade scene in america to become good. In jamaica the island I was born. We have 1/100000000 the budget for our olympics than america has and we will send 10 ppl to the Olympics and come back with 8 medals. Hell the 1 time we tried our for bobsleding we won a medal. All I’m saying is stop slobing the Koreans. They are human and can be beat. I am not hating them because they are Korean. I am hating your comments because your trying to make it seem that if you don’t think the Koreans are impossible to beat you are somehow a stupid racist redneck american. Its called Pride my friend. If you don’t feel like you can be the best then you might as well stop whatever you are doing. And GM and the rest of NY says Fuck what you think about yourself and how good you are. We are gonna find a way to body you. No arcades fine…. we’ll have sessions every week with each other and with 3 tv’s and 10 people we’ll make our own arcade. You talking us and the rest of the americans down is only gonna add more fuel to that. I might not have been born american, but thats one thing that sets america apart from most other countries. We don’t care how things are supposed to be a man can have 1 dollar to his name 1 day… and become one of the richest men in this world the next. Thats why GM Fab Napps and the others will get that good because they don’t believe the nonsense you spout.

  34. Schematic says:

    You just said that America is a hostile environment and the koreans loose so they don’t get hurt. WTF is wrong with you. these are video game heads. That is the most racist shit I’ve ever heard. You obviously hate America. Fine we get it. I don’t hate you because you know what I’ve never met you personally. And thats how a normal, human being, not high on crystal meth or born with non deformed brains thinks.

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      LOL were the most violent country on the Planet man, Every oher country i know of or at least in asia has a ban on guns.

      Don’t give me that shit LOL, ive lived here all my life

      Ive seen the crowd get hostile, so yeah i can see them trying to go easy and letting a couple of losses just so they dont piss people off.

  35. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    #1 I love cool Running Best Disney Movie Ever

    #2 If you dont have the Arcade Scene Japan and Korea Has You wont get good, Playing each other will only get you so far.

    #3 Kinda like Beckham Playing For Glaxy, he took the Cash But said He wont get good if he stays with Galaxy Because they Suck, and ” he said If hes ever gogin to Be ready for the World Cup he has to play people on His LVL. ” that why he left and played for AC milan.

    Because Glaxys Fottball LVL sucked.

    Same concept can be applied here, you can play your friends all you want, but your not Broadening your horizon. your only going to be good with your friends.

    same with me The reason im On top when it comes to T6 among my friends is because I play More people on Rank.

    Your friends can only take you so far, you gotta Break out of the Box and Play more people

    #4 Your an Idiot for thiking we dont need an arcade scene like Korea, this is our Genre we want it to Expand.

    #5 I dont evne know those mutha fuckers you mentioned, thats probably why their not in tourneys.

    • timito taka says:

      this guys a beg friend he says one thing then he changes his mind the next so to keep u happy

  36. Superman that ho says:

    LMAO dumbasses, knee used bryan the last 2 games, and lost very convincinly with his bryan, they lost they lost, no need to cock suck on them so hard that you guys wanna make excuses for them, give gm some burn yo.

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      Burn ?? how many Exactly Joind the MLG tourny form the U.S and how many Koreans ??

      oh thats right 3, like reality said, thats not exactly fair even though Holeman won.

      It would be a fair tourny if you hade it 50/50

      Yes Koreans are stil lthe Best.

      I’m a realist, i dont cheer for second place i cheer for first, not only that but Consecetive First.

      and in this case Koreans always deliver.

      and thats what i like #1’s

      Daigo wouldnt be Daigo if he lost a couple of matches right ?? but so far Hes been owning everyone on SFIV.

      including Justin.

      Its the immortality that makes these players great its the WIN/LOSS RATION

      and american players …well they dont have that.

      whats even further annoying is how they talk shit even though tey come in second once out of like 5 ,6 tourneys.

      if they want me to cheer for someone From the U.S then they have to Beat the Koreans.


      Further more , i hate when they act liek idiots at tourneys.

      They need some class in the States Really Badly.

  37. The Game says:

    I swear you people that are dickeating the Koreans make me sick….Sure they are the best but even the best get beaten. People don’t mention the fact that Lil Majin was steamrolling them in casuals. I respect that lol.

    • Reality says:

      Steamrolling isn’t winning a set or two you know. Steamrolling is when nin gets a 30+ winningstreak in those same casuals and clowns people in doing so.

  38. Schematic says:

    NY scene is small. Honestly waaaaaaaay smaller than texas and cali and most other places. only like 5 people are super solid another 7 solid and the rest are ok. So how did GM and Fab get so good. From playing each other and the other few people we got. You never heard of exhalted but he is one of the best Lei’s in america and though online doesn’t mean anything he is currently the 1st (if he hasn’t dropped) Lei in north america online. Liquid plays feng and he’s solid. They are young and do other stuff with their lives other than tekken. Fab works full time and still got stupid solid. Larger doesn’t mean better If you work hard enough you can achieve. Jamaica proves my point better than anything else. We have a population of 2 mil and have produced some of the finest atheletes the world has ever scene. Look at slovenia they are microscopic in europe and they just beat russia to go to world cup. Half the major leaque baseball is from cuba or the dominican republican, they are islands (granted all they do is baseball so I see your point in that reguard) but its not how many people around your are playing its the quality of people around you who are playing. You say your friends can’t get you better. dude…. all they play are there friends who as good as them. They got each other that good. They never went to japan or even the other towns. They just went to their local arcades and got it in. With a group of die hard companions dedicated to that. And thats why NY the few who are super got that way. They go in.

  39. Superman that ho says:

    lil majin also beat nin for money and also beat knees steve for money

  40. Schematic says:

    I’m from another country… and I’ve been to 12 other countries. If America was as bad as your saying the 90 percent of the world wouldn’t want to be like us. (not like our government lol, but everything else). America is the most free country in the world. It has its faults but damn near anyone can come here and succeed. And more often than not they do. And in terms of violence. Yes we have crime. But no where close a ton of other nations have. Especially in the middle east africa, parts of asia and eastern europe. And even though I don’t support guns at all. Texas has like the lowest crime rate in the country. EVERYONE in texas has a gun thats y lol. No matter the country. Criminals are gonna get whatever guns they want. no matter the ban. And the police prolly won’t have the firepower to keep up with them.

    • Reality says:

      This is getting wayyyyy out of context but I just want to say that’s stuff Americans get spoonfed to believe since they’re little kids until you actually believe it. Now that wouldn’t be any form of problem if it didn’t lead to you chanting ‘USA USA USA’ at videogame events and people shooting eachother over a MVC2 event.

      No, not everyone wants to live in the US. Sorry, a two party government system isn’t a free country. Huge economic differences points to injustice in that very same free country. And if everyone wanted to come there to ‘succeed’ and do so you wouldn’t have immigrants or second generation immigrants having all the minimum wage jobs now would you? America lives in its own little bubble and while you may critique, say china for censoring the media, you are in basicly the same situation (when was the last time you watched a foreign newscast to gain perspective?)

      Also…. comparing violence rate with middle east africa. You trippin? You should be comparing your climate with for instance Canada or UK if anything, not Africa. The gun debate is done over with. I personally think it’s to easy to just draw a straight line between stuff like guns and violence as culture comes into play amongst other things in general. You should rather look at gangs in general and ask why they exist and are such a big part of American culture for answers.

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      Y ou knwo how i kow your a Dumbass because of this comment ” Texas has the Lowest Gun crimes of the Entire country ”

      Dude Texas has the Highest Gun crimes, in fact it is now statistical that Texas has more Gun crimes than New york. NUMNUTS !!!!

      But im done wiht this shit.

      Theres no reasonsing wiht you guys.

      First you say we dont need to have a great arcade scene now your stating texas is the lowest crime state in the U.S

      its startgin to come why you joind the military.

      do us a favor and get on the front lines.

      cause people like you it dont matter how many countries you go to. your still gona have that dumbass mentality.

    • Kernkraft says:

      “If America was as bad as your saying the 90 percent of the world wouldn’t want to be like us.”

      WTF! you make me fucking sick. u wanna go political? You know no shit about other countries, how dare you even say someone would prefer being american rather than having their own nationality? that comment is just so fucked up that I can’t stress enough how fucking retarded that sounded…

      Did you know in texas a law has been moved in for the textbooks to say how American ideals benefit the world but organisations such as the UN could be a threat to personal freedom.

      Way to go for texas!! dont insinuate your political views apply everywhere just because your not white

  41. XelNaga says:

    Off topic:

    Please ban the troll, I’m getting a headache from reading Shinobi’s thoughtless comments and horrible spelling.

    On topic:
    I missed the stream due to technical issues, but from what I have been reading on TZ, this was quite a great turnout for a tournament, and the competition was at a great high. Now all we need is the Japanese and some Europeans to come over and then we can have a real great tournament.

  42. Schematic says:

    Do you know how your a dumb ass. because I said TEXAS HAS THE ONE OF THE LOWEST CRIME, CRIME, CRIME rates in the country. And if you don’t believe me look it up. Unlike most other people I don’t spout stuff I’ve never experienced or researched. As for me being spoon fed… BASED on my experience in other countries Everyone loves american culture. Everyone hates the US governments policies. And as it stands American is the only country where you can come with almost nothing and in less than a year you can be filthy rich. You have not seen it. But as an immigrant myself I have. And no not everyone wants to live in america, especially not forever. But this country has the most opportunity in the world and the most freedom. You say we live in a bubble. But my cable has damn near 30 news channels from around the world I don’t get my talking points from fox Msnbc or regular CNN. I have news from my home country CNN international. BBC international and if I want a quick summary of great news I watch the Mclowell (can’t remember spelling) news hour at 7 on pbs. Or I can go on the internet and check anywhere I want for news. Not to mention I’ve lived in other countries. So my views are much broader than most who have only lived here. And I’m older and educated so your not dealing with a child. But… I digress.. If what your saying was right Cyclone…. china would win every Olympic event every time because the breed and raise hundreds of children to participate in them from like they are 3. There are other factors than just practice. There is talent, potential, and Work ethic. Just because you have a whole bunch of arcades in your country doesn’t make you automatically better. None of you know GM or how he lives for all you know he plays 2 times as much as the koreans with people just as good as them if not better. But I believe Cyclone and that other guy are korean americans who have a right to be fans of their country men. I just don’t like how pompose you guys are acting and then accuse america of doing the thing you are doing. GM weighs like nothing you think NIN was afraid if he beat GM. GM was gonna beat him down? you guys just sound like sore losers.

    • timito taka says:

      schematic ur right but you dont need to waste ur time on someone thats mentally incapable, cyclones prolly some monkey cheerleader dressed in a suit or somthin. lol we shud throw back to da zoo where it came from.

  43. Zero says:

    Lol you guys really don’t know how to deal with trolls do you?

    Japan is ass at Tekken and so is Europe. Why else wouldn’t they come to America to try to win all this money?

    • kix unltd. says:

      japan is ass at tekken?

      try telling that to yuu after you’ve seen the video where he demolished naps.

      none of the us players had much success in the japan vs u.s tekken bouts, except of course insanelee..love the way he uses bruce.

  44. Zero says:

    PS: Why the hell does my avatar thing look like GM?

  45. some guy says:

    will the faggots who were not at the tournaments stfu? You all have no idea what you are talking about.

    shinobi, you look like a gigantic idiot right meow you no logic havin ass fool

    GM is friends with most of the ppl in that crowd so naturally they are going to get hype for him. He uses a high-mid tier character playing a gauntlet of the 3 best players in the world all using s tiers so we needed to give him all the support we could muster and I’m sure the koreans undestood that

    look, when I go to a basketball or football game, were all gonna cheer for our team.. Prolly boo theopponents too. That doesn’t mean we feel animosity towards them, it’s just wut ppl do

    iuno how that can be considered racist, I don’t remember any racist stuff going down that night. All of us loved the koreans esp nin who was ever friendly and outgoing. Like nin said, we all just want to be friends since we have the same passions

  46. Ejaz Ahmad says:

    Guys,what the fuck is wrong with you all this place is to discuss tekken not how cool america is…like i dont post here but i come here everyday to chq out whats going on in the tekken community but this shit is geting way toooo much now…you lose you lose and that’s it… so instd o talking crap and be a cry baby about it why dont you send America’s top players to Korea and see how many we see make it into there top 3…….the thing about the Koreans is they play at the arcads and are really not used to playing tekken on some crap tv/LCD while holding bloody arcade stick in there lap send your GM to green and see how good he do there? so instd o talking shit and wasting time here go and practice and try to beat them next time…..once you have beating then come and talk all you want here about how cool your mcdonalds taste lol ……..@Shinobi Cyclone dude you speak the truth and they cant take it that’s why they hate you…….

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      ya man i know, i keep telling them that but they wont listen.

      They bragg for nothing man.

      i keep telling them they are no where near Koreas LVL of play, but they just keep deluding themselves into thinking they are close to closing the gap. Between the U.S and Korea

      But in reality they have to go through

      Europe—> then Japan—-> then Korea

      U.S have a loooong way to go before they can be as good as Koreans.

      its not Impossible, but they need the same kind of Attention at the arcades as Korea, but sadly that wont happen here.

      because they keep thiking they dont need that, well the U.S players are kidding themselves if they think not having a strong arcade scene following to be as good as Korea.

      cause thats exactly what they are missing more people that are hardcore at Tekken.

      • timito taka says:

        why the hel do u need aracade to get good at a game? do u like sucking small korean dick too? some korean ass rider like u shud stick to talkin about mario 3d or somethin.

    • xyz says:

      hi shinobi

  47. kix unltd. says:

    if the Japanese top players had been invited and entered this tournament i think there will absolutely be no chance for u.s to win this tournament or even get at least a place on the top 3.

    • xyz says:

      korea dominates japan every time they play go to youtube and search for their friendly matches. so japan wouldnt win either lol

      • dont you think he knows that.. hes stating that USA wont reach top 3 maybe not even top 5 depending who (korea and jap) and how many of them enter…

      • kix unltd. says:

        well go to youtube and see how us players lost almost every game to japan.. XD

        and oh..look at the way aris and naps played there XD

  48. Ejaz Ahmad says:

    @kix unltd yap thats a fact

  49. Renzo says:

    Koreans are always lucky!


    Tekken 6 Singles:

    1. Rain (Korea)
    2. Tongbal Love (Korea)
    3. Crow (TX)
    4. FightingGM (NY)
    5. Suiken (Socal)
    5. insanelee (Norcal)
    7. FBD (Socal)
    7. Slips (STL)

    Final Round XIII

    Tekken 6 3v3 Team Tourney
    1st – Team Korea (Nin, Knee, Clint)
    2nd – Team NYC (GM, Fab, Realyst)
    3rd – Team Cool (jio, Trung, Zero the Shadow)

    Winner’s Finals: Team NYC beat Team Cool
    Loser’s Finals: Team Korea beat Team Cool
    Winner’s Finals: Team Korea beat Team NYC x2

    Tekken 6 Singles (178 participants)
    Note: Full Results at http://www.finalround.org
    1st – Knee (bryan) – Korea
    2nd – nin (steve) – Korea
    3rd – pokchop (bruce) – ATL
    4th – KOR (bob) – TX
    t-5th – bloodhawk (leo/hwoarang) – NY
    t-5th – NeoX (lars) – TX
    t-7th – (NYC)Fab (bob) – NY
    t-7th – Lingmassacre (ling) – NY
    t-9th – fightingGM (lee) – NY
    t-9th – Clint (zafina/kuma) – ATL
    t-9th – shinkuur (julia) – ATL
    t-9th – jio (ling) – TN

    V.G.A Tekken 6 Tournament

    1st Rain(Korea)
    2nd Holeman(Korea)
    3rd GM
    4th Game

    4/24-25 MTG Tournament

    1. Holeman(Korea)
    2. GM
    3. Fab

    Tekken 6 3v3 Team

    1. Team Rain (Rain, Holeman, Jaguar)
    2. Team PokChop (PokChop, Solus, Sanford Kelly)
    3. Team Dasure (Exalted, OniJin, Renikon)
    4. Team Tricks (kPc, Grimy Grizzly, Pacifist)
    5. Team SOVA (Blackula, Ryry, SMP)

    MLG Orlando

    1st. Kor (Bob/Lars) – TX
    2nd. Holeman (Lars) – Korea
    3rd. Crow (Bob/Steve) – TX
    4th. Suiken (Lei) – Socal

    Tekken 6 3v3 Team

    1. Bronson Tran and His Children – insanelee (Bruce), Rain (Leo), Holeman (Lars)
    2. Team Complexity – NeoX (Lars), Crow (Bob), MrNAPS (Bryan)
    3. Team SoCal – JustFrameJames (Law), chetchetty (Paul), SuikenUser (Lei)

    Super NCR Results

    1. Holeman – Lars
    2. Nin – Steve
    3. Knee – Bryan, Devil Jin

    MLG Columbus

    1st – Holeman(Korea)
    2nd – Fighting GM
    3rd – Knee(Korea)
    4th – Nin(Korea)
    5th – Juie(Thailand)
    6th – Fab
    7th – Blood Hawk
    8th – Suiken

    Tekken 6 3v3 Team

    1. Team Korea(Knee, Nin, Holeman)
    2. Team Complexity (GMMA Kor, Naps, Crow)
    3. Team Pat_Thai (Juie, Pat_Thai, 725)

    • Ejaz Ahmad says:

      They are not lucky they work heard to stay on the top :)on the other hand i think GM got lucky just look at his performance at all these other torni results you just posted :D

      • vinsor says:

        i think he was being sarcastic

      • timito taka says:

        LOL wtf man Gm got lucky? he trashed knee and nin consecutively in 20 rounds did u even wawtch the stream u prick. he had to beat knee and nin, and then again jus to get to the final. green arcade? hahahaha do knee and nin and holeman go to green arcade? hahaha . he cud have even beaten holeman. stupid paki, the pressures off these guys they gonna whop ass next time round. nonoes scard of these koreans nemore. cept for some dick sucker like u n ur friend cyclone up there.

      • DrBhup666 says:

        Tekken has nothing to do with luck. It’s all practice, practice, PRACTICE!!
        And great reaction-time!

  50. 3-D God says:

    it looks like GM don’t know how to fight lars like KOR does. kept getting bait into arc blast = LOL

  51. timito taka says:

    all u guys jus talk trash without even studyin the game, why talk about green arcade when knee and holeman dont even go there? tekken crash, knee and holeman were the champions, green arcade is below their level. its full of koreans that jus play fast, if they wre good why did knee and holeman win tekken crash? you have no brain cells. and then gm defeats nin and knee and then u seem to think gm needs to go green arcade hahahaha u lot know jack about tekken, it aint about where u play, its about the level you play at. you only get that from studying the game somthing which nonne of u have even done u js dick ride . im out of this bitcch now ive done enough explaining to u bitches lol

  52. DrBhup666 says:

    Oh man! Where are the moderators???

    I haven’t seen people this mad and all worked up since.. well, never actually!

    And it’s just over a frikin’ game… LOL

  53. Dek says:

    Timo Taka your an idiot, whose statements are just as laughable as shinobi in fact I’d say you employ maybe even slightly less logic than he does.

    He knocked them out of the tourney which is a great achievement and he should commended for it but it does not make him better than them you fucking moron. The way you spit dumb shit is why there are people that hate american tekken and think it is full of dumb racist fucks, because sadly alot of the people in the crowd (east coast at least) are screaming out shit nearly as dumb as you typed.

    If you really think that the top US easily outclass all the other top players in the arcade your a total idiot. It is pretty obvious that the MAJORITY of top players play there. The top players that DON’T play there are generally far away. Even so focusing on which arcade is irrelevant anyway. Why do holeman and knee lose here and not there? Again idiot they lose all the time, holeman has been demoted by a number of players over there at times, oh but by your logic that means that ALL the players who beat holeman are way better than GM right?

    NO it is NOT RIGHT and neither are you because anyone who employs that logic is simply retarded (not that we could not easily determine that from the contents of your post)

    Shinobi your an idiot as well, both sides from the korean dick riding fagots to all the americans who have no ability to speak with any form of logic, and simply are not grounded in reality (preferring to shout dumb shit like “ye you show dem Koreanz dey is whack, USA USA! good shit nigga(insert white or hispanic person being called this of course!)! dats WUZ up my boy, USA USA!”

    But good job Fighting GM you did far better than any other US player at the tournament, and for that you should be congratulated.

  54. Dek says:

    Oh and whoever said lee is a mid tier character is also retarded, Lee is fucking GOOD he has everything most of the top has and many top players share that opinion.

  55. Fuckusu says:

    US tekken players are not on the Korean’s level, period. I don’t even think the US is on Japan’s level. Put it simply, all the foreign toruneys US players went to, they crashed, and they crashed real HARD. At Tougeki non of the US teams, in whatsoever fighting game ever got past the main event to quarters. I mean wdf? JWong the fat boy wins like very 2D game toruneys here, but can’t do shit against the japanese at Tougeki. Ok, so Tougeki format is a bit redonkulous, but US teams or players haven’t shown their credibility whereas Japanese and Korean players have shown their credibility by breezing through the top US compeition, at least placing top positions in a field of what? Like 100+ Americans vs 1-3 Japanese or Korean players? That being said, the Korean Tekken Players have come overseas to the US and taken the whole field of US players over and over again.

    You pathetic US Tekken bandwagoners claim you’re on their level, but I would love to see much the top US teams get their asses handed to them in Tekken Crash in Korea, per say. You guys play on your soil every tournament and if GM takes 2nd, it’s like the US is doing awesome.

    Come on man, get to the reality. You US Tekken Nuthuggers have been saying that KOR is the best player in the US since he won at Orlando. By all means, FAB is more credible than anyone in the US, if you have a common sense to think. Did you idiots not even see the game, or are you kids just blind to see all those random ass launchers and stupid setups KOR got on Holeman. Talk about a MAJOR FLUKE.

    What do you know, Texas was talking all SHIT saying the EAST COAST ain’t shit, because before 5DR, there wasn’t even a scene in the EC. Great job Texas, I though Crow and KOR was suppose to breeze through the toruney and blow away the Koreans, guess you assholes couldn’t even get past the East Coasters. And JinKid, SDFU please. Can you ever sdfu about anything? Talk more shit please, all you were every good at was abusing top-tier Ogres and Jin in 4 and Tag.

    All in all, I am sick and tired of US nuthugging themselves and claiming everyone else is nuthugging the Koreans, when everyone else can clearly see the Koreans practically have the upper hand all the god damnned time.

    Even at ATL, NIN and Knee were obviously sandbagging, but you dumbasses wanted to ease your loser mentality by claiming NIN was actually frustrated??? LMFAO, then TwentyOne says NIN told him they were sandbagging and you idiots get bitchslapped in the face, like WDF?

    Please, just stop with this, “US is on or even on the Korean’s level now!” unreliable BullSHIT. If you want to claim anything, do something overseas. US tekken players haven’t won SHIT, literally SHIT outside of US. As a matter of fact that even goes to cocky-ass Justin. John Choi is probably credible, but that guy has been playing C-groove for life, like a daily routine.

    Pit the top US players in a field of 100+ Koreans or Japanese players, then claim the US is on par or even better than the Japanese and the Koreans.

    Sick and tired of this nuthugging douchebags. They yell, “USA USA USA!” all the damn fucking time, and don’t expect the Koreans or Japanese to ever make a mistake and if they do, it’s as if the Koreans or Japanese weren’t ever suppose to make a gaffe since, otherwise it’s all excuses. Then they go overseas and can’t do shit, so they don’t even have a damn excuse to come up with in the first place.

    • imlinked says:


      though I give credit to GM for winning this one, and KOR winning holeman in the previous tourney…

      you let out exactly what i was thinking, formulated into words perfectly expressing what majority of people believe in as well.

      good stuff.

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      uhhhh…..Check mate ?!?!?!?

    • just wow… whoever fuckusu is has got all the right words

    • kix unltd. says:

      “US tekken players are not on the Korean’s level, period. I don’t even think the US is on Japan’s level.”

      this is so true..

      they dont even invite japanese players to their tourneys..

      they know for a fact that they cant win any tournaments with both koreans and japanese players as participants. XD

  56. Ejaz Ahmad says:

    @ timito taka send that lame ass kid AKA GM to Korea and see his rape on youtube lol…..Gm can naver be as good as knee or nin he cant even close bloody Americans go n play halo o GOW with your lame ass buddyz….i d say just shutup n try to beat the korenz next time bloody losers they beat and make fun of you on your own soil keep telling yourself that the gap is getting closer maybe it will help you sleep at night lol…….you guys just talk and yell at the back lets go juston lets go GM when they keep getting there assz handed over to them :D also when ever the americans come to asia they get beating like hell they don even make into top 8 lol losers they only talk and thats it….o maybe ite people like you that ate punting your country’s name to shame guys like you should learn to respect others and stop yelling in the torniz……..

    • Ejaz Ahmad says:

      @Fuckusu and Dek plz stop feeding the trolls these Americans dont listen lol..they are tooo busy closing the gap lol

      • xyz says:

        if you hate america why are you on a american thread. because it seems like your hate runs deeper than tekken.

      • Shinobi Cyclone says:

        Agreed these guy are too busy Jerking off to their own Egos.

        Thier not even on parr with Europe and they have the balls to talk about being on Parr wiht Korea.

        They havnt accomlished Shit over seas.

        But they talk like the Conquered the World in Tekken.

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      Dude they havnt accomplished shit, in my Op these mutha fuckers should pay their respects when Playing Koreans.

      Cause Koreans & Japanese are the ones that started the Tekken Craze, But these Ungratfull Fucks. already think they Bested them.

      Deluded Mutha fuckers.

    • timito taka says:

      so people shud yell and have fun they should be a retarded gimp like u? okay then..

  57. Superman that ho says:

    every korean player that has come over here as lost. holeman, knee, nin and rain, so please people stfu, and gm did not get raped by holeman, he just made a few mistakes of rounds that was him that costed him. How does korea rape usa if all the koreans that have came over here have lost already? you guys make no sense.

  58. Justice says:

    Is something wrong with your brain?

    1. Obviously Koreans are the best in this game. They are however, not unbeatable. Anyone can lose at any given time.

    2. Most of USA sucks at Tekken, there are only a handful of players that can beat Koreans

    3. In Tekken 6, it is more difficult for masters to win. So in this case,

    scrubs vs avg players, scrubs have chance of winning

    avg players vs good players, avg players have chance of winning.

    Good players vs masters, good players still have a chance at winning.

    See my point?

    GM good shit on reppin USA and lee; you’re only one of the few who could accomplish this.

  59. Jio says:

    timito is the only person in this thread with any sense of logic. knee, nin, and holeman are all top 10 ranked players in korea, american players such kor, gm, crow, fab are testament to fact that at the highest lvl america can compete with and defeat representives from the argueably the best country for tekken.

    people also continually forget that the u.s. got T6:BR almost a 1yr and a half after korea/jpn. Not to mention the fact that player pools here are MUCH smaller and much farther apart, so many american are not exposed to the wealth of playstyles and character exp. that korea/jpn have long been accustomed to.

    i was at columbus, orlando, and final round in atlanta. ive seen top american players, clint, anakin, lil majin, gm, fab, and crow go even or beat the koreans in long sets and money matches. in columbus, nin asked me where clint(who beat nin in a mm at final round) was, and was disappointed that he wasnt able to attend, and told me how much he liked clint’s kuma. these people are not gods lol, they are just international players who share a similar passion.

    i can’t believe that sumone would call a “USA” chant racist. anyone who said that was either not there or an idiot. it started as a joke anyway, but what harm is it to cheer for a friend versus ANY international player? IT IS A GAME. its wrong to cheer for ur nation in the World Cup or the Olympics? some of u people’s logic makes me pity u, and curiously amused simultaneously.

    give GM his props, him and kor(orlando) were marked underdogs and given no chance. they showed what talent and determination can do. stop making excuses for people…especially people who werent there.

    GO USA

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      This wasnt the World Cup , And Its all Americans, where the fuck are the Koreans to cheer for Korea ??

      whoop !! there goes that logic.

      Its fucking Tastless, Dont go around saying its a fucking cheer, At Orlando They fucking embarassed this country by talking so much trash to 3 fucking guys from the other side of the world ,from the stands, it was unbelievable.

      Tastless and Unclassy, But then again, In my Op that shit was racist.

      SO shut the fuck up.

      • Shinobi Cyclone says:

        I never said shit about GM, He made it to 2nd who hoo. so the fuck what ?? thats suppose to be something ??

        Thats what you guys are aiming for 2nd ??

        how about you answer the other questions. If were such badasses , why dont we take the fight to their soil ??

        and do what Knee, Nin, and Rain did huh ??

        Answer that you Fagget ass Dick riders !!

        If you talk that shit then Back it up.. Go to Korea, Go to Japan.. Prove it. Take a Crew and show us what the U.S Got.

        Since you guys are on Parr Fucking Prove it ??

        Oh thats right, You cant, thats all your good for is talking that shit.

        You can Barely Win a fucking tourny against Them in Our Own Soil , Let alone come 5th or 6th , and you think you can go agasint 50 of them ??

        You mutha fuckers have a loong way to go, A looooooong way.

        And it aint helping when some of you think we dont need a an Arcade scene liek they Have.

        Sorry Faggs as it Stands Korean right now Are the Fucking Kings of Tekken.

        U.S hasnt proven Shit, all they do is talk smack. But cant back it up on Paper.

        Crow, Naps , GMMA , GM are Great Players, But, They need to knwo thier place, They are good…here…in the U.S they wont stand a fucking chance in Korea.

        I’l Put money on that.

  60. Ejaz Ahmad says:

    cut the crap guys……..any videos so far???somewhere any ware on the net?

  61. 730allday says:

    Now I see why I left this game alone……if you guys love the koreans so much why don’t you move ova to the damn country and dickride them betta ova there. Create a service for it while you at it…..

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      Were not dickriding, were actually the only ones telling the truth, your the ones Dickriding your own egos, by saying your on parr wiht Koreans LOL.

      you guys are barely on Parr wiht Europeans and you talk about Koreans.

      Have you relized thats its 3 guys v.s 50 plus americans, and the Koreans always make it to the top 3 or top 4.

      Stupid dick rider.

      • XelNaga says:

        @Shinobi: Just stop, you are just digging a deeper and deeper hole for yourself by demonstrating discombobulated and kindergarten grammar skills. If it was constructive, then it would be overlooked, but I personally think you are just trying to make a name for yourself by coming out from under your bridge and riling people up.

      • 730allday says:

        And you the main one…..carry on.

      • 730allday says:


  62. VenoM362 says:


    Everybody chill with this USA/Korea dickriding shit.

    Why do Americans chant USA!,USA!,USA! at tournaments?

    Cause we all like to do hoodrat stuff with our friends. The koreans go to Green Arcade and smoke with cigaerettes…

    …bottom line…its good to do bad things.

    I’m just saying…

  63. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    Yeah man , Its fun to do Hoodrat Things.

  64. Juiemaster says:

    Why is no one mentioning about Juie @MLG?

    This guy from Thailand god stomped almost eveyone from US and ended at 5th place. This guy is really closing GAP with US!!!

    • xyz says:

      thats because juie is living in norcal and hangs with bronson so he is usa not thailand at the moment.

  65. TCO-TheOne says:

    That’s because Juie was not doing hood rat shit,but that’s ok because being bad is fun lol.

  66. timito taka says:

    ooooh korea korea korea i love you korea so much, im gna take a pic of that country and stick it in pants, ill have sex with it too, i dont even know nethina bout korea yet i dream about it all day, i think all u koreans aint even human, ur superhuman,thats y ur so great at tekken… i wont look at the facts and what happened at a tournament instead ill jus carry on fantasisin abuot u ,like superheroes you can even fly and have telepathic poweres thas why i love u so much, suck my dick please korea……

  67. timito taka says:

    There is no difference, there is no gap,the only difference is between

    individuals, its the same reason why holeman and knee whopped everyone

    and won tekken crash which is held in korea. does that mean those

    koreans are any worse or better than the americans that got beat at

    mlg? oh but there korean right so even tho they get beat it still means

    there better somehow. theres a different set of levels within tekken.

    its irrespective of wherever your from. the stuff that separates you in

    this game is the knowledge and understanding, you dont get this from

    anything except trying to study and analayse situations in the game.

    The most consistent players are known to be knee and holeman. so if

    someone beats one of them it means he beat the ‘best’, which is what

    gm did. is it hard to understand? r u mentally

    challenged or somthing? its not about being american or

    korean. Its jus proving to you that ur ideas aint right.
    he also beat nin aswell who is less consistent

    but still good, after which nin threw a tantrum, and nin is a top

    player who whops players ur beloved korea. why dont u watch the stream

    or youtube it. thers pressure when you face people with such

    reputation, im sure people get affected by it, but ur skill will

    eventually start to shine through as you get accustomed to it, which is

    what Gm showed. Its him not america and its Knee and Holeman not Korea.

    Get That in ur brain. All im saying is that thers other people who can

    do the same as them. whether from america or korea or that taliban jungle

    where u originated from. You can only begin to win once you’ve overcome

    that mental barrier. A game is still the same newhere, whether in

    house, at a bar or in a lounge it does not matter where you play once

    you get accustomed to the environment. You have such a basic

    understanding of nething and ur fantasies about korea and tekken

    continue distorting te reality from your brain. The only reason why you

    have such beliefs is because of the arcade scene there. the game is a

    constant it never changes. people eventually reach a level in the

    arcades however only a few rise above it, but this is through

    themselves. Rain is another top Korean player who colluded with what

    i’ve just said, he says in an interview that there is no difference ie.

    everyone can become the same in tekken which is entirely true because

    its just a game you play with your hands and fingers,anybody can

    execute the buttons and directions.however its the understanding of

    when and how which determines who loses and wins.

    http://www.youtube.com/ldmaxi < you can find the interview here. This game ain't

    an athletic event like the olympics or somthing its just a game you

    play with ur hands and fingers. if you have a sharp healthy mind you

    can succeed at it, i guess many of you dont though o well.

  68. timito taka says:

    sorry i didnt mean it to come out with spaces

  69. macshady23 says:

    simple as this.. good job for gm to be placed 2nd, but please dont try to say that GM is in the same level as knee and nin.. well shit happens…

  70. Schematic says:

    The gap is not between countries it is between individuals. No one has said that Americans are better than the Koreans collectively. They have a lot more players. That doesn’t mean that an American or a few won’t get to that level and/or pass the level of the top korean players. Your saying its wrong to chant USA USA, why is that wrong. Tekken is now a sport. In what sport don’t you cheer for your team? How is that egotistical? its not at all. You guys just hate America. Thats what I boils down to I think thats the underlying truth here. And our opinions don’t matter is what those top players who put in the work think of each other. People who say crazy stuff like America pwns everyone are american dick riders. And people who say America will NEVER get good enuff to do shit and the idea that it could happen is egotistical are korean dick riders as well. None of you are realists. You guys are forgetting being good has nothing to do with race at all. Its practice combined with natural talent. I’ve played GM quite a bit and just like Rain and the other koreans have noticed they dude is very talented and has a lot of potential. Like rain said.. he just needs a bit more experience and a little bit better movement. But to deny his skills outright. Him fab, Crow, Cor, Naps etc. That proves your dick riding.

    • Colin says:

      @ schematic. OK we discovered that everyone has their own opinion. Until your point is proven a fact, then you can flame all u want.

      Tekken is a sport? No
      In America definitely not
      In Korea, it’s making a transition.
      As for the chanting, it was pretty much Andy Murray Vs Richard Gasquet. Same ratio of fans.
      Until you’re in Holeman’s position of hardly being cheered on, then you can say whether it’s appropriate. Holeman has such a good mental game, he still played well.

  71. xyz says:

    i dont think the chanting really matter to someone who is playing if it does you have no focus. Remember back when gm played naps and the whole crowd was on naps dick i didnt hear anyone complaining about it then. but since the koreans was playing now group chants for someone is wrong.

  72. Superman that ho says:

    LOL did half you guys even see knee vs gm or nin vs gm? they both got clearly out played. if you didn;t watch the stream then please stfu!

  73. macshady23 says:

    the problem with these guys is when korea or japan won tournaments, there like “yeah what do u expect” but when us players just like gm who comes up 2nd beat some koreans.. they become loud again and say crazy stuff, like the gap is closing, gm is now on the same level..cmon, gm didnt even won btw, its still korea, he still has not won a tournament against koreans, he alwya s lose to koreans in tournaments and this youll all go crazy, in reality, fans on korea and japanese side is just stating facts, well sorry those whos a bit too much,, this is just like when naps won against mdj, people sees that,like naps will dominate now against koreans, but in the end people who defend korea is still the one whos stating facts.. but the difference with naps, kor and gm, is that naps and kor won the tournament, and gm is just 2nd,,but still its something to be proud of, but dont go too far on saying that GM is on the same level now and the gap is closing, again koreans and japanese rules since tekken 5, they won almost all the tournaments expect devastation with naps and mlg with kor as winners.. this is much better US vs EUROPE first and KOREA vs JAPAN.

  74. macshady23 says:

    btw whats up with these guys saying stuff like they won a casual match or a money match against koreans. lol its like this, out of a hundred games that the koreans won and how they beat these guys on tournaments, youll only gonna be saying shit on how you beat them on a match.. and just one match,, the problem with these guys, they only sees and say positive stuff , and just forgets and keep quiet about those losing streak they had against koreans….

  75. fab says:

    I never seen so much hate for no reason O_o. All I can say is hopefully EU will make it to Evo and try there luck against us hope to see you guys there. Also good job to top8 at Mlg solid stuff

  76. snuff says:

    wow. Holeman wins 1st and most of the replies are congratulating Fighting GM…. winning 2nd.

  77. IMO! says:

    Wow so much hate or BS in this forum/news. But IMO koreans are still better than Americans. Maybe the gap is closing but of course, it still aint enough. You could still say that korea or japan are still ahead by almost a mile. NO DISRESPECT TO AMERICANS, coz they also play sick. And also this is just one tourney, and from what i remembered Holeman lost a previous tourney hosted by americans. Knee and Nin also took back seats in this tourney and were overtaken by Fighting GM, but this is just one tourney. If this happens consistently, or if either Nin, Holeman, Rain, Knee or whoever korean top player drops to around 10th place or so then you could say that it’s even or so. And again it’s a bunch of americans vs 3 koreans, and they took 1st, 3rd and 4th place. If they just a hold a tourney with like an even number of the best koreans, americans, japs, euros, etc. Then that’s when you could fittingly say who is the current best. It’s still unclear if south korea or japan has the best players.

  78. GM fizzle says:

    actually this is not the 1st time i beat a korean, i beat rain already 3 times, once at strongstyle, once at mlg orlando in a seeding match, and i also beat him at mtg in singles tournament, so ive beating already a total of 3 koreans, Also why don;t you wanna you guys try going threw a gauntlet of korean players and beat knee 5 games straight, i was def the underdog and i will try harder next time, and no it wasn;t a fluke cause i have placed in many majors and won my share as well, so respect to all the people that have been showing me love i appreciate it.

  79. macshady23 says:

    again, u are just saying all the positive stuff, and what do mean when u say, u already beat 3 koreans? dude no offense, good job for placing 2nd, but its not like ur better than them now, again you just mention those games that u won, i remember nin beating u in final round 13.. u need to be fair, especially to rain..just like ss4, yes u did beat rain, but dont forget that rain beat u aswell 4 u to be eliminated and he won the tournament…

  80. gm fizzle says:

    To be fair, i beat also rain and mlg orlando in a seeding match and in MTG in virginia. thats already 3 times. nin beating me was 1 game in teams not in singles, the only korean who have really beaten me consistently is holeman, no other korean,

  81. macshady23 says:

    go ahead mention all those games that u won, and just keep to ur self those games that u lost, since i always hear u making excuses just like when naps beat u, u said ur already tired, and now when holeman beats u the same excuse, no offense but thats what i saw in ur comments.. and thats funny ur saying u beat them especially rain, but they always end up winning the tournament, to be FAIR try mentioning those games that u lose aswell, coz if koreans can talk english and defend their self, theyll surely exposed u aswell… now im just gonna ask u since ur here saying u beat this u beat that.. r u better than rain, nin and knee?

  82. macshady23 says:

    US vs europe will be awesome, but in MY opinion, i think US has the advantage.. but i know there are lots of great europe players, so i hope this will happen 4 us to know whos better.

  83. GM fizzle says:

    who the fuck are you mcshady? i lost to naps yea in a mm match i didn;t not put no money up when i had no experience against bryan, why are you tryina start shit with me scrub? ille tell you the games i lost to koreans, ive lost to holeman like 4 times already, hes only korean to really beat me thats it. thats the games i lost, what bout you? how many matches or tournaments have you one? get a life loser.

  84. macshady23 says:

    lol dude why are u mad?? im just saying what i saw in ur comments, so now i know why lots of people their hates u. and ur the one here not being fair to koreans especially to rain, saying u beat this u beat that, lol so answer my question? r u better than nin, rain and knee?? and lol this is not about me, im sure ull beat me in tekken, im here bec. ur not being fair, when u post comments u only put those games that u won, lol even seeding matches, wtf?? just to let us know that u have won against koreans, lol to be fair, koreans beat u in seeding matches aswell,btw rains main char is bruce ok,and i know that holeman is the one who beat u always, but the problem that started this shit is ur making us think that rain,knee, and nin didnt beat u in other games, which they did.. and theres no reason to get mad, im just stating something that u forgot to mention ok.

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