JDCR Gets Promoted To Tekken God

JDCR’s Bryan was promoted to Tekken God a few days ago! Watch his promotion fight against Binchang’s Raven in the rest of the entry courtesy of Maxi Milian on whose account you can find the rest of the videos from this set.

11 Responses to JDCR Gets Promoted To Tekken God

  1. vinsor says:

    their win / loss rate is really excellent with only less than a thousand wins to get to a tekken god rank, just proves how consistent they are and the ranks of players they’ve been fighting

  2. toshi says:

    can someone explain how the ranking works? I’ve seen people online with over 80% win ratio and over 1000 matches but they always seem to have lower ranks.

    • Thisguy says:

      cuz online rank is garbage some players like to play ppl whose rank is like a kyu when they’re a red or any other high rank so they wont rank up from it but their ratio will look good..high rank is mixed with shitty ass ppl who like their rank to look good, boosters, and then the legit players that play about 100 matches then realize its stupid and stop.

      the koreans rank up quicker because they play their own rank and thats the fastest way to rank up and its legit..plus the comp is higher there so everyone is good no easy way out like online playing low ranks

  3. VenoM362 says:

    So is Binchang the highest rank Raven in Korea? Is JDCR’s Heihachi a Tekken God yet?

    I’m just asking…

    • naughtyrabbit says:

      JDCR’s heihachi is tekken god already

      • vinsor says:

        i havent seen any posts about his Heihachi being promoted to Tekken God though, only 4 tekken god’s in korea i know are Sunchip, the 1st one, Rain’s Bruce 2nd, and Hao’s Feng as 3rd, i think JDCR’s Bryan is 4th


    Hey guys…

    I was promoted to Tekken god on the psp version of T6.lol

  5. 4D4M[BTT] says:

    not bad !! JDCR is one of my favorite players , i like his HEI alot more and im wondering why his HEI ist not tekkengood aswel ^^ … … GZ ^^

  6. TCO-TheOne says:

    Damn did’nt know he played Brayan. His bryan a Tekken god before Knee that’s crazy.

  7. Forest says:

    I like online play. But the online matchmaking is, I agree, awful. My Christie is a Juggernut and I spend hours and hours playing Kyus, Dans, and even Beginners! And when I finally play a higher rank, I lose sometimes cuz I was playing noobs for so long.

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